Friday, 25 June 2010

Wear It Well.

If you look at any glossy celebrity filled magazine these days, the fashion section is usually filled with celebrities walking the red carpet wearing dresses from various fashion designers, or an article on how to copy the latest celebrity style.

But what really gets my goat is the FASHION DISASTER section. We've all seen it, "Frocky Horror" "Dressed to (NOT) impress" I don't know how you feel about this (Ok, hands up which of you turn to this section first? Um you may want to stop reading at this point) But for me I find it distasteful.

It was Elton Johns annual White Tie & Tiara Ball last night, and already the knives are being sharpened as we speak. Alex Curran seems to be the favourite this time, "dressed inappropriately" was one quote I read. (Thank you Daily (hate ) Mail)

I've seen her dress. Ok it isn't to my taste, but why should I shred her choices. It's her choice not mine. In all the time I have been writing I have never belittled anyone for their style choices.

Style is a personal thing, If I want to team every outfit I wore with a rather fetching pair of Minnie Mouse ears, I can (did I say that out loud?) Surely without people making style choices and being different we wouldn't have fashion?

Whjo wants to play it safe anyway? Surely it is more fun to be different, to stand out from the crowd? Helena Bonham-Carter, Bjork, Tilda Swinton. All continually slated for their style choices, but who do the fashionistas watch at Red Carpet events? Yep, them.

In my opinion (hello, are you still here?) it shouldn't be just about the outfit anyway. Style comes from within. You could walk the red carpet in a bin bag and if you did it with confidence you would still be a style queen in my eyes.

Whats your opinion?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. My style has always been slightly off key, as can be seen in my choice of University Ball Dress (Pics on blog - I wore it recently for a movie themed party). Even at my most shy and self consious, I wanted to be wearing stuff that was 'different'. Who wants to be part of the croud. Well, it was always my dream not to be.

    So I have every sympathy for the stars who get slated for their dress sense. Although I guess it's fractionally better to get slated for your clothes rather than your body. Let's face it, in this country we're just mean. We just love to bring people down to size.

    If you had a magazine/ newspaper that only said nice things, would anybody read it?

  2. Very well said hun. off I wander to look at your pics.

    What you said about bringing people down to size is very true. But also we are usually the ones who build them up too. Do people do it just because then they then fall further and harder?


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