Friday, 21 May 2010

I want to hear your questions re Botox

I have been given the opportunity to speak to a Plastic Reconstructive surgeon who specialises in Botox and would LOVE your help.

I'm going to be asking her some questions re Botox and now is your chance to find out the answers to questions you have always wanted to ask.

If you could leave your questions here or email them to me direct I will ask her the things that we all want to know re Botox.

I'm looking forward to this Q & A session. I wonder if I can get a quote while i'm at it.

Big Fashionista


  1. Do we know anything about any long-term potential health effects of having regular Botox?

  2. Thank you. I will definately ask that one x x

    I'll post up my answers when I have them x x

  3. What do you think about preventative Botox? I've heard varying opinions between those who think it's a viable treatment and others who say it can lead to increased wrinkles later in life...

  4. Brilliant question, thank you x x x

  5. Other great questions I have been asked are.

    What qualifications should you check a surgeon has before choosing the right one for you?

    And what do you think the right age Is to start having Botox.

    Anything you would like to add?

  6. How about how Botox can help with excessive sweating?

  7. How has Botox changed since it was first introduced to the market?

  8. There are a lot of counterfeit drugs circulating - some even get into the ethical supply stream - but the final retailer is unaware. Is there any way to know that a supply has been checked end to end in the supply chain to ensure that it is genuine?

  9. You ladies have fantastic questions.

    Thank you so much.

    Please keep them coming if you think of anything else x x


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