Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sex & The City 2-Yawn

For all you ladies out there with calenders that are counting down the minutes, hours and days until SATC 2 is released upon us, I apologise.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the film, I'm 34 (I know, I'm shocked myself sometimes) I grew up wanting to have a career like Carrie, screw like Samantha, be a lady like Charlotte and um....................know someone like Miranda. (never could warm to that woman)

I get it, I do. It's an exciting time. I just feel over saturated with SATC 2 at the moment.

I can't open a magazine without having the chance to win Carries wardrobe, read an interview with one of the girls or be given the chance to pick between Aiden, Big and the french one.

(Personally I would take a tip from the new goverment and form a coalition between all three)

Everywhere I look SJP is smiling down at me from billboards, there are adverts everywhere, and all the shops are telling me how I can dress like SJP or the girls.


I haven't even seen the film yet and i'm already over it. I get the feeling that this will be the last film and they are wringing it for all it is worth. But they are running the risk of alienating the exact type of people that they should be wanting to see the movie (me)

The one thing i'm grateful for is that I haven't yet come across and SATC dolls!!

But i'm sure they are out there.

What do you think? Are you over SATC 2 before it has even begun? or has all the hype just made you even more excited?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x



  1. Noooooo GIVE ME MORE SATC!!!

  2. LOL, i'm not saying no more SATC, I'm saying I don't want it in my face 24-7.

    It's now feeling like a childs film.

    I'm waiting for SATC lunchboxes.

    oh, actually that would be cool. :-)

  3. hahahaha SATC lunchboxes! I'd probably buy one though

  4. Im SO uninterested. I wouldnt watch it but Im sure I could appreciate the fashion. I had to LOL at my BFs sisters FB. Her status was:

    *** has noticed that there are two groups of women who idolise 'sex and the city.' Thats a) women with no real sense of personal style (not one worth having anyway), and

    b) women who follow fashion like religion and worship celebrity (pathetic).

    The women who don't fall into either category have been rocking their own style successfully all along. Oh fancy that, Patricia Field is one of them. Food for thought.

  5. I think we are ready for something new not the same old story. I'm afraid I have lost interest.

  6. Sooooo.... I went to see SATC 2 with Magic FM on Friday. I know, jammy bugger that I am. And I hate to piss on your parade lady but it was just as FAAAAAAABULOUS as I anticipated it to be!

    Lil less misery, lil more comedy than the first, and one phrase that makes it all worth while;

    Liza... in fishnets... doing 'Single Ladies'.

    That is all.



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