Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sex & The City 2-Yawn

For all you ladies out there with calenders that are counting down the minutes, hours and days until SATC 2 is released upon us, I apologise.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the film, I'm 34 (I know, I'm shocked myself sometimes) I grew up wanting to have a career like Carrie, screw like Samantha, be a lady like Charlotte and um....................know someone like Miranda. (never could warm to that woman)

I get it, I do. It's an exciting time. I just feel over saturated with SATC 2 at the moment.

I can't open a magazine without having the chance to win Carries wardrobe, read an interview with one of the girls or be given the chance to pick between Aiden, Big and the french one.

(Personally I would take a tip from the new goverment and form a coalition between all three)

Everywhere I look SJP is smiling down at me from billboards, there are adverts everywhere, and all the shops are telling me how I can dress like SJP or the girls.


I haven't even seen the film yet and i'm already over it. I get the feeling that this will be the last film and they are wringing it for all it is worth. But they are running the risk of alienating the exact type of people that they should be wanting to see the movie (me)

The one thing i'm grateful for is that I haven't yet come across and SATC dolls!!

But i'm sure they are out there.

What do you think? Are you over SATC 2 before it has even begun? or has all the hype just made you even more excited?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


Soap and Glory-Flake Away Review

Now we are getting some sunshine we are starting to shed our layers and realise that perhaps some exfoliation is needed. (Some people may need an industrial sander, but hey, that's ok)

Something I have been using to slough off winter (and also the smell of misery and despair) is Soap & Glory Flake Away.

This product was bought for me at Christmas time and since then I have always had a tub of this in my shower.

Containing Shea Butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar this exfoliator means business. It smells so sweet and sugary that you almost wonder how many calories are involved (I'm a fat girl, I worry about these things) but the sweetness is deceiving, almost like a Teddy bear holding a machete.
Flake Away isn't TOO abrasive, (Think Lois Walsh rather than Simon Cowell) but it certainly does buff and polish you into having soft skin. I used this as a preparation for Fake tan and it left me with no dry bits at all, meaning no embarassing fake tannage.
Flake Away from Soap & Glory is available in Boots and is currently on a 1/3 off selected Soap & Glory products. 300mls is now £4.33 (Bargain)
Let me know what you think of this product and whether you love it as much as I do
Big Fashionista

Loving these shoes.

I'm a bit of a shoe fan, (okay, i'm totally shoe obsessed)

and these new shoes from Marks and Spencers are currently walking through my dreams and coordinating themselves with outfits that I own, telling me what they go with and how long they will make my legs look. (See, obsessed)

Exactly how cute are these shoes?

£29.50 from Marks & Spencers. I can imagine myself wearing them with anything and they will create a stir of envy and longing from my friends.

They are Limited Edition and for that price they won't be around for long. They are also available in black but I love how these colours seem so summery and light.

Available instore now or from i'm going to be getting these in the next couple of days and wearing them to DEATH.

What would you wear them with?

Big Fashionista x x


Truffle Shuffle

Any time you see a celebrity wearing a printed T-shirt, and you want to "steal their style" log on to chances are it came from there.

Truffle shuffle are at the forefront of printed T's and fun items which will either remind you of your childhood or make a fashion statement.

If you're a Gleek and you want a Journey T-shirt, here you go.

£37, and if you order before 4pm it is sent out the same day. (I've done this, and it arrived the next day no problem. Perfect for if you need something in a hurry)

If you want to dress your man like David Beckham? (Personally, I want my man to actually BE David Beckham)

For £45, you can. (Do you like how I managed to sneak a picture of the delectable DB in here girls)

Truffle Shuffle have a HUGE range of mens, womens and childrens tops as well as jewellery from Disney Couture, Culture Vulture and AnnaLou of London.

For Hello Kitty fans, Truffle Shuffle is an aladdins cave. From umbrellas to headphones they will have something that you want. (My 9 yr old has a list as long as your arm, thanks a lot Truffle Shuffle)

If you haven't checked them out yet, I do recommend them. Fast service, good price range and ideal for gifts for the fashion conscious teen (as well as us slightly older people)

Have you shopped at Truffle Shuffle?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

L'Oreal Glam Shine 6hr lip gloss.

I'm a complete Lip gloss Fiend. If it's shiny and glossy, the chances are I either own one, (three) or I want to own one (three)

L'Oreal Glam shine 6 hr Lip Gloss, is currently one of my favourite lip glosses. The colour above, is Golden Tattoo, my personal choice for summer. Combined with a tan this colour is absolutely stunning.
The heart shaped wand on this lip gloss makes the colour easy to apply and helps to keep the colour even.
My only (small) issue with this lip gloss is that it doesn't last 6 hours. But then, you show me a lip gloss that does last more than a couple of hours and I will show you one VERY excited Big Fashionista. (and surely that is all part of applying lip gloss, we constantly reapply to keep it fresh)
I don't find this lip gloss too tacky either, it sits well on my lips and has a very sweet aroma (it tastes nice too) With many lip glosses I find that the colour is very sheer on lips in comparison to the tube but these ones although still sheer are a pretty close match to the tube.
I know these aren't the latest, greatest things on the market but with a little bit of sunshine comes lighter, fresher make-up and these are for me, a definate must.
What do you think?
Big Fashionista x x

Maxi Dress, Maximum Hell.

I hope as you read this you nod and totally agree with me. (if you don't, it's ok, I probably don't like you anyway because you are supermodel skinny)

Maxi dresses.

I love them, I adore them, I have visions of drifting along a river bank, picking flowers and putting them into a cycle basket before gently cycling off. (Ok, that may just be a tampon advert I have described there but it's my fantasy so there)

But in reality I own ONE maxi dress, don't get me wrong, it's beautiful. But I have more chance finding Lord Lucan than I do finding another one that fits me as well as this one does.

I must have tried on hundreds of different Maxi dresses now. Being a large chested sort of girl, some would get me arrested for indecency. I'm also only 5'4 so some of them trail on the floor making me look like a child playing dress up. This I can handle, I just take them off and put them back on the rail, what I HATE are the ones that make me look like a pregnant Teletubby, (It was yellow, you get the picture don't you) It was quite traumatic.

But I am going to find another maxi dress (preferably before summer is over. It is? oh shucks)

And here are some of my favourites around at the moment.

This dress is from I love Missguided, perfect online shopping store with great prices, and also a outfit for every occasion, If you've never tried them out before I highly recommend them. This one is only £22.99

This is my actual Maxi dress. it came from £38 Perfect for wearing casual or teaming with heels for an evening out, this summer this will be my go-to dress.

If you are looking for something just a little bit different, this Maxi dress is from the Kate Moss for Topshop Summer Collection, This is part of the Limited edition range and is £120

I'd love to know your views on Maxi dresses and whether you too have trouble finding the perfect one. It seems that I love them, but they don't love me.

Big Fashionista

Monday, 24 May 2010

2nd Guest Post

Hi there, apologies for the lack of posts today but the sunshine was too hard to resist.

I have written my 2nd guest spot for Kindred Sole which has gone live today so take a look at what I imagine a Fashion Court would be like. I will be writing for Kindred Sole on a monthly basis from now on so I hope you enjoy my musings.

If you can take the time to leave me a comment it would be much appreciated.

Big Fashionista x x

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Models Own in Boots

The fabulous Models Own are coming to a Boots store near you.

I thought I would give you a glimpse into how the Models Own stands are looking.

and they are looking HOT

My apologies for the poor quality of pic, but it was taken on my phone and i'm sure that my hands were shaking as I was SO excited.

The fantastic shades of nail varnish and eyeshadows make the stand look so fresh and new that it actually took me a while to be able to take a picture as there was so many people around the stand picking up products to buy.

After taking the picture (and elbowing a little old lady out of the way-all is fair in love and make up) I picked up a couple of the pastel nail colours in pretty ice cream shades. (post to follow) and some eyeshadows that I think will be gorgeous.

Well done Boots, for stocking Models Own. And Models Own, your products are fab and I will be coming back for more. (I will try not to elbow any more old ladies though, I promise)

Big Fashionista

Friday, 21 May 2010

A Gift From The Gods

I received a press release about this dress this morning, available from A Gift From The Gods

oooooooh I think I love it. It's like an old spirograph (look it up little ones) it would be perfect for a summer day lunch with friends. In fact I think I have shoes that would match!!!!!

I love the unusual neckline on this dress too. I would wear it plain, without a necklace and let the neckline be my decoration.

I've just looked it up on and it is also available in a pretty pale pink. and is only £25. Bargain or what?

What do you think of the dress?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


I want to hear your questions re Botox

I have been given the opportunity to speak to a Plastic Reconstructive surgeon who specialises in Botox and would LOVE your help.

I'm going to be asking her some questions re Botox and now is your chance to find out the answers to questions you have always wanted to ask.

If you could leave your questions here or email them to me direct I will ask her the things that we all want to know re Botox.

I'm looking forward to this Q & A session. I wonder if I can get a quote while i'm at it.

Big Fashionista

Famous Dave. No more Ronseal girls, please.

I have to admit, i've never been a fan of fake tan. I live near Essex and have spent many a happy afternoon in Lakeside, Thurrock, wondering how those girls manage to all get to be a particular shade of ORANGE. Dark orange, light orange, in fact one girl I saw was so orange she looked radioactive!!! How is that a good look?

Seriously, girls. It's not a good fake tan if it looks FAKE.
I've seen Oompa Loompas with a more convincing tan.

But i'm going to let you into a secret. (I shouldn't, because part of me will miss laughing at you little orange girls but I am going to-because I am NICE)

Famous Dave

Those two little words that are going to change your life forever

I was lucky enough to win this in a Twitter competition and am now a convert.

Here's what Famous Dave say.

Why These Are the Best Self Tanners You Will Ever Use:

Famous Dave's Tanners create a golden tan without the need for age-robbing sun or tanning bed exposure.

While developing into a natural looking bronze glow, Famous Dave's Tanner bathes your skin in the rich emollients of Aloe Vera, Sesame, and Jojoba, which soften and add healthy moisture.

Many of Famous Dave's Self Tanners are fragrance-free.

Famous Dave's Tanners do not contain the frequently used ingredients found in most fake tan products that cause skin to turn orange in colour.

Famous Dave's tanning products dry to the touch almost immediately as they are applied to the skin and dressing can occur within minutes of the application.

Famous Dave's Tanners do not rub out on sheets or clothing.

Famous Dave's Tanners are very easy to distribute evenly on the body.They compliment your existing tan by deepening and evening out your skin tones.

Famous Dave's Fake Tan can be used all year round to give the most natural looking tan you will ever have from a bottle!

and you know what? After trying this out. I agree.
No orangeness. (Is that even a word?)
No horrible smell.
and not even any streaks. I can't put on Fake tan properly, I usually end up with an uneven colour or with bits I have missed altogether, but with this Fake Tan I ended up with a NATURAL golden colour that complimented me. (In fact if it would've complimented me any more I think I would've married it, or at least slept with it-what can I say, i'm a sucker for a compliment.)

Ronsealed women of the world, shrug off your orange shackles and journey into the world of Famous Dave.

It's not a secret any longer, they have been featured on GMTV, Cosmopolitan, the Daily Mirror gave them a 10/10 for gods sake, they have to be great.
All products are available online at
You have a choice of lotions, mousse, and sprays. and even a mitt to help people like me who can't apply it properly.
Now there is NO excuse to be orange and no excuse for me not to laugh at you if you ignore my advice and remain orange. (because I will, i'm a short fat girl, I get my kicks where I can)
You have been warned.

Big Fashionista x x

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Guest Posts

Thought I would just do a quick post giving links to guest posts that I have done for some fabulous companies.

First of all the fabulous One of my favourite online stores for hair & beauty EVER. They stock some excellent products, including the superb All For Eve. More about them soon I promise.

Currently they have a hair sale on, saving you up to 50% on products such as Redken, GHD and Aveda.

Not only that but their blog spot is superb. Informative, and humourous in equal measure.
So if you havent got acquainted with LookFantastic, I suggest you do so PRONTO.

So check out the guest spot I did for them a while ago.

Another guest post I have written was for Kindred Sole. If you love shoes then you will already be aware of this company, and if you know me, you know I have a serious crush on a shoe that I can never have. Alexa. only 350 ever made, and all size 7's gone forever. :-( heartbreaking.

Check out Kindred Sole and their designer shoes and I promise you there will be a shoe there for you. you can thank me later.

and here is my 1st guest spot for Kindred Sole.

Hope you enjoy.

There will definately be more to come, i'm working on something very special at the moment.

more info soon

Big Fashionista

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Greatest Inventions?

I have just been reading about the 100 greatest inventions and now i'm confused.
(again. seriously, it doesn't take much to confuse me)

Here is the Top Ten.

1, Wheel
2, Aeroplane
3, Lightbulb
4, Internet
5, PC
6, Telephone
7, Penicillin
8, iPhone
9, Flushing Toilet
10, Combustion Engine.

hmmmmmm, seems a bit Male Orientated to me. iPod before flushing toilet? I rest my case.

for gods sake Hair straighteners were number 34!!!

Not in my house they aren't. I'd swap my washing machine (12) for straighteners any day. (In fact, i think i did)

Make-up was number 66!!! I DON'T think so. Sky+ was number 53!!

Yet another example of how male dominated the list is.

Perhaps a womans point of view is needed here.

My 10 greatest Inventions.

1, Make Up,
2, Take aways
3, Spas
4, babysitters
5, Hair straighteners
6, Credit cards
7, Afternoon naps
8, Spanx
9, Nurofen
10, Online Shopping

What would be your top ten greatest inventions?

Big Fashionista

Happiness is.............................

So I am writing this as an entry to Get Lippies' competition piece.

but it really got me thinking. What does make me happy?

I could go cheesy and say my children (but seeing as I love them and want to strangle them in equal measures i thought i should give that a miss)

So I decided to tell you all what makes me happy.


On my back i have a tattoo. A sunshine with Carpe Diem written underneath. It means "Seize the Day" which is my motto in life.

My father was an extremely busy man. He built up his own business from nothing, working all the hours that god sent so that when he retired early at 55 he could reap the rewards of all his hard work.

He never made it.

Unfortunately Lung Cancer took him from us many years too soon. But it made me angry that all he had worked to acheive in his life, all his dreams, were never realised.

There was so much that he wanted to do that he never got to as he put them off until he retired.

The gift that my father left me was to live each day as if it was my last.

I enjoy the sunrise in the morning, childrens laughter as I pass a playground (I hope they aren't laughing AT me) even the sad things in life I embrace as they help to shape me as a person.

I enjoy LIFE and it makes me happy.

True Happiness for me is cherishing every second we spend on this earth. It is short. We need to make it sweet.

Am I weird? Or is everyone else?

Ok, that may be a strange question. (Obviously it is everyone else) But after a couple of friends commented (ok laughed. Bitches) that perhaps my habit of going shopping for an outfit to go shopping in on Sunday wasn't normal, I started to wonder. (not for long, I have the attention span of a gold.................)

How many people out there do this?

Surely buying a new outfit to go on a huge long-awaited shopping trip that is going to hurt my credit cards so badly that they may possibly need physio is a necessity?

It can't be any stranger than tidying up before the cleaner comes can it?

(Small clarification, I don't actually have a cleaner. nor do i actually tidy up, but thats not the point)

Or even washing your hair before going to the hairdressers?

(You know what i'm going to say here don't you?)

I think it's a pretty normal thing to do, I want to look good while I buy new things.

I don't often go on all day shopping trips that include lunch in John Lewis. (I have 3 children, anything other than lunch in McDonalds is classed as all fancy like) so i'm going to enjoy my shopping trip in my new clothes, buy lots of fabulous things, enjoy my girlie lunch and then report back to you guys next week on what i've bought.

Tell me what you think

Big Fashionista

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I Think, You Stink.

It's not often I find something that I dislike. (okay, it is, but usually I can put a positive spin on it) But I have come across something that I really, really detest.

The concept is strange enough as it is.

A 48 hour deodorant? Seriously? have a wash you dirty cow. I have camped out, and still managed to wash my armpits. I cant really see anyone looking at this deodorant and saying "ooooh result, now I dont have to wash for 2 days" Ok, i can imagine it, but it wouldn't be someone I know.

So already this wasn't going to be a winner for me. Next issue for me is that there is 12 different types, 6 aerosol, 6 roll-ons, Mineral Fresh, Mineral Ultra, Mineral Invi.........ok, i'm boring myself now.

I just want to have fresh, clean non-sweaty armpits, is that too much to ask for?

Well apparently it is, because for me, this deodorant is naff. It didn't even work for 10 hours let alone 48. And if you knew me, you would know it isn't even as if I do anything particularly strenuous. (Ok, I don't do ANYTHING) Plus, the rollerball deodorant got stuck after 3 applications and had to be thrown away!!! Luckily I had also purchased an aerosol version.

So for me this deodorant is a complete failure.

I would be interested to know if this deodorant had worked for you. And if you had gone the full 48 hours feeling fresh as a daisy.

Let me know

Big Fashionista

EDIT, and I have just realised it is made with Mineralite, something to do with Volcanos!!!!!!!!!

Will they EVER stop messing with us in one way or another!!!!


Monday, 17 May 2010

Dr Bronner

I am a HUGE fan of Dr Bronner. From the iconic liquid soap to the Organic Lip Balm, For every product you can name, I can tell you how that particular product made a difference to one of my family or friends. The Lipbalm? Soothed and relieved my daughters chapped and bleeding lips in 2 days.

The Bar Soap? The Baby Mild helped cure nappy rash where everything else had failed.

And don't even start me on how fantastic the liquid soap is. Use it on my hands? Yes, I could do that, but I also use it to get out stains from clothes, and trust me-It really does work.

So I look forward to trying out the Magic Organic Shaving Soap Gel, The choice of scents are, Peppermint, Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon Grass Lime and Baby Unscented. I feel spoilt for choice here.

What scent would you use?

Big Fashionista x x

Classic Products That Will Be Around Forever

I was washing my 9 year old daughters hair last night, using the failsafe product that has saved me (and her) from years of screaming, tantrums, and pain (and thats just me) and then it hit me.

What other products out there are there that we always return to?

The product in question I was using was Aussie Haircare, 3 Minute Miracle. Frizz Remedy

My 9 yr old has thick, wavy, hair that she loves to keep long and wear down (sob)

For my sanity, 3 Minute Miracle is my go to product. Yes, I have strayed. Been tempted by other shiny products that seduce me into thinking that they can do the same if not better. NEWSFLASH. they can't.

For de-tangling, de-frizzing and generally making my daughters (and mine) hair soft and managable 3 Minute miracle is the only product for me. Its a classic product that has never been beaten. and NEVER will be.

What is your CLASSIC product that you will never give up for a newcomer.


Thursday, 6 May 2010

Nails Inc Teams up with Diet Coke

London, Paris, New York & Milan

Not just the places that I would love to visit this year (Not going to happen)

But also the names of the 4 new colours created by Nails Inc for Diet Coke.
Available for free when you purchase 2 500ml bottles of Diet Coke in selected Boots stores.
I'm all for a freebie, I drink Diet Coke like it's going out of fashion, It almost feels like i'm getting paid in nail varnish to drink it.
I'm loving the nude look of London, I definately think with my short stumpy little nails this is the colour for me, and the purple of Paris will look gorgeous on my little nail models fingers.
I'm off to Boots. The offer started May 5th and goes on until 30th of June.
Anyone need anything while i'm there?
Big Fashionista


There are some fantastic ice cream shades of nail varnish around at the moment, but when i spied this colour I knew that I had to have it.

Now the question I have for you guys is, Is it Chanel Nouvelle Vague?

Or is it from Superdrug MUA range and costing just £1 a bottle?

Yes, it's from Superdrug.

Pretty close match though don't you think?

And for anyone who is interested, the nail model is actually my 9yr old daughter!!

Her nails are so much better than mine. Expect more NOTD to come from her.

Big Fashionista x x


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

BigFashionista Begins

Evening All,

Because so many of you wonderful people are already here I thought it was about time I got my fine ass over here too.

For people who don't know me, you can check me out here

I love to write about everything from fashion and beauty to current events.

I like a good debate, feel free to comment and if i agree with you, I will say so, If I don't......well we have ourselves a good debate.

I hope I can entertain you all here, I feel like the new kid on the block, but consider this a housewarming party.

Bring wine.......and cake.....especially cake, I love cake.

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