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Botox Part 2

A little while ago I asked people if they had any questions that I could put to a Botox specialist. (How much will you charge me to fix this floppy face seemed to be the general question that people asked) Quite a few of you had some seriously intelligent questions that even had me thinking (Trust me, thats impressive, it's hot and my body just wants to shut down until autumn-or at least be covered in Magnum ice cream which I can eat until I cool down- i,e Autumn)

The questions were put to the seriously impressive Anita Hazari, a surgeon at McIndoe Surgical centre.

(I did have a pic, but it is absolutely refusing to load-trust me, she looks amazingly professional)

So here are the questions and answers-Everything you always wanted to know about Botox but were too lazy to Google and too poor to afford the consultation)

Thank you to everyone who asked questions.

1. Do we know anything about any long-term potential health effects of having regular Botox?
There are no medically proven health benefits of having regular Botox. However, with time, the frequency of needing Botox treatment for lines is reduced; you may only require a 'top-up' once every 6 months.
There is anecdotal evidence that Botox may help with treatment for migraines, but this has not been proven with proper medical trials.

2. What do you think about preventative Botox? I've heard varying opinions between those who think it's a viable treatment and others who say it can lead to increased wrinkles later in life...
Botox should only be used when lines develop, not before the lines have started to form! Once Botox has been stopped, for example when you are trying to conceive or have become pregnant, there is no actual increase in the number of lines, however, the lines will re-appear and may lead to a perception that these have increased because you may not have visualised them for some time.

3. How much should Botox cost?
Botox is priced according to number of sites. For example, one site can be just glabellar lines, another site is the forehead, a third site can be crow's feet on both sides, and so on and so forth. As a ball park figure, one site should cost £200, two sites £280 and 3 sites £350, with Botox included in the price.

4. What qualifications should you check a surgeon has before choosing the right one for you?
Generally Botox can be administered by any registered medical person (example: doctors, surgeons, dentists, nurses, and even some vets!) as long as they have been trained. Most Plastic surgeons, for whom Botox administration forms part and parcel of years of training, will charge the same as other practitioners and therefore you will be getting more expertise for the same price. Fully accredited Plastic Surgeons are members of BAPRAS (British Association of Plastic, reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons) or BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons).

5. What do you think the right age is to start having Botox?
Usually when wrinkles start to appear. Cosmetic Botox should not be administered to the young or those in their teens.

6. How can Botox help with excessive sweating?
Botox acts by temporarily blocking the release of acetylcholine from cholinergic sudomotor fibers (that is: stopping the connection at a nerve level that causes sweating). It is injected intradermally (within the skin) at multiple sites of the affected area.

7. How has Botox changed since it was first introduced to the market?
Originally, Botox was introduced as a prescription drug to treat muscle spasms for example: in upper limb spasticity, cervical dystonia, blepharospasm and strabisimus (eye muscle spasm). It is now used for cosmetic rejuvenation of the face and neck by reducing wrinkles.

8. What do you think will come along after Botox?
Botox is a neurotoxin manufactured by Allergan. Dysport, another Botulinum toxin A Neurotoxin has been released by another company Medicis Pharmaceutical. As we look to the future, more products will arrive over the coming years, and this expanding landscape will offer the ability to continually refine and individualize treatment for each patient.

9. There are a lot of counterfeit drugs circulating - some even get into the ethical supply stream - but the final retailer is unaware. Is there any way to know that a supply has been checked end to end in the supply chain to ensure that it is genuine?
Certified Plastic Surgeons in BMI Hospitals use Botox which is supplied directly by the manufacturer Allergan. Botox ordered directly from the manufacturer is the only way of ensuring that the product is genuine.

10. Do you think it is possible to get addicted to Botox?
Botox itself is not an addictive product. However, patients having Botox for facial rejuvenation may continue to have it administered to reduce wrinkles and maintain the ‘youthful’ appearance of the face.

11. What do you think about people who go into a person’s home and do Botox there?
This has medico-legal and medical indemnity insurance issues for the practitioner. In addition, Botox can, in a small minority of patients cause allergic reactions including anaphylaxis which are best dealt with in a clinic / hospital setting.

12. Is there a maximum amount of times you should have Botox?
Botox can take up to 4-14 days to have effect, so should not be administered within that time. The effects of Botox may start to wear off at 3-4 months, when it can safely be injected again. With long term usage, it may need to be given only once every 6 months.

Hope this has answered all of your questions. For more info or to arrange a consultation see

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