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Since we began this mammoth task of letting people know about the "inspiration" behind the MAC/Rodarte Collection everyone involved has suffered. From exhaustion to depression reading about the terrible things happening in Juarez, it has taken a toll on all of us.

But then you hear about the death toll rising. People are being murdered, blown up, raped and mutilated on a DAILY basis.

Children are being killed, teenagers, women, mothers and fathers.

Death is indiscriminate in Ciudad Juarez, Be it from drug wars or as it is suspected, from the fact it is now a serial killers playground. NO-ONE is safe.

People die violently in Ciudad Juarez, and even though I have searched extensively, it is hard to find a name of someone who has been murdered. Does a human life hold that little regard that their rape, murder and mutilation doesn't even warrant a news report? The sad fact is, it happens so often that it probably only makes the news if it is part of a large murder and then the next day, it is forgotten as more murders have happened and so it continues.

And MAC and Rodarte thought this would be fantastic inspiration for a collection of make-up?

So far MAC & Rodarte have apologised and said they will donate $100,000 to a charity.

MAC & Rodarte, you opened the box, surely it is your duty to help these people that "inspired" you so much. You made people aware of a situation that was happening in the world and hoped to profit from it. How can you walk away from it now? and even though you are changing the names of the products, they will forever be symbolically entwined with Ciudad Juarez and the blood that is spilled there every day. You have a chance to make a difference.

People ask why I care about what is happening on the other side of the world. I care because any injustice, any hatred, fear and death that occurs should be challenged. We ALL deserve to have someone weep over us when we die, we deserve as part of the human race to have someone stand up on our behalf and say "this isn't right" and "This should NOT be happening. We deserve to be remembered, not pushed under the carpet in case our death offends someone.

Please sign the petition,

Rodarte/MAC Petition

Please help raise awareness of what is going on in Cuidad Juarez.

Things do NOT have to be the way they are now. No-one should have to suffer fear or have their lives violently cut short.

Together we CAN make a difference.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. This is all so sad. Poor people of Juarez.
    Bless them, bless them all xx
    besos (kisses)

  2. Thanks for letting us know about this issue. In today's issue of Stylist, there is an article by Kate Graham titled "The War on Women". I thought the article would be written based on the MAC/Rodarte controversy, but no. Anyway, it is an interesting read. I think it is weird now that there is no journalists that covered the issue, only bloggers (well, that I know of). I guess people are afraid.

  3. This is actually horrific, I was not aware of this - like previous poster said, seems to be out in the open on the blogosphere yet not covered in mainstream journalism (well, that I have seen). Have signed the petition - can't believe human suffering has been used as 'inspiration' for fashion and ultimately to make money. And their donation is pitiful. Thank you for raising awareness x

  4. Hi everyone, I'm from Ciudad Juarez and I feel so sad about all this things, all this deaths are because the drugs war, but innocent people is dying in the process. This use to be a peacefully city but the las two years have become hell, I don't know when wil this over. If you are interest over all this situation, check the Ciudad Juarez news in orif you want to know about all the war in Mexico go to this page it's kinda gross in the pictures that shows.


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