Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Comments or page Views?

This one is for all the bloggers out there, I see a LOT of good blogs lately with only a few, if any, comments on them. 

My comments are down, but my views are wayyyyyy up. (thanks mum) 

What I want to ask this question of the bloggers out there is this,

Would you rather have high page views, with little or no comments. Or low page views but lots of comments? 

For me it is all about the comments. I love it when something I have written makes someone take a minute or two of their time to think about, and write a comment. But I know that for some people, page views are very important. 

So let me know.

Views or Comments? 

What's important to you? 

Taylor Swift, Pop Crack giving you one more hit

I have come to the conclusion that Taylor Swift is the pop equivalent of crack. just when you think you have weaned yourself off, she come back with another hit and you find yourself being sucked deep into a pit of despair from which there is no mercy.

"Shake It Off" you say, Taylor?

Seriously, get out of my head. What is it with these songs,and especially this song that means it chews into my brain and refuses to leave. (On the plus side, it has taken out another meaningless peace of crap that was just taking up space in my head, so, ya know? Every cloud)

Taylor Swift is possibly the most annoying, meaningless, soul sucking pop princess that has ever been created. I am not a fan (Did you guess?) and yet...........

I can't get her fucking song out of my head. 


It refuses to leave. It is like those people you meet on holiday that you swap addresses with at the end of the holiday. Never expecting to ever have to see them again, they come to visit and then drink all your booze and overstay their welcome. There is just no getting rid of them, they just keep coming back. Yep, we all know the type, and if you don't, then you are those people. Taylor Swift is THOSE PEOPLE and it is not COOL.

The bloody song has been stuck in my head for so long now that I am seriously considering digging it out with a knitting needle, or WORSE..........

It is drastic, extremely dangerous and only to be used as a last resort, but if I cannot extract this song the usual way, then I MAY, if I feel that my health will be endangered, MAY have to resort to listening to Cher Lloyd, Swagger Jagger. (Don't worry, I will make sure that I have someone with me at ALL times through this dangerous procedure)

As ear worms go, you have to admit, this is a bad one.

What can I do?

(You are all going to tell me to Shake it off, aren't you?)

and what song is your ear worm? What song can't you stand but you catch yourself singing?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x

Monday, 29 September 2014

Has X Factor Jumped The Shark?

Before I carry on, let's make it clear that I have probably watched X Factor EVERY year since it began.

Now that shit is out of the way, here is the deal.

I think it is an open secret that X Factor is fixed, right?

(and if that is news to you, you probably aren't going to want to carry on reading this)

The secret to the X Factor's ten years is that they used to keep it subtle. We knew who they wanted to win but viewers still held onto the hope that they were the ones who voted for the winner.

Those days are O-V-E-R.

This season, they aren't even pretending that we the public matter. This season all pretence has flown out of the window. It has now become SO outrageously OTT and pantomime that it truly is just a joke.

Cheryl Cole Fernandez Versini (Yeah I Googled it, shut it) has been brought back because of her ability to cry on demand, (plus, when they run out of ex X Factor contestants to perform during the Sunday night shows, Cheryl is there. Ready, willing and able to lip synch when necessary.

Louis Walsh is the back of the pantomime horse, he sold his soul to Simon a LONG time ago, he knows the deal and is more than willing to go all outrageous when the script requires it.

Mel B. She's there because Nicole Scherzinger had previous commitments. That shampoo won't sell itself you know.

And Simon Cowell thinks that he is the saviour of a show that has been going steadily downhill and has swept back in like a white knight ready to save the damsel in distress.

The only person in distress so far is me.

What has killed it dead for me is the six chair bootcamp challenge. It is like the producers all sat around getting high on their own supply and while out of their tiny little boxes tried to work out ways in which to REALLLLLLLLLLLY wring out the emotions of the victims, I mean contestants.

(Oh and the audience have began to remind me of peasants baying for blood while watching gladiators being thrown to the lions)

And there the 6 chair challenge was born. Sit down, stand up, sit back down, sing for us, I SAID SING, if you want it, YOU WILL SING.

And these contestants DO want it, they have been drip fed X Factor for the last ten years and are of the opinion that the only way to get totes famous is to be discovered on the X Factor. I don't think these contestants are gullible, I think they are blinded by hope. They are desperate for their chance and will do anything to get it, keep it and if it means they have to go against all that they stand for, well, it's for the right reasons, isn't it? No-one can think badly of them.

But X Factor isn't a singing competition, it is a money making machine that is hand-tooled and finely honed to create a lot of money, be that adverts, the tour, the merchandise. (It is the Manchester United of the TV world, we know they've gone downhill, but those glory days will take a long time to be forgotten)

A good money-making machine will need a script. We will need a baddie, the one the media hates. We will need someone who is AWFUL, who keeps avoiding being voted off somehow until near the end when they are voted off and people then love them. (Rylan, Christopher, Chico) There will be the X Factor DARLING, who will fly under the radar until about half way through when suddenly they are given a song which makes everyone sit up and notice them, they will get excellent staging and setting and suddenly you will wonder why you hadn't really noticed them before.

It is all getting far too cliche for me. I have began to treat the X Factor as nothing more than a glorified soap opera. I feel sorry for the contestants that truly hope that they won't be chewed up and spat out by the X Factor machine, it feels as if by the time their eyes are opened to what is truly going on, it is too late for them.

My question for you today,

Will you be watching X Factor this year?

Or has it well and truly jumped the shark?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x

Friday, 26 September 2014

Nom or Vom

It's another Nom or Vom Blogger Takeover, yayyyyyyy. I love this because sometimes I get all protective over my personal Noms and don't like to share. Today is the lovely Jessie from http://fashionlimbo.com and her inspired choice for Nom or Vom. 

Over to Jessie.

I’ve always said it: make a girl laugh and you are half way there… but then that would have me lusting after every decent comedian out there, which I don’t - I’m more the see-a-guy-in-leather-with-a-guitar-and-drool kind of woman. There is only one funny man that makes my knees weak, and he’s a bit of a rock star. 

My crush began watching one of his stand-up DVDs. He was wearing eyeliner, lipstick, heels and a satin dress over some sexy PVC trousers. Since then, I’ve seen him wear miniskirts, fake breasts, more lipstick, more fake breasts and have fallen even harder for him. 

I watched him run marathons for charity and became fascinated with his calves, and his terribly tantalising ability of persevering against all odds. I see him in his current “boy mode”, or in any of his many films, and once again I find him irresistible. 

I can’t help it, whether it’s his thirst for a challenge, his impeccable manicure, his hilarious stories on squirrels hiding make-up on trees, how ridiculously attractive can a man on heels get?!

The thing is, dearest Big Fashionista readers, I have met him in person, and I can assure you, not only is he a really lovely guy, he is even sexier in real life.

This is my secret - and now, not so secret - crush. Comedian, actor, runner, executive transvestite, inspirational man: the wonderful, Mr. Eddie Izzard.

So what do you think?

Nom or Vom?

xxx Jessie

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


I guess by now you all are aware that last week I was down in London with the fantastic crew from O2 to help celebrate the launch of the brand new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus?

I could bore you with how fantastic my experience in London was, I could say some words about how much I enjoy being a customer of O2 and how my tariff is superb value for money. I could even share with you my love for my new o2 iPhone 6 and all the wonderful things that I can do with it.

But I thought, why not show you?

Yes, My brand new Youtube Channel, and even better, everything you are about to see was ALL filmed and edited on the iPhone 6.

Enjoy, press like, leave me a comment.

And just in case you can't see it, here is a handy link for you.


What do you think?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

In Case Of Emergency

"In case of emergency" I hate those words. ESPECIALLY, financial emergency.


Be it, The car has broken down and you need the car to get to work, but you can't get the money to pay for the repairs until you have been to work, but you can't get to work until you have had the car fixed. (I can see you all nodding, I guess we've all been there)

Or you have a business meeting next week and you have NOTHING TO WEAR!!! (Looks at wardrobe full of clothes) and if you do have an outfit, chances are you don't have matching shoes (Looks at shoe rail full....oh you know where I am going with this)

Or even the cupboards are bare. You have no food in the house, you don't want to buy a takeaway because you know that money can buy you a couple of days shopping but you must eat NOW.

For me, I have an emergency credit card, one that I ONLY use in case of emergency, and then i make sure it is paid off at the end of the month when possible. (Sometimes it isn't, sometimes it is) but in case of emergency genuinely fills me with fear.

As a single parent I am responsible for the welfare of my three children. Feeding them, clothing them and keeping them warm is down to me, and me alone. I always feel terrified that one financial emergency will mean that I can't do these things for the people that depend upon me the most.

Seeing that emergency card in my purse is my buffer. It is my buffer for my children.

In case of emergency, to ME, doesn't mean that pair of designer heels that I MUST have. It is my safety net.

Unfortunately in this day and age, it is increasingly hard to have savings or money tucked under the mattress for a rainy day.

What do you do in an emergency?

I would really like to know.

Big Fashionista x x x x

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Monday, 22 September 2014

LFW, Q & A with Intellicig.

Recently I was asked by Intellicig a few questions regarding London Fashion Week. As most people who follow me on my Twitter account know, I can get pretty vocal about London Fashion Week, purely because it turns into a circus of epic proportions, but the clothes aspect of LFW always excites me (Even though I probably couldn't even get one of the scarves from the collections to fit me)

Here is post that they have written about London Fashion Week


So I was happy to answer the Intellicig questions, even the ones about themselves. :D

Question 1)

What has been your favourite trend for this season?

What I am currently loving is the re-emergence of 50's style dresses. This season, more than ever, I have seen companies springing up that are creating well-made dresses in a variety of prints, even down to cupcakes. It has been so amazing to finally find a style that I love and am able to wear without people thinking I am dressing outrageously.

Question 2)

What are you looking forward to for next season?

Warmth. Just make me feel warm. Thankfully faux fur is once again a huge thing so I can do my impression of a Polar Bear, a brown bear and even a panda without feeling silly. Sod thin layers. I NEED WARMTH and fur to keep me alive through a harsh Yorkshire winter.

Question 3)

Do you follow trends religiously or do you adapt trends to suit your own personal style?

I definitely do not follow trends religiously. Sometimes I accidentally wear something so stylish that it is painful by accident, but that is probably because I have had it in my wardrobe since it was last fashionable. I wear what I know suits me, if it is fashionable, great. If it isn't, I'm still wearing it.
I'm still waiting for the fashion trend to emerge which means I can wear the same clothes two days running without being judged. I have that look NAILED.

Question 4)

What do you think of the design of Intellicig?

Oooooh, sneaky, I didn't see that one coming. I am a smoker, I have seen more and more people using E-cigarettes and I have to admit I have tried the occasional one but never really for a long period of time. I do like the look of yours,

but I am not a fan of brightly coloured e-cigarettes which I think are unnecessary. The design does look good though. I could see myself holding it ok. 

Question 5) 

Which trend is your preference from monochrome, sportswear, tailored and white wash?

It has to be monochrome. You can't go wrong with black and white. especially when you can then play with your accessories. Sportswear is my own idea of hell, urgh. I am not built for sportswear, I look as if I am making a protest. 

Question 6) 

How will you be watching LFW and what celeb spotting will you be looking forward to?

Bad blogger that I am, I am late putting up this post so I can tell you exactly how I watched it. through the eyes of some of my favourite bloggers, Lois from www.bunnipunch.co.uk  Jaime from http://BoyMeetsFashion.com  and of course the lovely https://twitter.com/LAW1SFAB  on Twitter. 

As for Celeb spotting? That isn't what LFW is about for me, 

How about you? 

Big Fashionista x x x x

In conjunction with Intellicig.