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Ultimate Big Brother

hmmmmmm, that noise was the sound of followers leaving in droves. Ok, have all the non-BB fans left now? hang on, i'll check.

Q) What was the name of the chicken in Big Brother 1?

If you can answer that question, please feel free to continue reading.

I've had a good think about who I think should be in the Big Brother special at the end of this series and have decided to tell you (bore you) with my 10 Ultimate Big Brother contestants.

Now one thing you have to understand about me is that I LOVE every single contestant of BB, even if they were universally hated they brought something to the Big Brother experience.

Big Brother is not a soap opera, it's a reality television show, It is meant to show us what happens when you put a group of strangers together away from outside influences, how societies and alliances are made and, what a lot of non fans don't realise is it meant to make us look at ourselves. If you ever look at a BB house at the beginning and think, Jeez what a bunch of freaks and wierdos, I'm sorry to say that one of them is probably just like you (and even if you don't see it, your friends probably will)

I was going to pick 1 housemate from each series but that just doesn't work for me. And also you have to think in combinations. what would be the point of Anthony without Craig? But here is my BB dream team. The combo that would have me glued to my screen 24-7.

Contestant 1) Nick Bateman

Because lets face it. Without him there would have been NO Big Brother. To me he IS the ultimate Big Brother contestant. He knew the rules BEFORE there were rules. He danced on the outside of these rules like a member of the Royal Ballet company with grace and style. He set the precedant that ALL Big Brother contestants now follow. The only rule about not talking about nominations, is that no-one talks about talking about nominations (Code Shabby & Govan? seriously Pasta for Mario-sigh) Without Nick Bateman in the Ultimate Big Brother it will be like a Take That reunion without Robbie Williams, it's fun, it's good times, but there is just something missing.

Contestant 2) Nadia Almada

Ok when I said that I loved every contestant for what they brought to the experience I was thinking specifically of Nadia. Nadia stirred emotions in me that usually would take 2 valium and a lie down to suppress. I strongly disliked this woman. Which was brilliant news, What happens when we like every single contestant in Big Brother? We get BB4, yawn.

Nadia screamed, shrieked, cried and wore heels in the shower. As much as I disliked her she brought something to the party and it was FUN to watch. Drama in my BB? yes please.

Contestant 3) John Tickle

I want to see more of the funny unassuming man who should have gone further. He was intelligent, witty and would probably be a good glue that would bring other housemates together. Never one to form alliances I think he would get on with everyone and be a calming (not too calm please) influence

Contestant 4) Aisleyne Horgan-Wallis

If there is a word I hate in any reality programme it is "journey". Next one to say it goes on a journey in the boot of my car to Dover cliffs but this is one contestant who can truly say that and mean it. She went in a brassy blonde with attitude (Confession, during BB7 my ringtone was Aisleyne saying "oh you better know yourself little girl" can we just keep that between ourselves?)
She came out a completely different person. The Big Brother experience worked for her, she saw how she was perceived and saw herself and didn't like what she saw. We should all be so lucky to get that chance.

Contestant 5) Rex Newmark

Rex could have become one of the BEST Big Brother contestants ever, he ducked, he dived, argued and hugged. And then his girlfriend entered the house. To steal a line from the FABULOUS The Style Rawr, he was like a neutered tom cat. Game over. I want him back to see if he can realise his true potential. I want to hear his cutting comments said with a cheeky grin just to see what reaction he can get.

Contestant 6) Noirin Kelly

She started off entering the house to boos after her VT said she was pretty and men fell at her feet. People soon choked on their boos when near enough every man in the place fell for her charm, Siavash, Marcus. The woman was a siren. Lets put her back in.

Contestant 7) Ziggy Lichman.

Hmmm, I'm starting to realise I may have a "type" of male contestant.
Purely because I want to see him team up with Nick Bateman and Rex Newmark and make a new "Jungle cat" team of 2010. An Alpha male. (I do like my alpha males) he would make an interesting addition. Prone to an outburst or two and yet calm at the same time. I couldn't see him winning the Ultimate Big Brother contest (There is only one winner for me) but I think he would make the whole thing a fascinating watch.

Contestant 8) Kate Lawler

The first female to win the show, she was always up for a laugh, a real ladette who got on with everyone. She would make a great addition to the Ultimate Big Brother contest due to her sense of fun on the show. Who can forget them crossing the rich/poor divide? or Kate falling over drunk when trying to put on her trousers. If there is ever a strong female to challenge the alpha males. she is it.

Contestant 9) Alex Sibley.

Because he was fit innit? (My list, my rules, my choice of eye candy)
One of the ultimate iconic clips of Big Brother is Alex Sibley standing behind the door singing, "Thats the way, uh huh uh huh I like it, like it" to the camera. Perfect Big Brother moment. It would be fun to see if he could continue in the same vein and step it up for the final.

Contestant 10) Makosi Musambasi

Just to see the fireworks between her and Nadia. Lets face it, Those chicks are NEVER going to get on. She was the Big Brother villianess, a Diva of the highest honour. Stirring, manipulating. Getting "pregnant" in the pool. I loved what she brung to the game. (and I still haven't forgiven Davina McCall for her biased exit interview) she contributed and certainly earnt her place in the first week when she had to get everyone to nominate her. Makosi NEVER forgot it was a "Game"

So there is my list. Yes I know there is meant to be ex-celebrity Big Brother contestants going in, but I don't care about them to be honest. I just want to see the ex-contestants go back. I'm sure my excitement will be crushed by some of them. Also i'm sure the earlier contestants are not how they once were and the last thing I want to see is them being carictures of their old selves.

But I look forward to seeing them in the Ultimate Big Brother contest in August and seeing who from this series will join them? (my tip is Steve)

Who do you want to see in the Ultimate Big Brother Competition?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Oooh some GOOD ones! I actually really loved Brian Belo, as dumb as he is, it was entertaining. And he's actually like that, I met him the other day and he accused me of "mugging him off"! So funny.

  2. I honestly don't think he i. Like that. I think he created a character for Big Brother. Don't forget, he was a self confessed super fan. He literally studied what made a good contestant and came up with a Jade/Helen macho creation.

    I like to think that below his house which has pictures of glamour models and issues of zoo in the toilet, he has a basement he has converted into a library. here he likes to smoke his pipe and read french literature while translating Latin manuscripts :)

  3. Ohhh I so loved reading this post! I have also loved eveey housemate however hard it is at times! But it's what makes Big Brother so good to watch i.e atm scabby :)

    Housemates that I truly loved to watch where ...Rex, Noirin mainly because I couldn't believe the effect she had on men! It was very odd.
    Ohhh and ofcourse the first ever couple to go into BB Mario and they talked about how they had 'fan' back home and how they use to tan each other!
    and ofcourse like you say Alex... the singing behind the door was just great, such a classic moment.

    Arghhh there have been so many!

    For this series I really can't stand Shabby or Dave... but so far I am liking Josie..Steve...and oddly John James and Coren!

    Great post! :)

    Fee x

  4. I've only heard of 'Nasty Nick'! and maybe the second 2.

    OK I'll go away now.

  5. pete! amazing and a true winner, and bex and luke cause it was cute :) xxx

  6. Sorry, forgot to comment on this at the time! Oh I totally agree - Nick Bateman would be fabulous back in the house (Disclaimer: I am his wife!) as then I would get the bed to myself for 3 weeks...


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