Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Gower Cottage Brownies

Warning, this is not a make up piece nor is it a beauty piece-Its BETTER.

I'm on my 3rd day of my diet and all I seem to want to write about is food!!!! Especially beautiful, delectable food such as brownies (hmmmmm, maybe I should have had my breakfast before writing this post)

I was lucky enough to win a Twitter competition recently with @gowercottage and my prize was a lovely big box of chocolate brownies. (seriously, my mouth is watering as I write this, must. eat. breakfast)

They arrived quickly through the mail and I went about examining the box and appreciating the beauty of not only the product but the packaging (Ok, that's a lie, I tore open that box like a wolf, in fact my 9 yr old pointed out I may possibly have growled) The Brownies were in a beautiful box and were wrapped better than I wrap christmas presents (hey, it's the thought that counts) But when I opened the paper and the smell of the beautiful chocolate brownies hit me, I swear I almost cried. (Go with me here, I'm dieting, Chocolate showel gel can make me tear up at the moment) After sending the children out of the room (I'm not kidding, they were bugging me with their pitiful cries of but muuuuuummmmmmmm, it's chocolate) I bit into my first Gower Cottage Brownie, and that was it. I was hooked.

Nothing EVER beats a home-made brownie and these I can honestly say are the BEST brownies I have ever tasted. Chocolatey, Moist, (here come the tears again, I curse my stupid slow metabolism) with a crumbly texture that wasn't dry, they were a little slab of pure chocolate perfection. (This is starting to get a little food porny isn't it)

I would love to say that all my friends raved about them too, but I can't. I didn't share. (my bad)

Look at them. Would you share?

So move over cupcakes, Go away flowers. If you love someone enough to send them something. (Are you reading this Mr Fashionista?) Send them Gower Cottage Brownies. They will love you for it. (Is it wrong that I'm thinking of using these as my diet reward scheme? for every 7lb I lose I buy a box of brownies? )

To find out more about Gower Cottage Brownies and to order, go to

you can follow Kate, the brains behind Gower Cottage on twitter also, @GowerCottage

Say hello, she is lovely.

Enjoy your Brownies. If you purchase, let me know what you think. Or if you are a customer already, leave me a comment I'd love to hear from fellow brownie lovers.

Big Fashionista

*photo copyright Paula Beetlestone



  1. They look gorgeous! Unfortunately I shall not be becoming a customer. I too am on a diet, And this time I really must loose some weight. Especially after last weeks accident in Hotel Chocolat....

  2. If my laptop dies because I've just dribbled on it IT'S YOUR FAULT!!! Off to gower cottage I go!
    P.S. discovered your blog through a RT by OneStopPamper. Feel free to stop by my blog:
    or follow me on twitter here:

  3. Lol, accident in Hotel Chocolat?

    Hmmmmm ;)

    trust me, Gower Brownies are better x x
    I may "accidently" purchase some more soon

  4. BETTER than Hotel Chocolat? Oh god, Now im screwed!

  5. best brownies i've ever tried. :)

  6. mouthwatering! it makes me drool now.

  7. If i have those brownies, i won't share it to anyone.


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