Tuesday, 25 May 2010

L'Oreal Glam Shine 6hr lip gloss.

I'm a complete Lip gloss Fiend. If it's shiny and glossy, the chances are I either own one, (three) or I want to own one (three)

L'Oreal Glam shine 6 hr Lip Gloss, is currently one of my favourite lip glosses. The colour above, is Golden Tattoo, my personal choice for summer. Combined with a tan this colour is absolutely stunning.
The heart shaped wand on this lip gloss makes the colour easy to apply and helps to keep the colour even.
My only (small) issue with this lip gloss is that it doesn't last 6 hours. But then, you show me a lip gloss that does last more than a couple of hours and I will show you one VERY excited Big Fashionista. (and surely that is all part of applying lip gloss, we constantly reapply to keep it fresh)
I don't find this lip gloss too tacky either, it sits well on my lips and has a very sweet aroma (it tastes nice too) With many lip glosses I find that the colour is very sheer on lips in comparison to the tube but these ones although still sheer are a pretty close match to the tube.
I know these aren't the latest, greatest things on the market but with a little bit of sunshine comes lighter, fresher make-up and these are for me, a definate must.
What do you think?
Big Fashionista x x


  1. oooh, I've tried a few of these and I quite liked them! x

  2. I find them so easy to use and the colours are really nice.

    They say Lipsticks are back in fashion but in the summer especially, I'm a Lip gloss girl.


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