Wednesday, 21 July 2010

31 is the new 21?

In a survey commissioned by QVC to mark the start of their beauty month, it has been announced that women are at their most beautiful at 31.

Ah screw it, where was this information 3 years ago when I was 31? (Seriously I could've done with it) when I was 31 I had a new baby and I smelt of wee and vomit (it was the baby-honest)

I am totally fed up of people telling me when I WAS at my most beautiful. why can't I be beautiful WHATEVER age I am. Why do I have to peak? I'm not milk. I'm cheese (Ok, scrap that comparison) I'm like a fine wine-I improve with age.

See these lines around my eyes? They are from laughing with my partner, my children, my friends and family. They are from living my life. Surely my experiences make me more beautiful?

See my eyes? I've seen happy things with these eyes. They are full of knowledge and wisdom (I may be pushing that a bit)

My hair may be starting to grey slightly now, just the odd hair or two but it means I get to experiment with colour.

My lips are thinner than they were as a teenager. Maybe its because i have kissed my partner and my children so many times in their lives I am starting to wear them away. Thats fine too. It's a good way to wear them out.

We are beautiful EVERY year of our lives. and if we feel it, We look it. And if you are beautiful on the inside too, it reflects on the outside. Don't let ANYONE tell you, you are not as beautiful as you once were-you are, and more so at that.

Big Fashionista


  1. Wonderful post, we ARE beautiful no matter what age! Statistics are rubbish anyway, don't listen to them, they can be manipulated to say whatever the person wants. But enough of maths, Age doesn't define who we are, are experiences are so the more we have lived the more marks we have to show for it the better!

    *Que the Christin Aguilera song beautiful*

  2. Very well said!

    At 36 with a husband and 3 children, I like to think I'm still 26 but with 10 years additional experience.

    My 7 year old did his class service recently where they all sang Christina's song as mentioned by Hannah, I don't think there was a dry eye in the room.

    *shouts to husband - "am I more or less beautiful than I was at 31?"

    Husband - "more, you're like a fine wine, you improve with age"

    I hope that doesn't mean I was sharp and tight at 31, just not as mellow as now...

    Great post! Thanks for making me ask my husband the question, and making me feel beautiful!

    Sam x

  3. well said kellie. That made my day.

    katy xxx (lil sis)

  4. Great post! i saw a piece on this in the paper the other day actually. i totally agree, 30's is definitely a time when you are more confident, know what you want and how to make the best of what you have. xx

  5. Yep so true. BUT.. if I keep it in my head that 31 is the new 21, it gives me summat to look forward to when I hit 30, instead of just slashing my wrists. As least I can think "Only another year and Im 21 again" GET IN!

  6. SCREW'EM.
    I'm 41 on Sunday (where's my card?) - Have had 4 huge babies, 2 of whom are old enough to have their own kids now and I AM FABULOUS.


    We are ALL PHENOMENOL FABULOUS WOMEN and anyone who disagrees can have a word with me. And you KNOW how I get.....

  7. Well I prefer mature (not 70) women anyway and I think, generally, most women age well. As long as you stay away from orange tans and black dyed hair I have no problems at all.

  8. I will embrace your philosophy on beauty and try to find the beauty of being 43. I had children in my teens, 20's and 30's so didn't really feel beautiful at all then. Maybe my 40's in conjunction with a drastic diet and a total makeover will be my decade :-)


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