Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Am I weird? Or is everyone else?

Ok, that may be a strange question. (Obviously it is everyone else) But after a couple of friends commented (ok laughed. Bitches) that perhaps my habit of going shopping for an outfit to go shopping in on Sunday wasn't normal, I started to wonder. (not for long, I have the attention span of a gold.................)

How many people out there do this?

Surely buying a new outfit to go on a huge long-awaited shopping trip that is going to hurt my credit cards so badly that they may possibly need physio is a necessity?

It can't be any stranger than tidying up before the cleaner comes can it?

(Small clarification, I don't actually have a cleaner. nor do i actually tidy up, but thats not the point)

Or even washing your hair before going to the hairdressers?

(You know what i'm going to say here don't you?)

I think it's a pretty normal thing to do, I want to look good while I buy new things.

I don't often go on all day shopping trips that include lunch in John Lewis. (I have 3 children, anything other than lunch in McDonalds is classed as all fancy like) so i'm going to enjoy my shopping trip in my new clothes, buy lots of fabulous things, enjoy my girlie lunch and then report back to you guys next week on what i've bought.

Tell me what you think

Big Fashionista

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