Monday, 17 May 2010

Classic Products That Will Be Around Forever

I was washing my 9 year old daughters hair last night, using the failsafe product that has saved me (and her) from years of screaming, tantrums, and pain (and thats just me) and then it hit me.

What other products out there are there that we always return to?

The product in question I was using was Aussie Haircare, 3 Minute Miracle. Frizz Remedy

My 9 yr old has thick, wavy, hair that she loves to keep long and wear down (sob)

For my sanity, 3 Minute Miracle is my go to product. Yes, I have strayed. Been tempted by other shiny products that seduce me into thinking that they can do the same if not better. NEWSFLASH. they can't.

For de-tangling, de-frizzing and generally making my daughters (and mine) hair soft and managable 3 Minute miracle is the only product for me. Its a classic product that has never been beaten. and NEVER will be.

What is your CLASSIC product that you will never give up for a newcomer.


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