Monday, 7 June 2010

Kimberley Walsh For Schwarzkopf Supersoft

Move over Cheryl.

The new face (and hair) on the block is Kimberley Walsh who has just signed up to front a brand new campaign for Schwarzkopf Supersoft range of shampoo & conditioners.

“Everyone loves Kimberley,” said Supersoft Brand Manager, Mark Beeby. “She always looks great and has fabulous, glossy hair, but it’s really her personality which made us want to work with her. She’s happy in her own skin and we think women of all ages, shapes and sizes can relate to her. Her warm, friendly, open manner makes her a great ambassador for natural, healthy beauty. Our Supersoft range uses natural extracts such as organic pomegranate and deliciously scented coconut to suit the needs of every hair type hopefully helping every woman to feel beautiful.”

I'm a BIG fan of the Yoghurt & Coconut shampoo & conditioner personally and i'm looking forward to seeing the campaign hit the magazines in July.

Walking in the footsteps of previous representatives Lisa Snowdon and Emma Bunton, Kimberley has big shoes to fill-But if anyone can. She can.

I look forward to bringing you the pictures from the campaign as soon as they are available

What do you think of Kimberley Walsh being signed to Schwarzkopf Supersoft range?

Let me know x x

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Personally I think she is perfect for this campaign. She's a well known down to earth Nouties icon with a huge following of admirers that don't just love her for her part in the Girls Aloud success but also she is supersoft' in her manner with people. She is also incredibly beautiful!


  2. perfect for the campaign. she's the the most sensible of all of them, but that's not to say she's boring. the more down to earth and you won't get any dramas with her and the boyfriend. super pretty, and intelligent and got curves too. best choice, good move x

  3. I agree ladies, and she has lovely hair doesn't she.

    Perfect Supersoft choice x x

  4. I'm getting tired of Cheryl hogging the limelight. It's great that Kimberly has been given the chance to do this.
    That coconut and yogurt one sounds yummy x

  5. Thank god its not Cheryl! And I might actually buy it and try it for that fact alone!!

  6. i like miberly but i'm bored of the spice girls (whoops!!! GirlsAloud!!!) now. *yawns* x


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