Monday, 21 June 2010

Caravanning Essentials

So i'm just back from a week away in a caravan. (not a static caravan you understand with lovely things like bedrooms and a bathroom-a touring caravan, a roller skate with wheels, If skoda made caravans it would be like this) in fact it was a week away in two caravans with 4 adults and 6 kids (anyone else doing the math here, we were WAAAYYYYYY outnumbered)

And I have learnt many things while on this caravanning helliday.

Wet wipes are a godsend, (they are wet, fragranced and you can wipe things with them-result)

Moisturiser is a must. (Mir Skin Care-Skin Silk Lotion. Without it I would be a shrivelled dry prune devoid of any soft skin at all. I have always praised Mir Skin Care products but while in my little tin box on wheels I seriously considered building an alter and sacrificing something I love in my gratitude for this miracle cream. You can buy Mir Skin care products at I highly highly recommend them)

If you have to strip back your make-up to the bare essentials due to space. Prepare to battle.

Seriously, it was like telling me I had to choose between which of my children I could take on holiday. (No contest, next time they all stay with nanny, thanks mum)

A bag for make-up? (A carrier bag maybe, a sodding little make-up bag? Hell no. Next time I take everything with me, I kept searching for something and then realised it didn't make the cut and i'd left it at home. I was pitiful)

But sitting in the bath saturday night once home, with a glass of wine (ok, bottle) I realised the most important thing of all.

After 8 days away with 6 children, a tin box and grey windy skies.

I NEED a holiday.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I'm about to embark on a month interrailing around Europe and shall take on board this advice - I think wet wipes will be a necessity!

  2. I love the person that invented wet wipes with all of my heart :)

    Have fun interrailing. x x

  3. Lovely post. I know that scenario! Nice to have you back


  4. check out my blog and tell ur friends about it!


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