Tuesday, 18 December 2018

You Are Not Alone 2018

As always, let me start by reminding people that Christmas is not always a joyful time of year. For many people, Christmas can be lonely, traumatic, and dangerous.  Some people need help, they can't get through this period alone. I say, you are not alone. There are people out there that can, and will help you.

I have tried to include as many different helplines as possible, if you can think of any that I may have missed, please add them in the comments below for people who may need them.


Monday, 16 July 2018

It's Too Hot, Hot Damn

Ok, I have been dragged out of semi-retirement because I want to rant and there are not enough characters on Twitter.

Basically, It is too hot. I don't mind a bit of sunshine, hell, I will take two weeks in the Canaries with a smile on my face but right about now, I am at the point where my ideal job is a crab fisherman in the Bering Sea (back when it was covered in ice) I am OVER, sunshine, I am over tit sweat and chub rub. I miss my jeans and I want to wear a cute knitted hat with a pom pom on it.

Now yes, currently I am suffering from a chest infection, so I am kind of grouchy, the ability to breathe is something that I kind of took for granted, currently it feels as if I am breathing through a wet sock, a sweaty wet sock. like the ones I have on my feet. I feel for everyone with breathing difficulties that are made a lot worse in this weather. I feel for the redheads who haven't left the house in 6 weeks and I feel for anyone who has expected me to leave the house for anything other than work as quite frankly, I am exhausted.

Do you know what I want? I want autumn. Autumn never hurts me. Autumn brings me orange and red leaves, bobble hats and mittens. Am I romanticising Autumn? No, I am not. There is nothing horrific about Autumn. I dare you to find one thing that is horrific about autumn. (Apart from horny spiders invading your living room. This is the price we pay for autumn, ok?)

Look at those leaves, don't they make you feel happy? Do you know what else I want?

Boots, a scarf, knits and candles. All the candles, currently the thought of lighting a candle is enough to tip me over the edge, one more heat source and I am going to melt into a puddle.

Right about now I am struggling to find any positives with this weather, sure, it was nice at first, sunshine makes everyone happy, but surely no one expected it to last this long and we are not set up here in the UK for prolonged heat are we?

Quite frankly, this weather can knob off.

What do you think? Are you ready for Autumn? What are you looking forward to?

OR, are you loving summer and long may it continue?

Let me know.


Thursday, 5 April 2018

How It Feels To Be An Ex Blogger

Question, If I am blogging about being an ex-blogger, Am I actually an ex-blogger?

So HOW did I get to this point? When did I start to describe myself as an ex-blogger, and why the hell is it that the minute I logged back in here, (It took me twelve attempts, I think you can safely call yourself an ex blogger if you forget the log-in for the one thing that kept you sane for over 7 years, right?) I thought of a million pieces of content that I could write if only. I had the time.

I have had my blog for nearly 8 years now and for so many years I lived and breathed blogging, being a blogger was my identity, it was who I was. Blogging helped me through the toughest time of my adult life, it gave me a purpose. Blogging was something tangible that I could hold on to when everything else around me was crumbling to the ground. Blogging also brought me some of the best people in my life, I found friends for life, friends who helped me move from London, friends who welcomed me to Leeds and friends who I have never met and am still eternally grateful for.

I NEVER thought I would lose my passion for blogging, and if I'm honest, I never have.

Do you know what I have lost? The time to spend on it and the hunger for it. The love for blogging will never go away, I swear, it is like an addiction. (Plus every time I buy a new dress, I can't kid myself that it is "FOR THE CONTENT") The addiction to stats, well I never had that. I swore a long time ago, the day I got obsessed with my stats was the day I stopped blogging anyway. I was stat-free for a long time and I am so glad I never had that feeling of being all about the numbers. It was always about creating content, if people read it, FANTASTIC. If not, well I had still wrote it. It is always there.

So where did my time go? 

I got a full-time job. I got a full-time job that I absolutely love. I am a teaching assistant in a reception class that fills my time completely. Now I know a hell a lot of people blog with full-time jobs, but I am also going to college, doing a diploma in Supporting Teaching & Learning. I also have a family that I love and want to spend time with so slowly, blogging went further and further down my list of priorities until one day, I realised I hadn't blogged in 4 months.

How does it feel to be an ex-blogger?

You know what, it is HARD.  I wish I had time to blog, I wish I had that connection to social media nowadays but I don't. From a selfish point of view. I miss parcels coming through my door from brands that I never knew were coming. I miss the approaches from brands asking if I would like to work with them, and I miss the events. (Leeds girls, HIT ME UP AS YOUR PLUS ONE)

Basically, it is hard to be an ex blogger, I don't know a single ex-blogger who doesn't miss it. Usually it is time constraints that cause people to be ex bloggers, life simply gets in the way.

Will I go back to blogging?  God I hope so. For 8 years, blogging was who I was. I can't just shed that part of me without a second thought, and neither do I want to. The thought that this could be the last post I ever write on here fills me with such sadness that my plan is to never say never.

I will continue to do the You Are Not Alone helpline numbers every Christmas as well. Even if I post once a year, I still get to call myself a blogger, occasionally, right?

Blogging has given me so much over the last 8 years, I am not the same person I was 8 years ago, thankfully and without blogging, I don't know if I would have even got to this point. Perhaps in the same way they say that friends come into your life for a reason or a season, blogging came into my life to get me through the hard parts and help me realise who and what I wanted to be. When I first started blogging, Big Fashionista was a character, a person who took no shit, who had an opinion and stood up for what she believed in. She was the person who I wanted to be. And now, finally I am.

Quite frankly, if that is all I ever get from my blogging life. I think I can safely say that I am completely and utterly fulfilled. 

This is not goodbye from Big Fashionista, more like the end of a chapter. There are definitely new chapters that are yet to be written.


Kellie x x x


Monday, 25 December 2017

You Are Not Alone This Christmas, 2017

To all those people out there who are enjoying Christmas, Merry Christmas.

For some people, Christmas is a hard time, a lonely time or a time when you realise that you need help.

I hope you find here, what you need.

a list of helpline tel numbers


Sunday, 24 December 2017

Last Minute Christmas Gifts With B&M

Ok, it is Christmas Eve, NOW you can panic.

Have you done all your shopping? No? THEN GET YOURSELF TO B&M.

That's what I did.

B&M set me the task of doing my last minute shopping with £20 of gift vouchers and told me not to panic, just get things done.

The truth is, I am not an organised person. See my last post. But I do give great presents.

For my money, I bought the HUGEST box of biscuits for the family.

A great last minute gift to get through all that wrapping, Some alcoholic presents, the COOLEST colour in mug you have ever seen, A CHOCOLATE ORANGE, because, CHRISTMAS. Some pencils and a huge tub of fat balls for the birds, which I forgot to photograph because I am a terrible blogger who forgot to take the pictures.

Want to see the Chocolate orange instead?

You still have a few hours to grab your last minute gifts, (They also have wrapping paper, and batteries, don't forget the batteries) if you have a B&M near you, RUN, don't walk.

B&M will save your christmas, ok?
Take my word for it.


Friday, 22 December 2017

Why You Call It Last-Minute Christmas Shopping, And I Call It...... Christmas Shopping

Ok, so here is the deal, it is 7.50 on a Friday night, the date is December the 22nd and whilst my social media feed is FULL of people talking about last-minute shopping. I am still doing SHOPPING.

Seriously, guys, you are starting to stress me out here. I don't know about you, but my idea of
"last minute" shopping is going to be those golden ten minutes on SUNDAY when I've realised I have forgotten to get something major and have to make a special trip into town.

Anything before then, is JUST CHRISTMAS SHOPPING, in my opinion.

Do I have everything I need to buy? 

Fuck no.

Will I have everything I need to buy before Sunday? 

Lol, NO.

Are at least one of my relatives going to read this post and start to panic that they aren't going to get a present? 

Ha, None of my relatives read my blog anyway.

Will I stress out about it?

Not in the slightest. I have TWO days left, Whilst everyone else has been panic buying shit like they are stockpiling for a Snowpocalypse, I have been gently wafting through my time off of work, having naps, eating food and generally recharging my batteries.

I also purchased from Homesense the most AMAZING cutlery set that you have ever seen. Seriously, it is beautiful. Stainless steel, no plastic handles. If cutlery could be deemed as sexy, this cutlery set would be so sexy that Poundland would objectify it for the BANTS.

Because if the time for giving means I can't even give myself a present, then I don't even want to play anymore.

I LOVE buying presents for other people, so you know what, I am going to take my time and enjoy every second.

That is not last-minute shopping, that is just pacing myself. I refuse to get stressed out and worn out by buying presents. It is meant to be fun, enjoyable, A time to buy presents that have some thought behind them. If I am rushing around like a silly sod then where is the fun in that?

But if you want me on Christmas eve, my apologies, I'mm be the one wrapping gifts until 3am.

Sorry about that.

What do you prefer? Getting present buying out of the way early and being done by the beginning of December or are you more of a "I have until Xmas Eve to buy things" kind of shopper?

Let me know.


Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Remember When I Could Breathe Through My Nose?

Can we just take a second to remember when I could breathe through my nose? Granted, it was yesterday but damn, I miss it. Now, the only thing I can smell is Olbas Oil, sadness and desperation and I’m pretty sure they are all me. (The old lady wee smell isn’t me, I don’t think) 

WHY oh why are colds so shit? Genuinely, you know when we say, “Oh, I’m ok, it’s just a cold”? Why do we do that? Colds are awful. Colds are just our bodies way of wringing out bodily fluids that seem to appear from nowhere. Where the hell does all that snot come from anyway? Is there a vat of it, continuously just bubbling away next to my stomach, waiting patiently until it is needed? Does it just spontaneously appear? Like an evil leprechaun dripping ooze and suspiciously green? 

At the same time, the mucus is only a part of it. Have we talked about the pure misery? Because I feel like SHITTTTTTT. I know it’s “just a cold” I know that soon I will be able to breathe through my nose again. (God, I miss that) but URGHHHHHHHHHH. Currently I am leaving a trail of snotty tissues around my house like some sort of twisted Hansel & Gretel, But can I find a clean tissue when my nose is dripping like a leaky tap? Of course I can’t. That would be too easy. 

Also, a quick side note and I am not saying I have done this, because this would be A STUPID THING TO DO, when you have a snotty tissue dipped in Olbas oil in one hand and you sit on the loo to go to the toilet. DROP THE BLOODY OLBAS SOAKED TISSUE so that you don’t get confused in your cold addled state and wipe your vajayjay with the wrong tissue. Trust me on this, you can thank me later. 

One of the worst bits about a cold is that you feel at your absolute worst, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, you know, when you actually have to get shit done or, I don’t know, try to sleep because you are poorly and want to collapse into bed. The last thing you need at these points when you are feeling ill is to feel like shit on a stick. If I am going to struggle through this cold can I have the worst bit either in the middle of the night when I am asleep, or in the middle of the day when I am feeling like a bad-ass bitch for making it this far. When I crawl out of bed, ready to face the day with 60 5yr olds I don’t wanna feel at my worst, Thanks. 

So yes, I guess this post is basically me saying I am poorly, it’s last thing at night right now. Of course I feel ill, I would FULLY appreciate some tips for getting through the next few days please as I don’t think I make a very good poorly person, 

What do you think? 

Let me know. 

Big Fashionista x x x 
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