Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Dead Animal Bingo

On Saturday I sat in a car for just over 5 hours with a stressed driver and THREE children (not my idea of fun I can tell you)

After a quick round of the wonderful game of "Mum he kicked me, she kicked me first-I hate you, I hate you more" (How I didn't leave them on the side of the motorway I have NO idea) I realised that I would have to come up with some quick ways of amusing them.

The first game, Watch The White Lines had an interesting response. (I was aiming for an almost hypnotic trance-I got VOMIT) Don't try this at home kids.

Look For The Yellow Car got boring quickly. (It's a bloody motorway FFS, there's one, theres another one, there's one more)

But the game that entranced my children so much that I was almost tempted to put a call in to the school psychologist was Dead Animal Bingo.

The rules are simple. play as a group or individually, pick 5 different types of animal and look out for them on the side of the motorway (The four year olds suggestion of lion was vetoed pretty quickly) The first one to shout house after ticking off all their animals wins. (quick clarification after a argument ensued in the car. A dead animal that has been squished into two pieces can NOT be counted twice-Thems the rules according to the eight year old OK)

Also you should NOT, I repeat NOT attempt to draw pictures of the dead animals for the children to look out for (apparently drawing a rabbit with it's innards as outards is SICK-who knew? I won't be doing that again!!)

So there you go, a simple, cheap, quick and painless (ok, not for the animal) way of amusing your children on long car journeys.

That is my public service blog of the week,

Let me know how you get on ;-)

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Hahahah, I'll have to try this one!


  2. Dude, that's kinda sick.
    I hope MAC don't pick up on this idea....

    The MAC x BigFashionista collection -

    Guts - a deep red nail polish.
    Cracked Skull - an ivory iridescent. highlighter streaked with red.
    Brains Tyre - a grey and black eye creme.
    M1 - Black mascara flecked with red glitter.

    Start writing that apology letter STAT!

  3. Jo, you should definately try it :-)

    The style rawr, oooooooh check out how topical
    you are, but I do want that M1 mascara ok. And we haven't yet heard the new names for the mac/rodarte collection, don't go giving them ideas :-)

  4. That sounds like just my kind of game:-)

    We normally play Horse! you get one point for each Horse you see & shout Hourse!, points also awarded for Half-Horse(Shetland Pony) or Horse box. There is complicated sub rules too,normally added by cheating small children.
    Also try to spot a rabbit in a field with sheep, never seen one yet, think the Rabbits are Sheepist.

  5. OHHHH that is terrible!!! LOL you are so not PC. As an animal lover I almost cry every time I see a dead animal on the road... kids would hate me playing this...but good for you for coming up with something to control the little beasts sitting in the back seats ;)

    naughty, awfully naughty and so wrong a post :P


  6. This beats the spot Eddie Stobart Lorries game I used to play as a kid!

  7. oooh Amanda you should play, although horse sounds fun too-honest :-)

    Ahhh Jessie, but it made you smile didn't it :-)

    BeautieJunkieLondon, I play that too, I have to see the name on the lorry or it doesn't count x x x

  8. Love it. Would so appeal to my brood. They would probably take it too far and demand that I run over whichever animal they needed to win! I would never do that of course - well not deliberately!

  9. I'm so saving that one for when I have kids! x

  10. Haa! Gotta try this on the hubby and his bro. May just work. Silly boys ;)

  11. good game! it beats eye spy.... i spy with my little eye something begining with ....grass, road, car. grass, road, car, grass road car...............

  12. You worry me at times, you honestly do.
    This is flipping hilarious though, must try it when I next go on a long journey :D


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