Friday, 4 June 2010

NOTD New York Color

So today is a good day, the sun is shining. It is the start of the weekend (and hopefully our bins are going to be collected today. Trust me that is a GOOD thing. Totally irrelevant but good) and I am wearing white from head to toe. (I KNOW how to live dangerously)

But I needed a nail colour (Notice the U, New York Color?) that would pop and make me look like a style queen rather than a stunt double for Casper the friendly ghost.

Enter New York Color in Spring Street. A corally, satsuma colour that looks so juicy I want to suck my own fingers. (I won't, I'm off to the park, I'd probably get arrested) It is SO bright it is just on the dull side of neon. Perfect for fingers and especially toes this is definately a "hot" colour.

The nail varnish itself wasn't perfect. I noticed immediately that the nail varnish was extrememly runny and thin, making it prone to running but it did mean that I could build the varnish up in thin layers to make a good colour very quickly.

(Disclaimer, my nails are horrible, 6 months of acrylics have ruined them forever, 3 children mean that I bite the skin around my nails in stress. Yukky I know but its cheaper than drinking)
And they aren't messing around when they call this, In a New York city minute.

(Quick drying? It was like painting the Forth bridge, the minute I finished a layer I could start all over again)

This is the first New York color nail varnish that I have had. I won this in a twitter comp. (you can follow them at @NewYorkColor ) and I will definately be purchasing more. My local Superdrug stocks a large range of products. I have other New York Color products so expect to hear more from me on this range.
Do you have any New York Color Products? Whats your Favourite?
Big Fashionista x x


  1. Ooh, I might have to look in to those!

  2. Very thin liquid but the colour can't be faulted.

    Can you see all the ridges on my poor nails?

    Acrylics-never again.


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