Tuesday, 27 September 2016

I smile when I choose, not you

"Smile, babe, it might never happen"

"Oi, oi, darling, smile"

"Smile, Sweetheart, you look pretty when you smile"

Women, how many TIMES have we heard these comments? Had them thrown at us from car windows, in the street, or by work colleagues?

I have heard them so many times and yet the words still PISS ME OFF.


What if I am sad? What if I just don't want to smile? Perhaps the situation in Aleppo is breaking my heart and I feel helpless and sad about the situation of the world in which we live? But you know, I should REALLY be concerned about making myself look pretty for some DICK that is worried that I am spoiling the view.

Last night was the US Presidential debate and all across social media, there are comments and debates on Hillary Clinton's smile. She smiles too much, it's a fake smile, her smile doesn't reach her eyes, her smile is too wide. OH JUST STOP IT.

This is a presidential debate, not a fucking pageant or a dental convention. Hillary Clinton and ALL WOMEN are more than just an aesthetic for men to look at. MORE THAN JUST A SMILE.

When I choose to smile, it is my choice, I smile because something has made me happy, made me laugh or amused me. I, and other women like me, do NOT OWE YOU SHIT.

We own our own bodies, our own faces and our own smiles.

and that thought, makes me smile.

Wouldn't you agree?


Friday, 23 September 2016

Nom or Vom

So, yesterday I mentioned in passing that I find THIS guy, attractive, and SO many people agreed with me that I thought, THIS WOULD MAKE A GREAT NOM OR VOM,

I have to admit, I would rather watch paint dry than be forced to sit through, Now You See Me 2, again but the word on the street is, that if Trump doesn't get into The White House, he will have a nude scene in his next movie. (I may have imagined that, wishful thinking is a powerful thing)

This guy has a "look" Rumpled, not movies star handsome in the eyes of some, but his acting skills are superb and without even noticing, he has become one of my favourite actors, even though he can sometimes turn green.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you,

Mark Ruffalo

What do we think? Are you a fan of Mark's work? Are you a fan of his FACE?

Leave me a comment, let me know.


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Interview Panic

I have a job interview this morning, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

I have scrubbed my nails, given my hair a good talking to, (I asked it to tone down the colour a bit but it just told me to deal with it) and even shaved my legs. (Whether they will ask to see whether my legs or hairy or not, I don't know. It's been a while since my last job interview, things may have changed.

I have spent the last two hours repeating, "Do not swear, do not fucking swear, do not fucking fucking swear" I don't know whether I'm telling myself not to swear or getting it all out of my system, who fucking knows?

There has been the internal debate over an outfit, apparently this is an "informal interview" but I doubt they would be impressed with my bright green skeleton leggings. Do I wear a dress? Is that too formal? If I wear a dress, do I go for tights? I mean, I've shaved my legs for this. Do I take a handbag, even though I have nothing to carry? The job is in a school, have I ever returned any forms late, do I have a reputation as an annoying parent? WHAT IF THEY DON"T LIKE MY CHILD? Therefore do not like me?

Why do I ask myself so many questions?

Why am I writing this down?

Why am I pressing publish?

Any interview tips for me today, just in case I get a second interview?

Let me know.


So I have just had a phone call, and I ONLY WENT AND GOT THE BLOODY JOB, didn't I? I am crediting myself, some awesome references and all your positive wishes for helping me get it.

Does anyone want to guess what my new job is????????????????

Have a guess in the comments below.

Ok, so lots of guesses, and some of you actually got it right!!!!!!!!    I have a new job and I am going to be a lunchtime play supervisor in a school. 

The rather lovely lady in the red tie was my Nanna, she worked in a school and many, many people still talk about the difference she made to them and their time in school. I want to be just like my nanna.

Thanks for all your best wishes today, they mean a lot.


Monday, 19 September 2016

What Is Bake-Off Without Mel & Sue?

When the news broke that The Great British Bake-Off would be moving to Channel 4, the viewing public (Over 11 million people) let out a collective groan. Would Channel 4 be able to keep the format as it is? Would they be able to resist sticking their fingers in the pie, (Oooooh errrrrrrr, missus) and change what is intrinsically a gentle programme, into something a little more salacious.

When it was then announced that Mel & Sue would not be following across to Channel 4, I think the groans turned into swears and ripping up of TV licences.

Mel & Sue ARE Bake-Off, and yes, before you all tell me that Paul and Mary are also an integral part of GBBO, let me tell you what I heard recently that makes me sad that they won't be continuing.

One of the things I love about Bake-off is the lack of sob-stories, they have no need for back stories on GBBO or tears over a dead great-grandparent that had a dying wish for their offspring to win a cooking programme. There is no dead cat, or forcing of tears on the show and the BBC it seems, do not linger on the tears of contestants to drag out every emotion for the viewer to drink, and here's why. When a contestant cries on Bake-off, out of frustration over a flan or anger over an icing issue, Mel & Sue apparently stand near the contestant and use bad language so that the footage is unairable.


If Kay Burley was hosting Bake-off she would be directing the camera into the face of the contestant asking, "How does your collapsed flan make you feel now?" "How do you think your dead grandmother would feel, knowing that you have let her down in this way" "Are you crying over your dead cat"

You know she would.

Instead, Mel & Sue protect the contestants from overzealous producers who would probably want to slip in the footage with sad music overlaid with lingering shots of pictures of dead relatives.

Plus, what even is Bake-off without the innuendo?


"Time to reveal your cracks"

to one of my favourites,

"I've never eaten a nun before"

the humour is delivered with such a straight face that you begin to think that is YOU that has the filthy mind. (It could actually be me, my mind is a sewer)

What will any other duo bring to the tent that can surpass or even EQUAL what Mel and Sue have? I'm am pretty sure that the British Bake-off we see in 2017 (or later) on Channel 4 will be just a shadow of the original, and that makes me sad. The Great British Bake Off is such a great programme and I am extremely sad it is over in the current format at the end of this season. Not even Jason Momoa, presenting in Speedos could save it for me now (although if he wants to try...............)

How are you feeling about the whole Bake-Off saga? Are you going to be watching on C4? Who do you think would make great presenters? And WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS IF MARY AND PAUL LEAVE???????????

Let me know.


Sunday, 18 September 2016

What are Sundays All About for you?

I find it interesting, how so many people, from so many different walks of life fill their weekends with different things. For some, the weekends is all about the relaxation, brunch with friends, nights out on the lash, and Sunday morning baths. For others, the weekend is when they get to enjoy their hobbies, be it Volley Ball, or Vintage Fairs around the country. For parents, weekends are about spending time with the crotchfruit, or hiding from them, I won't judge. But everyones weekends are different.

So what are you up to this fine Sunday, I'd love to know what YOU are doing, are you blogging? relaxing, getting over Saturday or getting ready for Monday.

I would love to see as many different answers as I can. Sometimes it is nice to know that when you are in your PJ's at 2pm and the most strenuous thing you have done all weekend is make coffee, that you are not alone.

Me? Today is all about planning for Monday, I have school uniform to wash, (Oh the glamour of my life) I have an interview this week, (eeeeeeeeeeek) and I need to get my blog on, plus it is the Singapore Grand Prix today so I will be watching that.

What will you be doing today?

Let me know.


Saturday, 17 September 2016

Shutter Day

Today, all the pictures are taken on the iPhone 6, using different effects and filters that are all widely available, which one is your favourite?

picture of a road

pink rose in black and white picture

mist around trees

misty day in the country

Let me know.

big fashionista signature


Thursday, 15 September 2016

Paperchase Blogger Journal

I am not the most organised blogger in the world, in fact my blogging organisation usually consists of me going, "Oh shit, I haven't blogged today, have I?" but I decided things needed to change, so I took myself to Paperchase to see if I could sort my life out a bit with the Blogger Journal that everyone is talking about.

I do understand it isn't for everyone, but for me, it is PERFECT.

Let me show you it, in all it's glory.

big fashionista


This has absolutely everything I need, so I purchased it. (Like I need an excuse to buy from Paperchase, you know what I mean?) You can also buy it online, if you don't trust yourself not to spend your rent in there.  http://www.paperchase.co.uk/blogger-s-journal-lets-squawk.html and it is £15. For me, it is worth the price I paid. What do you think?

Do you have this? What are your thoughts on it? Or do you REALLY WANT IT?

Let me know

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