Saturday, 22 May 2010

Models Own in Boots

The fabulous Models Own are coming to a Boots store near you.

I thought I would give you a glimpse into how the Models Own stands are looking.

and they are looking HOT

My apologies for the poor quality of pic, but it was taken on my phone and i'm sure that my hands were shaking as I was SO excited.

The fantastic shades of nail varnish and eyeshadows make the stand look so fresh and new that it actually took me a while to be able to take a picture as there was so many people around the stand picking up products to buy.

After taking the picture (and elbowing a little old lady out of the way-all is fair in love and make up) I picked up a couple of the pastel nail colours in pretty ice cream shades. (post to follow) and some eyeshadows that I think will be gorgeous.

Well done Boots, for stocking Models Own. And Models Own, your products are fab and I will be coming back for more. (I will try not to elbow any more old ladies though, I promise)

Big Fashionista


  1. One of my locals was supposed to have it from yesterday, but not a trace was to be seen:(

  2. Thurrock lakeside was the nearest to me that does it. But was worth the trek x x


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