Monday, 12 July 2010

iPhone or Blackberry.

So today is the day, it's like choosing between my children.

It's upgrade day.

Do I go for an iPhone or the phone I have craved for the last 17 months? (1 month into my contract I wanted to change my Samsung for a Blackberry-I curse my indecision, I think)

It's like picking a religion, everyone has their own opinion on what I should choose, (Those iPhone gals are fanatical-trust me)

So take the platform-try to convert me. I am leaning towards the Blackberry but still open to offers (Free phone anyone?) what phone do you think I should get?

Big Fashionista x x


I have just been offered an extremely good deal on an iPhone 3GS

now I am even more torn and really need your help on this x x

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I have a Blackberry and the reason I love it is because it ISN'T touch screen. I love having buttons to press and feeling like I have a mini computer. It is simple to use and there are application for facebook, twitter etc HOWEVER I am fully aware that the iphone is MUCH better in terms of internet connections, applications and coolness! It depends what you want out of a phone really, if its apps a plenty and computer quality internet then go with an iphone otherwise go for real buttons and a blackberry

  2. Most definitely a Blackberry! I was just like you, I got a samsung tocco last year, and within a month regretted not getting the Blackberry I really wanted. I'm now currently responding to your blog on my phone, having been reading Twitter and clicking on links!

    What's not well known is that Blackberry has a set of Apps not dissimilar to IPhones etc, so net surfing is very easy. There are even blog apps for updating on the go..!

    I've got a Bold 9700 and its fab!

    Sam x

  3. I'm gonna have to go with the iPhone! I had a Blackberry and thought it was great...then I got an iPhone which is infinitly better!! Bigger screen size, better for web browsing, better for e-mail and it's much nicer looking. I find that they are much simpler to use and navigate as well.

    I am a teeny bit bias towards the iPhone because I LOVE all things Apple...but the best thing to do is go into a shop and have a play with both types of phone to see which one you like best! :)

  4. I have a Blackberry Bold. It's a bit big and bulky - I think there's a newer one out that's better, or the Curve, which is smaller and neater.

    My bro has an iphone and I can see it's miles better in terms of the whole package. I do like my buttons though and hate the way texts display on the iphone in those stupid, dorky bubbles.

    I need to make this decision too. I feel like getting another Blackberry is a bit like going backwards - they haven't brought out anything new or interesting either. I'm tempted to bite the bullet and get the new 4G. Whatever you do, make sure you give them a ring and get the best deal. I got six months half-price line rental the last time I upgraded - along with the free BB. Good luck with your choice!

  5. Thanks for comments so far guys. I'm so torn.

    I've now been offered the 9700 for £25 pm 500 mins and unlimited texts and Internet and bb messaging

    or iPhone 3GS for £22 pm !!!!

    I do have a iPod touch already so I won't miss out on my fix of Angry Birds :-)

    Why do you think guys? And does it make a difference knowing I already have an iPod touch?

    Help help help

  6. Get the iphone now!!! i have the 3GS and its amazing, I would never use any other phone now, love it! x

  7. Difficult decision. Here are some questions that may help. Before reading be aware I have an iPhone 3G and a Mac so there maybe some bias but I will try to zero it out.

    1. Do you use or would you use the internet regularly on a phone ? If yes then you would want the clearest screen possible. I don't know how the Blackberries compare against the iPhones in this respect. However the larger screen area does help.

    2. Are you regularly away from somewhere to charge your phone ? The iPhone is not so great when it comes to battery life, I have to recharge every other day. How do the Blackberries compare.

    3. How easy is it to get the Blackberries to get your email ? I suspect it is but it's something to look into.

    4. Computer Synchronisation. Do you want your phone to synchronise with contact details, apps, calenders etc with your computer. I have a Mac so the iPhone does it natively, how well will the Blackberry sync with your computer be it a Mac or a PC.

    5. From your perspective do you consider your phone to be a functional bit of kit that has to get the job done irrespective of it's fashion status OR do you want something that looks good and has 'kudos'

    6. Do you wish to be tied into a single supplier of your apps ? You can only buy apps through the Apple site, does the Blackberry allow any kinds of apps to be purchased from anywhere ?

    I waited quite a while before getting an iPhone because I wanted a phone that would work anywhere on the planet and the original 2G did not so didn't bother.

    Personally I expect my phone to be dropped on the floor scraped and whatever else can happen to it and still do the job. So far so good after about a year with the 3G.

    Oh well there you go, I am an Engineer so that explains the kind of questions :)


  8. love this post!

    you should enter my giveaway!!

  9. My Blackberry is coming today!!!!!!!

    ordered it yesterday, i decided that 18 months ago I wanted one and completely regretted not getting it. So this time, I have got it. x x

    Thank you all for all your help in making my decision x x x

  10. I saw some great information here. But I still want my blackberry since it helps me with my business.


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