Wednesday, 30 June 2010

L'Oreal Perfect Clean

Check me out, i'm doing a beauty post. It's been a while, lets see if I can get through this without getting all sarky and making snippy comments.

(Sharpens claws and prepares to fire a warning shot)

I do like a gadget, I'm basically a lazy cow. If I can find something that promises to shave a couple of minutes off of my day then I am on it like a tramp on a sandwich.

When I saw the L'Oreal Perfect Clean product on the shelf in my local Superdrug and spotted that it had a little gadget, I was hooked.

Now apparently, according to my daughter this Perfect Clean is advertised by Freida Pinto of Slumdog Millionaire.

I however have not seen the advert. I admire L'Oreals' arrogance though as they obviously assume that EVERYONE has seen the advert and therefore have no need to put instructions on how to use on the bottle. (The pitying look my 9yr old gave me when she walked into the bathroom to see me using the "scrublet" while it was still attached to the bottle was disturbing to say the least-AND I now know how mothers feel when a step mother walks into their life as she then proceeded to walk out of the bathroom saying "well that isn't how Freida does it")

EDIT-I have just found the instructions hidden underneath the label-PAH. Look you little time saving cleaning gadget, If I have to look for the instructions, how are you saving me any time?

So I removed the little scrublet from the bottle (muttering "well if Freida is so bloody perfect why doesn't she raise you") and proceeded in trying this out on my face.

Eeeeeeeek, Ms Katie Price, forget the Botox, use this. The exfoliating wash made my face so shiny & tight that if KP sees me, I think I will be bitchslapped (borrowed from Bangsandabun) in jealousy. To say it is a little drying is like saying England are a little crap. Only lard can bring back my face from this Sahara like dryness. There are small children in Africa who are arranging a charity single for my skin.

There are different types of this product. Exfoliating-for all skin types (Ok L'Oreal, whatever you say) a Cream wash which is soothing for Dry/Sensitive skin and a gel wash which is refreshing for Normal/Combination skin. I think there is another version as well but as I haven't yet seen this I'm going with what I have seen.

It foamed up nicely and the little scrublet thing wasn't as abrasive as I thought it may be, but seeing as I feel as if I have no natural oils left in my skin now I definately won't be using this type again.

Have you tried this product?

What do you think of it? Shall i find another use for my little scrublet (pubic hair comb? back massager for my cats?) or shall I persevere with another product from the range?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x

Monday, 28 June 2010

Rolla Girl

Getting fit is NEVER fun. I don't care how many of you say otherwise, (next one to say about endorphins and energy levels gets a mars bar shoved in their gob) But my body always responds well when I heft it from the sofa and actually move it around. So I have decided that I want to buy roller skates. (Thats the earthquake people warned anyway. Anything over a 3.6 on the richter scale in East London-that'll be me hitting the deck)

But now I have a dilemma, Do I go for style or comfort? (Why are fashionistas making little Big Fashionista voodoo dolls, I need to be comfortable)

I'm loving these.

True Roller boots, these are HOT, and look, they have heels too. (I am a fashionista, I am, I am)

Or if I want to be a bit subtle (NEVAH) I could go for these.

They go with my eyes. Um............and I'm sure I can team these with some cute blue legwarmers. (Have they stopped sticking pins in me yet? surely I have redeemed myself for the style or comfort question)

If I want to go "Retro" then I'm thinking these. (Everything I like is called "retro" these days. Does this mean i'm old? It does doesn't it? Crap) I would prefer them to be Black and yellow, I would make bumble bee noises as I bang into people and pretend that I had stung them.
By the way, have I mentioned that I don't know how to rollerskate? See, that earthquake warning doesn't seem so funny now does it? I may damage some techtonic plates here. (And my coccyx is sending out an SOS as we speak)

I will let you know what I end up with, Does anyone have any other recommendations for Rollerskates? Or know any good websites to try?

Big Fashionista x x


Diet tips

So the sun is shining and the first time you go to put on something cool and maybe a bot more revealing than you have worn all winter you realise that you are still carrying your winter weight. (personally i'm still carrying puppy fat-my mum swore I would grow out of it!!!)
So you begin on that fabulous merry-go-round of life which is otherwise known as a diet.

I hate diets, they bore me to (hunger) death, and to be honest, i'm not that good at them. But I thought I would share with you some diet tips I have gathered over the years.

(Disclaimer; If you use these diet tips and your backside ends up the size of a small country-no blaming me)

So here are the tips.

ALL green food is good for you.

It stands to reason doesn't it? Green is healthy, vegetables are green, Lettuce, cucumber and.........well you get my drift, they are green. Green MEANS vegetables, it's green to show that it's healthy. So I don't care if it's mint choc chip ice cream or Green & Black chocolate. It HAS to be good for you. it's green-Enjoy.

If you eat food off of someone elses plate you don't put on weight.

Someone elses food always tastes nicer than your own doesn't it? Thats because it's guilt and calorie free. Their food, their calories. The calories stick to the owner of plate. They prepared it, they are going to eat it. That couple of chips don't even count. FACT.

Fruit Gums count as part of your 5-a-day.

THEY ARE FRUIT, you have to have 5 pieces of fruit a day, they count!!!!!
You can also include Starbursts, Orange Kitkats and Fruit Polos. And if you really want to push it-Vodka & Orange.

Look how good you are, now you can honestly say you get your 5-a-day.

Chocolate Eggs are Calorie free.

Because when you crack them open, all the calories fall out. Well those pesky calories have to hide somewhere. That empty space is perfect. So crack them open and if you listen carefully you can hear the calories hitting the floor as they fall out.

Potatoes are your friend.

Potatoes are vegetables if I am not mistaken, therefore things made from potatoes are good for you. Chips and crisps are made from potatoes. If you eat 5 bags of crisps a day you have once more hit your 5-a-day target. You are on a roll, give yourself a round of applause.

Hide your alcohol.

Hiding your alcohol in fruit juice means that your body thinks it is being healthy, and in fact will make you feel even fitter. How can your vodka be bad for you? It's in fruit juice for gods sake. It's practically a health drink.

Write it all down.

If you are on a diet that involves writing down everything you eat and you forget to add that chocolate cheesecake you ate. IT DOESN'T COUNT. If it's not on your list, you didn't eat it. You're writing it all down, If it's not on the list-it's not on your hips.

Ok, now i'm off for a gastric bypass (kidding) Do you have any similar diet tips you can share?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x

Friday, 25 June 2010

Ultimate Big Brother

hmmmmmm, that noise was the sound of followers leaving in droves. Ok, have all the non-BB fans left now? hang on, i'll check.

Q) What was the name of the chicken in Big Brother 1?

If you can answer that question, please feel free to continue reading.

I've had a good think about who I think should be in the Big Brother special at the end of this series and have decided to tell you (bore you) with my 10 Ultimate Big Brother contestants.

Now one thing you have to understand about me is that I LOVE every single contestant of BB, even if they were universally hated they brought something to the Big Brother experience.

Big Brother is not a soap opera, it's a reality television show, It is meant to show us what happens when you put a group of strangers together away from outside influences, how societies and alliances are made and, what a lot of non fans don't realise is it meant to make us look at ourselves. If you ever look at a BB house at the beginning and think, Jeez what a bunch of freaks and wierdos, I'm sorry to say that one of them is probably just like you (and even if you don't see it, your friends probably will)

I was going to pick 1 housemate from each series but that just doesn't work for me. And also you have to think in combinations. what would be the point of Anthony without Craig? But here is my BB dream team. The combo that would have me glued to my screen 24-7.

Contestant 1) Nick Bateman

Because lets face it. Without him there would have been NO Big Brother. To me he IS the ultimate Big Brother contestant. He knew the rules BEFORE there were rules. He danced on the outside of these rules like a member of the Royal Ballet company with grace and style. He set the precedant that ALL Big Brother contestants now follow. The only rule about not talking about nominations, is that no-one talks about talking about nominations (Code Shabby & Govan? seriously Pasta for Mario-sigh) Without Nick Bateman in the Ultimate Big Brother it will be like a Take That reunion without Robbie Williams, it's fun, it's good times, but there is just something missing.

Contestant 2) Nadia Almada

Ok when I said that I loved every contestant for what they brought to the experience I was thinking specifically of Nadia. Nadia stirred emotions in me that usually would take 2 valium and a lie down to suppress. I strongly disliked this woman. Which was brilliant news, What happens when we like every single contestant in Big Brother? We get BB4, yawn.

Nadia screamed, shrieked, cried and wore heels in the shower. As much as I disliked her she brought something to the party and it was FUN to watch. Drama in my BB? yes please.

Contestant 3) John Tickle

I want to see more of the funny unassuming man who should have gone further. He was intelligent, witty and would probably be a good glue that would bring other housemates together. Never one to form alliances I think he would get on with everyone and be a calming (not too calm please) influence

Contestant 4) Aisleyne Horgan-Wallis

If there is a word I hate in any reality programme it is "journey". Next one to say it goes on a journey in the boot of my car to Dover cliffs but this is one contestant who can truly say that and mean it. She went in a brassy blonde with attitude (Confession, during BB7 my ringtone was Aisleyne saying "oh you better know yourself little girl" can we just keep that between ourselves?)
She came out a completely different person. The Big Brother experience worked for her, she saw how she was perceived and saw herself and didn't like what she saw. We should all be so lucky to get that chance.

Contestant 5) Rex Newmark

Rex could have become one of the BEST Big Brother contestants ever, he ducked, he dived, argued and hugged. And then his girlfriend entered the house. To steal a line from the FABULOUS The Style Rawr, he was like a neutered tom cat. Game over. I want him back to see if he can realise his true potential. I want to hear his cutting comments said with a cheeky grin just to see what reaction he can get.

Contestant 6) Noirin Kelly

She started off entering the house to boos after her VT said she was pretty and men fell at her feet. People soon choked on their boos when near enough every man in the place fell for her charm, Siavash, Marcus. The woman was a siren. Lets put her back in.

Contestant 7) Ziggy Lichman.

Hmmm, I'm starting to realise I may have a "type" of male contestant.
Purely because I want to see him team up with Nick Bateman and Rex Newmark and make a new "Jungle cat" team of 2010. An Alpha male. (I do like my alpha males) he would make an interesting addition. Prone to an outburst or two and yet calm at the same time. I couldn't see him winning the Ultimate Big Brother contest (There is only one winner for me) but I think he would make the whole thing a fascinating watch.

Contestant 8) Kate Lawler

The first female to win the show, she was always up for a laugh, a real ladette who got on with everyone. She would make a great addition to the Ultimate Big Brother contest due to her sense of fun on the show. Who can forget them crossing the rich/poor divide? or Kate falling over drunk when trying to put on her trousers. If there is ever a strong female to challenge the alpha males. she is it.

Contestant 9) Alex Sibley.

Because he was fit innit? (My list, my rules, my choice of eye candy)
One of the ultimate iconic clips of Big Brother is Alex Sibley standing behind the door singing, "Thats the way, uh huh uh huh I like it, like it" to the camera. Perfect Big Brother moment. It would be fun to see if he could continue in the same vein and step it up for the final.

Contestant 10) Makosi Musambasi

Just to see the fireworks between her and Nadia. Lets face it, Those chicks are NEVER going to get on. She was the Big Brother villianess, a Diva of the highest honour. Stirring, manipulating. Getting "pregnant" in the pool. I loved what she brung to the game. (and I still haven't forgiven Davina McCall for her biased exit interview) she contributed and certainly earnt her place in the first week when she had to get everyone to nominate her. Makosi NEVER forgot it was a "Game"

So there is my list. Yes I know there is meant to be ex-celebrity Big Brother contestants going in, but I don't care about them to be honest. I just want to see the ex-contestants go back. I'm sure my excitement will be crushed by some of them. Also i'm sure the earlier contestants are not how they once were and the last thing I want to see is them being carictures of their old selves.

But I look forward to seeing them in the Ultimate Big Brother contest in August and seeing who from this series will join them? (my tip is Steve)

Who do you want to see in the Ultimate Big Brother Competition?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x

Wear It Well.

If you look at any glossy celebrity filled magazine these days, the fashion section is usually filled with celebrities walking the red carpet wearing dresses from various fashion designers, or an article on how to copy the latest celebrity style.

But what really gets my goat is the FASHION DISASTER section. We've all seen it, "Frocky Horror" "Dressed to (NOT) impress" I don't know how you feel about this (Ok, hands up which of you turn to this section first? Um you may want to stop reading at this point) But for me I find it distasteful.

It was Elton Johns annual White Tie & Tiara Ball last night, and already the knives are being sharpened as we speak. Alex Curran seems to be the favourite this time, "dressed inappropriately" was one quote I read. (Thank you Daily (hate ) Mail)

I've seen her dress. Ok it isn't to my taste, but why should I shred her choices. It's her choice not mine. In all the time I have been writing I have never belittled anyone for their style choices.

Style is a personal thing, If I want to team every outfit I wore with a rather fetching pair of Minnie Mouse ears, I can (did I say that out loud?) Surely without people making style choices and being different we wouldn't have fashion?

Whjo wants to play it safe anyway? Surely it is more fun to be different, to stand out from the crowd? Helena Bonham-Carter, Bjork, Tilda Swinton. All continually slated for their style choices, but who do the fashionistas watch at Red Carpet events? Yep, them.

In my opinion (hello, are you still here?) it shouldn't be just about the outfit anyway. Style comes from within. You could walk the red carpet in a bin bag and if you did it with confidence you would still be a style queen in my eyes.

Whats your opinion?

Big Fashionista x x

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Sit Boy.

Many people have asked me recently, "Oh Big Fashionista, how can we be just like youuuuuuuu?"

(Ok, They're not asking me that, but in my head, that is what I hear ok?)

Many people have asked me the secret to a long happy relationship. (I have been with my partner for 15 years, since I was 19 and we have 3 beautiful children together)

Today, I have given in and am going to share with you the secret.

Like your momma once told you, ALL MEN ARE DOGS.

Ok, now obviously I don't mean they shit on the carpet and spend all day licking their balls (Hands up who is now thinking about an ex who DID used to do that? At least I hope they're an ex!!)

If you have ever owned a dog you know how stressful the training is of a brand new excitable puppy, they are fun, cute, easily pleased but love your attention. Now replace puppy with new boyfriend. (You are all nodding here aren't you) The puppy stage is exciting, you never get bored of throwing that ball, stroking that fur even watching it sleep saying "aahhhhhh it's so cute" You don't even think about the training, other than teaching it to wee outside and walking to heel. (The walking to heel trick works equally well with puppies AND boyfriends, that should always be the FIRST lesson) But without proper training, soon your cute little "puppy" is going to turn into a DOG.

The first lesson is "walking to heel" Obviously you don't want your puppy/boyfriend running off down the road humping some strangers leg now do you?

With a puppy, you can put it on a lead (and i'm sure that probably works for some boyfriends too but you might want to save that for the bedroom and not walking down the High Street) But with a new boyfriend it's harder. you have to make it so that they want to be by your side. Maybe a burger in your bag, or even a nice smelling perfume or a conversation about something that he is really into. (A small point here, I am not suggesting you become a doormat and pander to his every whim. Have opinions, your own. Don't be afraid to disagree. What you are looking for is a well-trained PARTNER, an equal who doesn't even realise that you spent months training him) After a while he will want to stay by your side to hear what you have to say (Or eat the burger) and then you have a handy bag-carrying boyfriend.

Another game that puppy/boyfriend will love is Fetch. You can incorporate this game into training quite easily. When you throw a ball to a puppy and order it to fetch, not only are you wearing out the little blighter but you are teaching it that you reward good work.

REWARDS are the mainstay of training. Your puppy soon learns that it won't do anything unless there is something in it for them, be it a fuss, a treat or even a belly rub (you can see the point i'm trying to make here can't you?) But you musn't over-reward with food. No-one likes a fat puppy, (or boyfriend, ok some do but thats a whole other blog post on James Corden I am yet to write)

When a puppy brings back the ball you can see that it is so anxious to have pleased you that its little tail just wags with excitement. You should show the puppy you are happy, go totally overboard on the fact that the puppy has brought you back a saliva soaked ball and the silly little mutt will bring you back the ball forever. (Once more, replace puppy with boyfriend, and saliva soaked ball with chocolates or jewellery)

SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS are important. Some people never let their puppy sleep on the bed. Some people do, whatever works for you is fine. So long as your puppy/boyfriend knows that it is YOUR bed and you reserve the right to kick him out at ANY time. (especially if he hogs the covers and snores)

PUNISHMENT. If your naughty puppy has ruined your carpet then some people suggest rubbing its nose in it. For your boyfriend the same rules apply. If he has ruined not only the carpet but the whole relationship then why not rub his nose in it too? Give yourself a set time to be upset, eat chocolate, bitch about his small man parts with your friends on facebook and then MOVE ON. That is the healthiest way of rubbing his nose in it ever.

So that is my secret to a long happy relationship. It's all in the training. And the best bit is they will never know. (And if your cute as a puppy boyfriend does turn into a dog? welllllllll, you could always leave him by the side of the road and drive off can't you?)

Big Fashionista x x


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Gower Cottage Brownies

Warning, this is not a make up piece nor is it a beauty piece-Its BETTER.

I'm on my 3rd day of my diet and all I seem to want to write about is food!!!! Especially beautiful, delectable food such as brownies (hmmmmm, maybe I should have had my breakfast before writing this post)

I was lucky enough to win a Twitter competition recently with @gowercottage and my prize was a lovely big box of chocolate brownies. (seriously, my mouth is watering as I write this, must. eat. breakfast)

They arrived quickly through the mail and I went about examining the box and appreciating the beauty of not only the product but the packaging (Ok, that's a lie, I tore open that box like a wolf, in fact my 9 yr old pointed out I may possibly have growled) The Brownies were in a beautiful box and were wrapped better than I wrap christmas presents (hey, it's the thought that counts) But when I opened the paper and the smell of the beautiful chocolate brownies hit me, I swear I almost cried. (Go with me here, I'm dieting, Chocolate showel gel can make me tear up at the moment) After sending the children out of the room (I'm not kidding, they were bugging me with their pitiful cries of but muuuuuummmmmmmm, it's chocolate) I bit into my first Gower Cottage Brownie, and that was it. I was hooked.

Nothing EVER beats a home-made brownie and these I can honestly say are the BEST brownies I have ever tasted. Chocolatey, Moist, (here come the tears again, I curse my stupid slow metabolism) with a crumbly texture that wasn't dry, they were a little slab of pure chocolate perfection. (This is starting to get a little food porny isn't it)

I would love to say that all my friends raved about them too, but I can't. I didn't share. (my bad)

Look at them. Would you share?

So move over cupcakes, Go away flowers. If you love someone enough to send them something. (Are you reading this Mr Fashionista?) Send them Gower Cottage Brownies. They will love you for it. (Is it wrong that I'm thinking of using these as my diet reward scheme? for every 7lb I lose I buy a box of brownies? )

To find out more about Gower Cottage Brownies and to order, go to

you can follow Kate, the brains behind Gower Cottage on twitter also, @GowerCottage

Say hello, she is lovely.

Enjoy your Brownies. If you purchase, let me know what you think. Or if you are a customer already, leave me a comment I'd love to hear from fellow brownie lovers.

Big Fashionista

*photo copyright Paula Beetlestone


Monday, 21 June 2010

Caravanning Essentials

So i'm just back from a week away in a caravan. (not a static caravan you understand with lovely things like bedrooms and a bathroom-a touring caravan, a roller skate with wheels, If skoda made caravans it would be like this) in fact it was a week away in two caravans with 4 adults and 6 kids (anyone else doing the math here, we were WAAAYYYYYY outnumbered)

And I have learnt many things while on this caravanning helliday.

Wet wipes are a godsend, (they are wet, fragranced and you can wipe things with them-result)

Moisturiser is a must. (Mir Skin Care-Skin Silk Lotion. Without it I would be a shrivelled dry prune devoid of any soft skin at all. I have always praised Mir Skin Care products but while in my little tin box on wheels I seriously considered building an alter and sacrificing something I love in my gratitude for this miracle cream. You can buy Mir Skin care products at I highly highly recommend them)

If you have to strip back your make-up to the bare essentials due to space. Prepare to battle.

Seriously, it was like telling me I had to choose between which of my children I could take on holiday. (No contest, next time they all stay with nanny, thanks mum)

A bag for make-up? (A carrier bag maybe, a sodding little make-up bag? Hell no. Next time I take everything with me, I kept searching for something and then realised it didn't make the cut and i'd left it at home. I was pitiful)

But sitting in the bath saturday night once home, with a glass of wine (ok, bottle) I realised the most important thing of all.

After 8 days away with 6 children, a tin box and grey windy skies.

I NEED a holiday.

Big Fashionista x x

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Flags? Patriotic or Chavvy?

As the World Cup draws ever closer I am starting to see a HUGE amount of England flags being hung from houses, flown proudly in cars and stamped on every product you can think of (If I see England tampons, i'm moving to Wales)

My question to you is.

Is it patriotic to fly an England Flag? Or something seen as Chavvy?

Personally my heart soars seeing flags flying high. It makes a change to be able to fly a flag from a window without being branded a racist. Our grandparents (and some parents) fought for this country to make it a proud island, they showed little didn't always mean we could be pushed around and when flags are hijacked and used as racist tools that makes me extremely sad.

Over the years England has been seen to be becoming very politically correct, Open a tabloid newspaper and you see headlines about how we cannot hold nativity plays in schools in case it offends another religion. We cannot wear a religious symbol in case it offends someone else.

(Seriously? So England are an open, considerate and tolerant nation. Surely that is yet another thing we should be proud of)

I'm not saying we should all go and get bulldogs holding England flags tattooed on to our arms. (But if you want to, hey well thats ok too, I know a great tattooist)

But surely a little pride in our country is a good thing?
For these few weeks every four years surely we CAN fly our flags without being sneered at.

A recession, a General Election, banks falling, swine flu. (Plus its the LAST Big Brother ever. sob)

We've had a rough time lately.

Lets ALL wave our flags with pride

(just as long as you realise we won't win)

Lets wear our England pants and socks, sunbathe on our England towels and drink from our England mugs.

Because our flag symbolises HOPE.

And i'm flying mine with pride,

and if that makes me Chavvy, then so be it. I raise my can of Stella to the sky and salute you.
(Ok, it's a glass of wine. baby steps here ok)

What is your opinion on flags? Not just England flags but any flags.

If you are supporting a different country, for example your home country and you are living in the UK will you be flying a flag?

If you are reading this in a different country are you flying your flag for the World Cup?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Lush Cyclists repair kit

Believe it or not I love to cycle. I can't drive, (trust me, you are all much safer without me on the road) buses smell, and walking is just boring. (I have a very short attention span, i'm like Dory from Finding Nemo...........ooooh shiny)

So for me cycling is the way to go.

So i'm going to HAVE to get this from Lush. Now I LOVE Lush. I love the smells, the products, the staff. Even the popcorn they use as packing for their mail order. (I don't eat it, but I know some of you have tried)

The Cyclists Repair Kit contains a mini-Wiccy massage bar, a chunk of Aromaco deodorant, sample tins of Handy Gurugu, lubricating Ultrabalm, King of the Mods hair gel and Ultralight moisturiser (SPF10) All for just £9.95!!!!!!!!

All they need to do now is throw in a gel seat and i'm set to go x x x

Big Fashionista x x


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Dress to impress.

Let me get something straight.

I'm a big girl, not big boned or anything. I'm boobs, bum and belly. Sure I would like to drop a couple of pounds (stone) but for the most part i'm comfortable with how I look.

I'm a size 18. I've dieted down to a 12 and quite frankly I looked like something that had been dug up. (I lose weight off my face easily and the haggard look is soooooooo last season)

I'm not saying that I completely love the way I am now. I'm just lazy and love my food too much. But when I get in the dieting zone I can do well.

I want to keep my curves. I love curves, skinny women should be banned (or used as toothpicks by fat girls) But I do think I need to do something.

So I want your best diet...........

What do you recommend that I do to lose weight (AND KEEP IT OFF)

Inspire me with your tales of weight loss (I may hate you just a little bit, but thats just jealousy talking)

Big Fashionista x x

Monday, 7 June 2010

Scent from Heaven.

I'm a HUGE perfume wearer. (usually because it covers the scent of despair & misery) I have more bottles in my house than Amy Winehouse.

From Chanel No5 (Better than pj's according to Marilyn) to my ABSOLUTE favourite Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb.

If i'm feeling down, I buy perfume. (It used to be cake, but now I have a bum the size of a small country) Last month it was Armani Code. (Quite a masculine floral scent)

But now the weather has changed i'm looking for a summer scent. It always used to be Clinique Happy. but this year I want something different.

I use perfume to invoke memories. Samsara reminds me of being pregnant (i'd spray it and then throw up-ahhhhh, happy times)

CKone reminds me of being young. (Grumpy old bitch that I am, I can't bear the scent now)

Marc Jacobs Daisy reminds me of christmas. (pressie, god i'm easy to buy for. perhaps I need to change that)

So i'm looking for a light summery scent that I can smell in the future and think sun, smiles and happiness.

What is your favourite summer scent?

Or even what scent invokes happy memories for you?

I'd love to know

Big Fashionista x x

Kimberley Walsh For Schwarzkopf Supersoft

Move over Cheryl.

The new face (and hair) on the block is Kimberley Walsh who has just signed up to front a brand new campaign for Schwarzkopf Supersoft range of shampoo & conditioners.

“Everyone loves Kimberley,” said Supersoft Brand Manager, Mark Beeby. “She always looks great and has fabulous, glossy hair, but it’s really her personality which made us want to work with her. She’s happy in her own skin and we think women of all ages, shapes and sizes can relate to her. Her warm, friendly, open manner makes her a great ambassador for natural, healthy beauty. Our Supersoft range uses natural extracts such as organic pomegranate and deliciously scented coconut to suit the needs of every hair type hopefully helping every woman to feel beautiful.”

I'm a BIG fan of the Yoghurt & Coconut shampoo & conditioner personally and i'm looking forward to seeing the campaign hit the magazines in July.

Walking in the footsteps of previous representatives Lisa Snowdon and Emma Bunton, Kimberley has big shoes to fill-But if anyone can. She can.

I look forward to bringing you the pictures from the campaign as soon as they are available

What do you think of Kimberley Walsh being signed to Schwarzkopf Supersoft range?

Let me know x x

Big Fashionista x x

Painting by numbers.

I have a confession to make.................

You will never see a face of the day or an eye of the day here because my make up skills are awful.

Truly awful, (I don't mean I look like Any Winehouse after a 3 day bender, but you get the picture) I apply eyeshadow with my fingers (clean, obviously) and my eyeliner skills are basic. (Anything other than a crayon or eyeshadow applied with a damp brush and I start to resemble Alice Cooper)

But I thought I would show you what I CAN do.

Along with my sister-in-law I do this professionally, but I have only included pics of my own children as have no permission to use other pics at the moment.

What do you think?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x

Friday, 4 June 2010

The Summer of Big Brother 11

Okay, while I appreciate that a lot of you guys may not be fans of BB, I am. I make no apologies for this fact. I'm loud and proud. This post is my take on what sort of contestants we will have in the last ever Big Brother.

Contestant 1)

The Screaming Queen.

Every year we have at least one guy or girl who isn't just out of the closet they are dancing around in Satin hot pants calling everyone Dah-ling (and thats just the male contestants) Think Marco, Richard, David. They will be bitchy and at the centre of every bit of drama. They wont win, but If they play their cards right they will make friends for life and a centre page spread in Attitude.

Contestant 2)

The Beauty Queen

This contestant can also sometimes be confused with Glamour Model Queen but there IS a difference. Beauty Queen contestants are quiet, usually make just one or two close friends, are the object of at least 2 mens affections and are usually the object of Jealousy. Think Imogen NOT Saskia.

Contestant 3)

Glamour Girl

A totally different contestant from Beauty Queen. Glamour girl will NEVER, EVER take her top off. (Usually, because her mum will kill her) she will tease, please. Be flirty but usually never dirty. To be honest she is usually BORING.

Contestant 4)

Old Contestant

Older contestant has a vital role to play in Big Brother. Usually cooking. Think Carol, Derek. The older contestant usually ends up looking on in a bemused manner. Usually starting off as the mother/father figure they end up getting drunk on power and bitching to their acolytes about how some peoples bitchy behaviour is ruining things.

Contestant 5)

Something Different.

Channel 4 loves to be "right on" and show how they are the channel that never discriminates. Then they usually shove in a token person with a random disability or difference and makes a fuss of them. Think Nadia, Pete, Darnell, Mikey. We are a sucker for a back story.

Contestant 6) & 7)

The Love Story

Face it, Big Brother isn't Big Brother without a love story. Ziggy & Chanelle, Siavash & Noirin, Pete & Nikki, Kris & Sophie, Jason & his reflection, I mean Vanessa, Becky & Luke, Mikey and Grace, Stuart & Michelle. Helen & Paul, Maxwell & Saskia, The List goes on and on.
(What scares me is that I knew all of those and didn't even need to look them up)
Plus we have now had real life couples, Mario & Lisa as well as Rex and Nicole
Big Brother knows we need a hook and romance is that hook.

Contestant 8)

Rebel without a clue.

Now if you locked me in a house with 11 other people, I would rebel too. I would go stir crazy. But it seems that some people just love to rebel to be noticed. Kitten, Sandy, even Nikki. All had an axe to grind over the little things. Made great viewing. Didnt make a winner though.

Contestant 9)

The heartthrob.

Big Brother knows that we need good looking guys to keep our attention (Ok, mine) We want our men good looking and available. From Tom, Paul and Alex in early series to Stuart, Sezer Anthony, Rex, Charlie. A hearthrob is usually involved in a romance somewhere along the way. It was what they went in for.Oh God, I hope we have a really good looking man in this years series.

Contestant 10)

The Thick one.

Patented by Helen, with I love blinking, I do. and then followed by Jade. We love our thick contestants. They make us laugh. We laugh with them, not at them (most of us) If they are pretending, we can tell. But if someone genuinely doesn't know where East Angular is, well who are we to judge. Havent we all said something silly in the past?

Contestant 11)

The Pantomime Villian

When the blueprint for Big Brother was set with BB 1, we all knew we were watching something that would change television forever. When Nick Bateman first began by spinning stories about his background and talking about nominations the whole country was outraged. Even now he is referred to as "Nasty" Nick.

Oh come on, The pantomime Villian has to be the best Character in BB. The one we all love to hate. If you watched back old episodes of BB1 you probably wouldnt even raise an eyebrow at Nick Bateman. In fact you would probably applaud his genius way of playing "The Game" He grasped that this was a game LONG before anyone else did. Probably before even the producers knew how it would play out.

Other Villians of BB include Stuart, Charley, Makosi and Even to some extent Victor and Jason. we do love a pantomime villian.

Some were true players of the game. Others like Dennis and Alexandra let the game play them, and were removed.

Contestant 12)

Normal Guy/Girl

Every series has one. From Craig in the first series, to Cameron and then in later series Kate, Anthony, Glyn (Hang on, does anyone see a pattern emerge here) Big Brother puts to bed any illusions that Big Brother is a Soap Opera. Sure we love our pantomime villains but at the end of the day the nice guy usually wins. People think that fans of Big Brother are like Roman peasants baying for blood. Sure we love the drama and the tantrums and the romance, but we can see through it. We love to be entertained but it is still a very good social experiment. Take 12 normal people-and see if we can make them CRACK.

Lord of the Flies anyone?

What do you think? Can you think of any other types of contestants I have missed?

Big Fashionista x x

NOTD New York Color

So today is a good day, the sun is shining. It is the start of the weekend (and hopefully our bins are going to be collected today. Trust me that is a GOOD thing. Totally irrelevant but good) and I am wearing white from head to toe. (I KNOW how to live dangerously)

But I needed a nail colour (Notice the U, New York Color?) that would pop and make me look like a style queen rather than a stunt double for Casper the friendly ghost.

Enter New York Color in Spring Street. A corally, satsuma colour that looks so juicy I want to suck my own fingers. (I won't, I'm off to the park, I'd probably get arrested) It is SO bright it is just on the dull side of neon. Perfect for fingers and especially toes this is definately a "hot" colour.

The nail varnish itself wasn't perfect. I noticed immediately that the nail varnish was extrememly runny and thin, making it prone to running but it did mean that I could build the varnish up in thin layers to make a good colour very quickly.

(Disclaimer, my nails are horrible, 6 months of acrylics have ruined them forever, 3 children mean that I bite the skin around my nails in stress. Yukky I know but its cheaper than drinking)
And they aren't messing around when they call this, In a New York city minute.

(Quick drying? It was like painting the Forth bridge, the minute I finished a layer I could start all over again)

This is the first New York color nail varnish that I have had. I won this in a twitter comp. (you can follow them at @NewYorkColor ) and I will definately be purchasing more. My local Superdrug stocks a large range of products. I have other New York Color products so expect to hear more from me on this range.
Do you have any New York Color Products? Whats your Favourite?
Big Fashionista x x

Thursday, 3 June 2010

New from Kindred Sole-Denim Cuff Sandal

As i'm sure most of you know, I write a monthly guest post for the wonderful (if you didn't know, and would like to acquaint yourself with what my version of a fashion court would be like, you can read more here )

(you might want to read it, there will be a test at the end of this post)

Today they have announced a new shoe that has really caught my imagination (I imagined myself skinny enough to wear them with denim hotpants-not gonna happen)

The Denim Cuff sandal.

With all the double denim around at the moment and festival season upon us (and spankingly hot sunshine) these are a superb buy at just £30.

May I just add that I am not going to be going to any festivals this summer, nor am I actually wearing double denim but I do have a super Maxi dress i could rock these with.

check them out at and let me know what you would wear these with.

I'm thinking attitude.

Big Fashionista x x


Claires Accessories-Heaven or Hell?

I'm a warm sunny person, In fact i'm soooooo nice and positive I practically fart flowers. (oops, I can feel my followers leaving already)

I like kittens and puppies, I even like children (disclaimer, I have to say that, I have 3)

But there is a shop out there that is SO sweet & fluffy and aimed at children it should come with a sugar warning.

Claires Accessories.

Seriously it's like Selfridges for children without the happy staff and food. (unless you like Pez sweets, in which case-SCORE)

Claires literally puts my teeth on edge. It's packed to the rafters with the latest film merchandise, and young girls who have pocket money and attitude in abundence.

The products are not high quality, but you would think by the prices that you were shopping in Harrods. If you want Alice In Wonderland products, I can think of at least three fantastic online companies that do Fab Alice in Wonderland products that are not expensive and are good quality.

Claires Accessories must also have a training school buried somewhere deep underground where they churn out staff at a rate of knots.

In fact I think they are all cloned from an original staff member called Tracey who was 17 , wore LouLou perfume and stood there giving all customers the look which said, stay away from my boyfriend bitch (while filing her nails with the company product)

Unfortunately Tracey was killed when a huge scrunchie mountain fell on her one day in the stock room, Unfortunately for Tracey, all the Hello Kitty brooches had been stored on top of the Scrunchies. It was sad but luckily all the scrunchies soaked up the blood. They were then sold in the goth section for £20 each.

R.I.P Tracey.

(Oops, I think I enjoyed that a little too much)

Ok, don't get me wrong, I'm not an all out Claires Accessories "hater" I just can't stand the shop. I do think it's overpriced and it makes Primark look minimalist. But perhaps it's because i'm not in the right age bracket, (Stop nodding at the back)

So i'm throwing it open.

What do you guys think of Claires Accessories?

Do you love it so much you are going to see if they have any of those scrunchies left?

Or does it make you want to strangle Hello Kitty?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x
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