Thursday, 10 June 2010

Flags? Patriotic or Chavvy?

As the World Cup draws ever closer I am starting to see a HUGE amount of England flags being hung from houses, flown proudly in cars and stamped on every product you can think of (If I see England tampons, i'm moving to Wales)

My question to you is.

Is it patriotic to fly an England Flag? Or something seen as Chavvy?

Personally my heart soars seeing flags flying high. It makes a change to be able to fly a flag from a window without being branded a racist. Our grandparents (and some parents) fought for this country to make it a proud island, they showed little didn't always mean we could be pushed around and when flags are hijacked and used as racist tools that makes me extremely sad.

Over the years England has been seen to be becoming very politically correct, Open a tabloid newspaper and you see headlines about how we cannot hold nativity plays in schools in case it offends another religion. We cannot wear a religious symbol in case it offends someone else.

(Seriously? So England are an open, considerate and tolerant nation. Surely that is yet another thing we should be proud of)

I'm not saying we should all go and get bulldogs holding England flags tattooed on to our arms. (But if you want to, hey well thats ok too, I know a great tattooist)

But surely a little pride in our country is a good thing?
For these few weeks every four years surely we CAN fly our flags without being sneered at.

A recession, a General Election, banks falling, swine flu. (Plus its the LAST Big Brother ever. sob)

We've had a rough time lately.

Lets ALL wave our flags with pride

(just as long as you realise we won't win)

Lets wear our England pants and socks, sunbathe on our England towels and drink from our England mugs.

Because our flag symbolises HOPE.

And i'm flying mine with pride,

and if that makes me Chavvy, then so be it. I raise my can of Stella to the sky and salute you.
(Ok, it's a glass of wine. baby steps here ok)

What is your opinion on flags? Not just England flags but any flags.

If you are supporting a different country, for example your home country and you are living in the UK will you be flying a flag?

If you are reading this in a different country are you flying your flag for the World Cup?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x



  1. Come on England! I will admit I dont have a flag........but my parents do. I bought a Mars bar the other day, simply because it was decorated with the England flag. On a serious note, I think everyone (that wishes) should fly their flags with pride, if you dont like it.....well you know where you can go!

    Great post!


  2. You fly your flag girl! Oh I feel proud and patriotic now.

    I never fly a flag (probably because I would never get round to taking it down) but I think it's great that other people do.


    Ree XXX

  3. chavtastic but then I'm suffering with overexposure. I live in the middle of a council estate and I dont think theres a house or car free of them anywhere. In fact uesterday my daughter and I counted 32 on one house. urgh

  4. Im totally with you on this. The more flags I see the better. Ive got them on my car and whether I look Chavy or not, I basically couldn't give a fu*ck. Im proud and always will be and the more people that show their support for our country the better.


  5. I'm inclined to say Chavvy. I would never have a flag on the house or the car, but seeing one flag on a car or on a house doesn't offend me, but seeing a house completely covered in flags winds me up - why do you need so many?!

    I also hate when women wear football shirts and slogan England clothes during the worldcup. You wouldn't usually wear football clothing so why wear it now? Just put together a red and white outfit if you want to join in.

  6. im all for being patriotic - believe me i will be cheering England on with the best of them - but im not sure about the whole 'flag' thing.

    Its unfortunate that actually it is now seen as being 'chavvy'- its the minority that has ruined it for the rest of us!

    i will have a little party with English food tho - can this still count as being proud of my country??


  7. Definitely patriotic, the Irish have been doing it for years and no one decided to call them Chavs:)

  8. Do you know I don't really know. Are they chavvy? Do people with mansions hang flags too? I wouldn't know as I don't mix with that crowd!! Maybe they do....mind you I've never seen a flag on a Bentley dahling!

    My problem is is that all my experience with anyone adorning flags be it in a tattoo, hanging from a balcony, trapped in a car window to flying outside pubs - in most cases shielding the light from windows in pubs - it's always been a bad experience. Drunken shouting, bottles flying, lager, lager, lager, bad behaviour - intimidating sometimes. I don't see the point!

    I am patriotic - very proud to be British and I hope all our World Cup dreams come true but a flag won't make the dream happen. Will it? Are flags really our symbol of hope?

    Maybe. Maybe I should be open minded enough and go buy one, hang it somewhere and see what happens? One thing's for sure though flag or no flag I'll be cheering England on at every game....xx


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