Monday, 5 July 2010


Those famous philosphers The Pussycat Dolls summed it up perfectly when they sang their immortal words "When I grow up, I wanna be famous, I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies.
(Gotta love those girls)

I remember a time when if you asked a child what they wanted to be when they grew up, the answer was-Nurse, Policeman, Teacher. Go up to any 11 yr old nowadays (Ok, not exactly ANY child-I don't want to see anyone arrested-stick to asking a child you know) and ask them what they want to be and the answer is invariably-FAMOUS.

Sigh, and i'm not even talking famous for, inventing the cure for cancer, or creating a weightloss pill that makes you lose 4 stone in a week (Could that one hurry up and be invented please)
Children of today want to be in the newspapers, WAGS, or a ex Big Brother contestant who gets their baps out in Zoo. Even if they have a great voice, they don't want to slog it out in small dingy clubs, working their way up and slogging their guts out before finally getting a gig at Haven holidays doing a half hour slot once a week. NO, they want to win X Factor and have it handed to them on a plate.

When did we do our children such a disservice by stopping teaching them that if you want something, you have to work hard for it? And even at the end of it, well, you may not achieve your goals but it is better to aim high and miss than aim low and hit. (That was on a poster on the wall of my first ever job-I HATED that poster, I believed in it. I was just sick of the sight of it by the end of the job)

I wanted to be a journalist as a child, I always had a notepad with me to write things down and even now (cough) years later, I am still trying to achieve my dreams, I wont give up, I will keep on slogging away-But will our children?

Is it too late for the next generation who have been reared on instant gratification and an easy life? Will they fight for what they want to achieve or give up at the first hurdle and trawl the clubs to find footballers to sleep with in the hope of becoming Wags?

What do you think?

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  1. Wow. Not thought about it. That's made me feel really sad! You're right though. The world we live in has changed so much from when we we children (*groan* sounding like my mother now!) I wanted to be a novelist and I would love to realise this dream someday...but am a long way off, but like you I won't give up!

    I guess it's down to good parents to teach children what's wrong with that view on fame. There's great satisfaction in achieving a dream the hard way!

  2. I agree. It's disgusting and very worrying. Children (and people in general) want to be famous - simply for being famous; no talent required.

    Nikelback sang "I wanna be a rock star" and Just Jack sang about it with "Starz In Their Eyes" on the Overtones album.

    Girls (and I don't mean this to sound sexist) just want to be a WAG. And lets just clarify what that means; their aim in life is that they want to be the wife or girlfriend of someone famous. What the hell! Where's their own ambition for achievement and personal pride? No need for that if a footballer will pay for everything you want - and all you have to do put out. Deal!

    The price of yopung fame was highlighted to me today when I saw a link of Justin Bieber being interviewed and he did not know what Germany was. Now this is not a complex term in astrophysics, it's a COUNTRY with a very large stake in the history of the world (even for America) and yet a 16 year old boy does not know this.

    Just so you know I'm not getting at Americans here. The state education is crap everywhere. I know an english child/boy who (also aged 16) was deadly serious when he said only a week ago that my Romainian friend must come from Italy because Rome is in Italy. I kid you not! And he has now left school to become an employed adult.

    As I look at the youth of today I silently weep.

  3. I know! Some girls now what to be a WAG when they grow up hahaha!!!


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