Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Dress to impress.

Let me get something straight.

I'm a big girl, not big boned or anything. I'm boobs, bum and belly. Sure I would like to drop a couple of pounds (stone) but for the most part i'm comfortable with how I look.

I'm a size 18. I've dieted down to a 12 and quite frankly I looked like something that had been dug up. (I lose weight off my face easily and the haggard look is soooooooo last season)

I'm not saying that I completely love the way I am now. I'm just lazy and love my food too much. But when I get in the dieting zone I can do well.

I want to keep my curves. I love curves, skinny women should be banned (or used as toothpicks by fat girls) But I do think I need to do something.

So I want your best diet...........

What do you recommend that I do to lose weight (AND KEEP IT OFF)

Inspire me with your tales of weight loss (I may hate you just a little bit, but thats just jealousy talking)

Big Fashionista x x


  1. the best diet is not being on a diet.

    Its a simple thing, but so many people dont do it, jsut healthy eating and excercise. I go to the gym maybe twice a month? I eat McDonalds occasionally, but I do go for walks and eat my veg and fruit everyday. Everything in moderation.

    Ive tried so many things, yeah they help you lose a few pounds, slim fast was good. But the minute you stop, you gain the weight again.

    I wish there was a miracle diet, but there really isn't. Ive been using adios, a weight loss herbal supplement and I think that helps. Its taken me almost a year to lose 8lbs, but I know Im gonna keep it off, and I look more toned from all my walking/jogging.


  2. Hahaa, skinny girls SHOULD be toothpicks for us fat girls. Weight loss and I have never been friends. I have never found a successful way of losing weight :(

  3. I used Weight Watchers for our Wedding - it was FAB and so easy to follow for someone who likes food (me!) I havent been on it for about a year now, and the weight has stayed off as it really does become a way of life!
    I drecommend! GOOD LUCK and let us know how you get on!


  4. OK. I recently lost 5 stone. I've done all the diets - all of them. None of them work-none. So I did my own diet. It's very simple and works. Eat what you want. Yep chocolate too or cake or in my case ice-cream (can't get enough) BUT eat off a side plate. Don't pile high food. Eat slowly. To start with you will be hungry but fill that gap with water. That's how I lost 5 stone. Don't take away what food you like - that's being cruel to yourself and you deserve treats just eat small portions of them. With ice-cream I swapped a whole pot of Haagan Daz for a little tiny pot. Satisfaction guarenteed - you're still eating the whole pot!

    Hope this helps xxxxxxxxx

  5. Thank you ladies, appreciate all your comments.

    LupiLawrence you just reminded me I have Haagen Daaz in freezer!!!

    Probably not the inspiration you were hoping to give :-D

  6. Slimming world is really good, there is no such thing as banned food and the different types of days means you can have loads of carbs or meat (or both) its very good and still gives you the opportunity to have a glass of wine and a chocolate bar =) I did it for less than a year and lost 1 1/2 stone

  7. I am afraid i am no good with suggestions, as I all i have to suggest is dodgy stuff lol, but i shall come back to this post to see what people bring to the table ^_^ great post xx



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