Thursday, 3 June 2010

Claires Accessories-Heaven or Hell?

I'm a warm sunny person, In fact i'm soooooo nice and positive I practically fart flowers. (oops, I can feel my followers leaving already)

I like kittens and puppies, I even like children (disclaimer, I have to say that, I have 3)

But there is a shop out there that is SO sweet & fluffy and aimed at children it should come with a sugar warning.

Claires Accessories.

Seriously it's like Selfridges for children without the happy staff and food. (unless you like Pez sweets, in which case-SCORE)

Claires literally puts my teeth on edge. It's packed to the rafters with the latest film merchandise, and young girls who have pocket money and attitude in abundence.

The products are not high quality, but you would think by the prices that you were shopping in Harrods. If you want Alice In Wonderland products, I can think of at least three fantastic online companies that do Fab Alice in Wonderland products that are not expensive and are good quality.

Claires Accessories must also have a training school buried somewhere deep underground where they churn out staff at a rate of knots.

In fact I think they are all cloned from an original staff member called Tracey who was 17 , wore LouLou perfume and stood there giving all customers the look which said, stay away from my boyfriend bitch (while filing her nails with the company product)

Unfortunately Tracey was killed when a huge scrunchie mountain fell on her one day in the stock room, Unfortunately for Tracey, all the Hello Kitty brooches had been stored on top of the Scrunchies. It was sad but luckily all the scrunchies soaked up the blood. They were then sold in the goth section for £20 each.

R.I.P Tracey.

(Oops, I think I enjoyed that a little too much)

Ok, don't get me wrong, I'm not an all out Claires Accessories "hater" I just can't stand the shop. I do think it's overpriced and it makes Primark look minimalist. But perhaps it's because i'm not in the right age bracket, (Stop nodding at the back)

So i'm throwing it open.

What do you guys think of Claires Accessories?

Do you love it so much you are going to see if they have any of those scrunchies left?

Or does it make you want to strangle Hello Kitty?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I only go in there if Im looking for a specific item and all else has failed.

    First of all you get the whole 'do you want a basket?' the second you get in there. 'Er nope frankly i don't think I could fill a basket with all the crap you have in this shop', then you have to fight your way past a group of 10 year old girls, acting like they're Paris Hilton's love children, only to find the item your looking for is drastically over priced to turn round and leave empty handed.

    So generally I give it a miss.


  2. Yay a fellow believer.

    A couple more like you and i'm setting up a Fbook group



  3. For realz, if they had an online store I would probs be filling my basket full of crap but I can't deal with going into one of the stores. I like my Hello Kitty stuff but H&M Kids do much nicer hair stuff etc, and cheaper, so ner ner ne nerrrrr nerrrrr to Claires!

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  5. I am not in the age bracket either (sobs) but I have a love and hate relationship with Claire’s Accessories. I am drawn to it and I find myself going there often if only for browsing.

    I live in a very small town, not many shops around, this one is only the other side of the road from me and it’s handy. But like you, there are lots of things which drives me nuts. Some of the things are definitely overpriced and I don’t think they should charge that much for it.

    My favourites items from them: my no.2 favourites lashes ever in the whole world, and then stuff around Halloween, and summer. I sob at the prices of the ‘hair accessories with a bit of feather on’ and I did the unthinkable. I bought one just for one week end, not even to wear it outside or anything, but just for a youtube photo!!!: it was a gorgeous mini top hat, but it was £18. It is definitely worth as this one was actually good quality but I only wear it like once a year if that and I’d rather spend £18 in anti wrinkle cream.

    What pisses me off the most though with the shop: not so much the brats: after all this shop is for them, and I enter it at my own risk, is the space they have to sell all their crap. I hate hate hate being cramped and crammed while I am trying to browse. The actual shop should be bigger, but when it actually *is* bigger, they cramp with even more crap.

    I buy all my hair butterfly claws from there, and this is the only place I can find some old fashioned ones, with a grip just like at the hair dressers, very simple (the straight claw ones, not the typical ones with a claw hands that look like 2 forks int Any other type and it does not grip it.

    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  6. @thestyle rawr

    Agreed. An online store would be great for people who like the store but hate being stared down by ten year olds in the hunt for the last Hello Kitty Backpack.

    @Tsunimee I have to admit, I have purchased from there.

    But I think I forgot to mention I have a 9yr old daughter. I don't know what they put in the air in that store but it's like crack for 9yr olds, my 9yr old goes MENTAL in there.

    And the come down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    not good man.


  7. I've always been a Claire's hater.
    I totally agree about them making Primark look minimalist - they're shops are so messy and crammed with cheap plastic it's unbelievable.
    And yes, I'm out of their age bracket, but even when I was in the age bracket I was not a fan...

  8. I must confess to buying hair clips (the butterfly ones) and hair chopsticks in there however I'm ashamed to say I do it in record time and with a "Do I REALLY look like I want some mini nail files for £2" snarl on my face.

    It is quite useful for fancy dress though, well, if you want to look like someone shaved an ewok and dropped kicked it through a glitter factory! xxx

  9. Oooh I forgot about the upselling at the till.
    That gets me MAD

  10. Funny you should write about this. I went in the other day to buy some little girls hair clips for some party bags. I was not far short of having a coronary when I saw a pack of 5 small hairclips were £4.00!!!! I too remember vividly going in there with my pocket money and being able to buy loads of cheap tat - like the Primark of today. I then went to H&M, and by chance found that they did an amazing range of gorgeous little girls clips and jewellery for HALF the price. Job done. I'd say lemonade goods for champagne money. Definitely give it a miss, unless you have more money than sense :o)
    Much love xxx

  11. Thanks for all the comments so far.

    I really appreciate them x x

  12. I love reading these comments! always so true! Claires accessories for me is always a bit of a squeeze, they seem to ram in so much in the shop, you can never look properly as when you turn around you knock thinks flying!! Saturdays are a no no for me as always so busy and can not find what an looking for! so in reply to your post! its hell!!! Check out this website that i come across -


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