Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Greatest Inventions?

I have just been reading about the 100 greatest inventions and now i'm confused.
(again. seriously, it doesn't take much to confuse me)

Here is the Top Ten.

1, Wheel
2, Aeroplane
3, Lightbulb
4, Internet
5, PC
6, Telephone
7, Penicillin
8, iPhone
9, Flushing Toilet
10, Combustion Engine.

hmmmmmm, seems a bit Male Orientated to me. iPod before flushing toilet? I rest my case.

for gods sake Hair straighteners were number 34!!!

Not in my house they aren't. I'd swap my washing machine (12) for straighteners any day. (In fact, i think i did)

Make-up was number 66!!! I DON'T think so. Sky+ was number 53!!

Yet another example of how male dominated the list is.

Perhaps a womans point of view is needed here.

My 10 greatest Inventions.

1, Make Up,
2, Take aways
3, Spas
4, babysitters
5, Hair straighteners
6, Credit cards
7, Afternoon naps
8, Spanx
9, Nurofen
10, Online Shopping

What would be your top ten greatest inventions?

Big Fashionista


  1. I'd have to put the pill in there somewhere, hows that for a female friendly invention? Where does it come on the list??

  2. just missing out on a top ten place at number 11.

    agreed. But then i shouldve thought of the pill 10 years ago LOL (joke, I think)

  3. Twitter isn't an invention. It's a gift from the gods :-)

  4. The internet.
    Totally my favourite invention!

  5. 1. The pheromones that brought Mr & Mrs Olyphant together long enough to conceive little Timothy.

    2. Build A Bear shops.

    3. Action figures of anything at all.

    4. Leopard print (God really owned it coming up with that one).

    5. Tweezers.

    6. Disaronno

    7. Rollerskate (shoes with wheels on them, good for the environment).

    8. Toffifee

    9. Twilight and everything it spawned, including R.Patz.

    10. The Style Rawr blog!


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