Saturday, 25 October 2014

Friday, 24 October 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like a Lush Christmas

There are certain things in the UK that signal Christmas is coming.

Red Starbucks cups, X Factor on the TV and SNOW FAIRY in Lush.

These are now the Holy Trinity of christmas for me and once all three things are freely available, Christmas may begin.

The Lush Spa in Leeds, (which is fabulous by the way, I highly recommend visiting a Lush Spa, my review of the Sound Bath treatment is here. ) held their christmas event on Wednesday night to give us a sneak peek at what they have to offer to make christmas special.

Oh and it will be special alright.

One small point I must make, even though the store was closed to the public for this event, they did keep the tills open and you have never seen so many bloggers putting their hands in their pockets and PURCHASING products they were shown.

That to me says it all.

Personally I purchased a Northern Lights bath bomb stick, which will do THIS to my bath.

I also purchased my beloved H'Suan Wen Hua and some Yog Nog soap. 

Now for the picture heavy part.

Everything that I've shown you is available in store, NOW. We will have none of this, Oh do you love it? well you will have to wait another three months to get it.

I loved getting to see all the christmas products and I will be bringing you some more in-depth reviews of the things that I purchased and other christmas products I am YET to purchase.

I'm off to roll in Snow Fairy and sit patiently outside Starbucks.

Are you a Lush Fan? What is your fave Xmas product? Did you catch a peak of the Advent Calendar above? I want one, don't you?

Big Fashionista x x x

Nom or Vom

Ok so today's Nom or Vom I feel is definitely going to be a "marmite" type of Nom or Vom, you will either love him or hate him. You are not allowed to meh him, this is not, Nom or Vom or Meh. 

So this week I bring you a man who a lot of you fancy and you DON'T KNOW WHY. 

Is it because he has been a bad man? Or because he can dance?

Ladies and gents I bring you, Jake Wood.

Would you like to swivel your hips against his? 

Jake Wood, Nom or Vom? 

Let me know. 

Big Fashionista x x 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Chloe Hamilton, Zoella and Role Models

Before Tuesday, had you ever heard of Chloe Hamilton? Of course you hadn't, unless you were a real life friend or family member of Ms Hamiton, or perhaps had a conversation with her on Twitter, chances are she could pass you on the street or instagram her breakfast and no-one would bat an eyelid. 

Then on Tuesday, Ms Hamilton decided to write an article for The Independent about how teenage girls need role models, but not role models like Zoella. She then proceeded in picking apart Zoella's looks, her attitude, and her "sickly sweet girl power" like a woman who has studied at the Samantha Brick school of journalism. 

Now I DO NOT believe that women should support other women and stand up for them JUST because they are women. But what I do believe is that we should not TEAR DOWN another woman just because you have found a way to be controversial and drive traffic to your site. 

and if anyone was in any doubt that the reason Chloe Hamilton wrote about Zoella in such a disparaging way was to court controversy and drive traffic to her column, may I point out this tweet.

With this in mind, I am not going to link to the article that Chloe Hamilton has written. She has all the traffic that she is going to get from me and I am sure that people will say that the best thing to do in a case like this, is just ignore her and that I am further pandering to her by even writing this article myself.

But I don't believe in ignoring something that is wrong, and Chloe Hamilton is wrong. I wonder how many teenage girls she spoke to about Zoella or how many videos of Zoe she actually watched before she decided that she "rabbits on" about hair and make up. 

Chloe Hamilton talks about how someone in Zoe's position could MAKE a difference to teen girls. FORGETTING that she herself is in a position where young women who may want to become journalists have looked at HER and watched her TEAR APART a real life person just to get the hits. 


I am want to pass this one over to you, I really want your opinions on the whole situation. I am even going to turn back on the facility to comment anonymously, (because I haven't been called a cu*t in so long, and I kind of miss it *sarcasm) 

I want the final words to come from Chloe Hamilton herself, taken from an earlier article she had written about becoming a girl for the day. This was her closing argument. Perhaps she needs to read it again. 

Let me know your thoughts. 

Big Fashionista x x x

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

NHS, Hot beverages and slacking off

I read a lot of crap, I do. I use the excuse that I need to be up to date with what is going on in the world to read the crap, but I read a lot of useless, and sometimes quite strange stuff.

I have realised that my hatred of people increases, the more I read the news.

and then today, I read this.

This is an article in The Independent about hospital staff in Leicester being banned from drinking tea and coffee in public places because it makes people think that they are "slacking off"


I really don't think that seeing a member of the NHS front line drinking a cup of coffee is EVER going to make me think that they are slacking off. In fact, if I saw a nurse drinking a cup of coffee in a public place, my first impression would be that they have worked through a break and are grabbing a drink on the go.

If you write down a list of professions that slack, would you put a Doctor or nurse on that list at all?
and yes, I do respect that everyone has a tale of a member of the NHS who has been caught slacking. In any profession there is always one or two, but to stop staff grabbing a hot drink in three hospitals in Leicester is, in my opinion, just another way of trying to get people to lose faith in the NHS.

I would love your opinion on this,

Let me know your thoughts.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Friday, 17 October 2014

Nom or Vom

Another recommendation, this time they would like to stay anonymous. (Which I sort of get) but apparently their love for this man runs deep. (Which I sort of get too) 

Not for everyone, this weeks Nom or Vom is actually a really lovely man, (I've served him dinner a couple of times) but has a reputation for being well 'ard. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you, 
Danny Dyer.

What do you think?

Danny Dyer,

Nom or Vom? 

Big Fashionista x x