Wednesday, 30 June 2010

L'Oreal Perfect Clean

Check me out, i'm doing a beauty post. It's been a while, lets see if I can get through this without getting all sarky and making snippy comments.

(Sharpens claws and prepares to fire a warning shot)

I do like a gadget, I'm basically a lazy cow. If I can find something that promises to shave a couple of minutes off of my day then I am on it like a tramp on a sandwich.

When I saw the L'Oreal Perfect Clean product on the shelf in my local Superdrug and spotted that it had a little gadget, I was hooked.

Now apparently, according to my daughter this Perfect Clean is advertised by Freida Pinto of Slumdog Millionaire.

I however have not seen the advert. I admire L'Oreals' arrogance though as they obviously assume that EVERYONE has seen the advert and therefore have no need to put instructions on how to use on the bottle. (The pitying look my 9yr old gave me when she walked into the bathroom to see me using the "scrublet" while it was still attached to the bottle was disturbing to say the least-AND I now know how mothers feel when a step mother walks into their life as she then proceeded to walk out of the bathroom saying "well that isn't how Freida does it")

EDIT-I have just found the instructions hidden underneath the label-PAH. Look you little time saving cleaning gadget, If I have to look for the instructions, how are you saving me any time?

So I removed the little scrublet from the bottle (muttering "well if Freida is so bloody perfect why doesn't she raise you") and proceeded in trying this out on my face.

Eeeeeeeek, Ms Katie Price, forget the Botox, use this. The exfoliating wash made my face so shiny & tight that if KP sees me, I think I will be bitchslapped (borrowed from Bangsandabun) in jealousy. To say it is a little drying is like saying England are a little crap. Only lard can bring back my face from this Sahara like dryness. There are small children in Africa who are arranging a charity single for my skin.

There are different types of this product. Exfoliating-for all skin types (Ok L'Oreal, whatever you say) a Cream wash which is soothing for Dry/Sensitive skin and a gel wash which is refreshing for Normal/Combination skin. I think there is another version as well but as I haven't yet seen this I'm going with what I have seen.

It foamed up nicely and the little scrublet thing wasn't as abrasive as I thought it may be, but seeing as I feel as if I have no natural oils left in my skin now I definately won't be using this type again.

Have you tried this product?

What do you think of it? Shall i find another use for my little scrublet (pubic hair comb? back massager for my cats?) or shall I persevere with another product from the range?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. A beauty post? Get you!

    I hated the cleanser too but the little scrublet thing is pretty great if your skin is sensitive to the regular kind of exfoliation. I say ditch the l'oreal cleanser and keep the scrublet to use with your favourite face wash.

    Great review btw, do more!

  2. If you do go down the massager for your cat/pubic hair comb route I would perhaps use two serparate scrublets....

  3. I died at the phrase 'there are small children in Africa arranging a charity single for my skin' - bwahahahaha! *wipes tears* Whew! That's class!

    P.S - thanks for the bitchslapping shout out!

  4. scformen, I may well keep the scrublet. but that cleanser is going to be filed under B for bin.

    Thanks for the comments and there are more to come. x x x

    Beautyjunkielondon Good point, very very good point. ;-)

    Bangs, thank you my lovely, I always give credit where it is due. and if i could've found the copyright symbol on my sodding keyboard it would've had that by it too ;-)

    so you won't be buying the Save her skin single then? it's available to download on iTunes now :-D

  5. LOL I'll make sure I donate some money to 'the cause' once the single goes on general release! :)

  6. I have the exfoliating one and thought it was decidedly meh, I'm gonna keep the scrublet and use it with other stuff but the actual wash was pretty average.

  7. Hilarious!

    I loved this post. And not because I amm interested in the product!

    Very funny


  8. Probably the funniest beauty review I've ever read!

    *wonders where the link to the Save our Skin single is...*

    S x

  9. I have just found you (thank you Twitter!) and laughed my American behind off whilst reading.

    I have used the green (normal skin, I guess?) one for a few months. I am very happy with it, but I have skin that could have been caused by BP. (Too soon?) I am in absolute love with the scrublet.

    Fun fact: the bottle is a completely different shape here in the States.

  10. Brilliant! what more can i say, have to get one now though. hahaha

  11. Thank you ladies, Glad you enjoyed. The single will be out soon, save your pennies :-)


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