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Raoul Moat, The name is now everywhere. But when you think Raoul Moat what word goes with it? For me it's murderer, but for some twisted individuals it is LEGEND.

What exactly has this man done that makes him a legend?

He tried to kill his ex-girlfriend by shooting her in the stomach, he shot and killed her new partner and then shot a policeman in the face!!!

What sort of person would hold Raoul Moat up as a hero and legend?

There is even a facebook page set up with over 7,412 fans. (That many people with one brain cell between them wandering around unsupervised is worrying me A LOT) how do they justify their hero worship of a murderer?

Even his brother has been all over the news saying it was like watching a public execution, (Anyone else think he will be claiming for emotional damage) blaming the police for their heavy handedness, adding his brother was "no psycho"

I disagree, He shot 3 people in cold blood, 2 for revenge. How much of a psycho do you have to be to think that ANYONE has the right to take away another persons life.

People are trying to blame the police force for what happened, society, even the media but the fact of the matter is Raoul Moat tried to murder three people, succeeded in murdering one and then took his own life in what I see as the cowards way out. There is nothing legendary about that.

It is reported today that people have looted Raoul Moats house, taking trophys and souvenirs. WHY?

If these twisted individuals want a hero, why not look to firefighters, teachers, doctors or people that strive to make our country great and good? Why choose a pitiful coward who in the end wasn't even man enough to take responsibility for his own actions.

What is your view?

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  1. I don't know what happened to make him snap but he is no way a legend.

    What has he done which qualifies him as one? Shooting people? Wasting police time?

    He's no way a legend, he was an unhinged person who caused a community to live in fear because he wasn't man enough to sort his problems out.

    I never get why people want a "trophy" from when others go mad. This is why they have to knock down houses where serial killers have lived and/or buried bodies.

  2. Its chilling me that people can look up to this man.

    its horrible that somewhere out there there are people who are aspiring to be just like him. this will happen again soon, you watch. some sicko is going to want the same notariety :-(

  3. I totally agree with you. I find it completely mad that his brother is now claiming his brother wasn't a psycho. He shot 3 people, killed one of them and then went on the run for nearly a week. Hardly the actions of a hero.

    It amazes me that people are trying to blame the police, what were they supposed to do? How anyone can think this man is a legend is beyond me.

    I'm from the North East and the place where he shot those people in the first place is about 2 miles from where my parents live. I for one am glad that this nutter is now off the streets.


  4. Not a legend. People want trophies and always will do - like back in the day it was the done thing to dip your handkerchief in the blood of someone who had been beheaded etc.

    I have not looked at the Facebook group but people prob think he is a legend for managing to stay on the run for so long, right under the noses of the police, rather than the attempted/murders.

    I was fascinated by the events of Friday night but more from a media perspective. Admittedly, Gazza coming out as a Moat sympathiser probably added to this "legendary" tag, but anyone who takes the opinion of a troubled alcoholic as gospel is an utter idiot in my book.

  5. Helen I think Gazza is a WHOLE other blog post :-) poor man is as crazy as a bunch of frogs. I was watching Sky news as it all unfolded and when Gazza turned up I just thought it was a wind up. Poor man needs some serious help-FAST.

    Totally agree Linz M and also I think he took the cowards way out. I would have had more respect for the man if he accepted the punishment for his crime. Suicide is a cowards option, not the actions of a legend as some of the fuckwits are describing him !!!

  6. Yep, I'm from the north east and some people are treating him like Rambo up here and it's sickening. The fact he's had floral tributes is beyond comprehension. One of my friends knows the family of the man shot dead, and to say they are devastated is beyond an understatement. The poor bloke just had the misfortune to get together with Moat's ex recently.

    If his family cared about him as much as they are now claiming to, how did they let him descend into such a state?

    The police are taking a lot of criticism, which annoys me. If he was such a threat, why did the prison/probation service give him parole in the first place? And even if the use of tazers caused him to shoot himself, well, it's hard to feel much sympathy. He shot an unarmed policeman in the face, and spent a week making threats against the police and others (including a number of people from my workplace, where a number of offices had to be closed for people's safety). A friend of mine is in the police, and had to go out on shift every night of last week, absolutely terrified. If I were in the police I would have tazer-ed him in a heartbeat. But they gave him 6 hours, and only discharged the tazers when he apparently became agitated.

    Not to mention the millions that have been spent on this operation - don't get me started on that!

    Although the Gazza saga was a real WTF twist, I think it's trivialised this a bit. Moat was a murderer, not a legend, and people should remember that.

    Phew, bit of a rant!

  7. Hope you do not mind me butting in, followed a link from twitter :) I couldn't agree with you more. Moat was a coward, he could not fight it out, man to man as in the 'good old days', maybe because the new boyfriend was a martial arts expert? Too scared to be a man and fight fair, he hid behind a gun. As for the poor policemna, what did he do? Sit in his car, doing his job, no threat to anyone or anything. Even then Moat would not fight fair, again hiding behind a gun. He couldn't even manage that on his own, needing help from his fellow scumbag mates.

    He is dead. Good. It means that we do not have to pay to keep him in luxury the rest of his natural. lets hope the money instead goes to paying for the rehabilitation of PC Rathband and to pay for anything he needs to make his life a bit easier.Blessings Em

  8. Well said and well written. From what I understand this was escalated domestic violence. I know you can't believe everything you read in the paper. Having seen domestic violence first hand (my sister was a victim), it wouldn't surprise me to find out that's how this all started. He is a murderer. Pre-meditated, no less. I'm shocked at how he has become a hero. I don't get it. It's actually frightening to me that so many people view him as a "hero".

  9. Does anyone really think he's a hero? I don't think they do.

    He's a media spectacle, an event. Raoul Moat isn't associated with domestic violence or murder. He's the man who for six straight slow news days took up 10 of every 15 minutes rolling news with constant updates of the fact that nothing had happened and he hadn't been found. Raoul Moat simply isn't real anymore.

    "We live in a spectacular society, that is, our whole life is surrounded by an immense accumulation of spectacles. Things that were once directly lived are now lived by proxy. Once an experience is taken out of the real world it becomes a commodity. As a commodity the spectacular is developed to the detriment of the real. It becomes a substitute for experience."

  10. I agree that Raoul Moat was anything but a hero, but i do agree with his brother in saying that he is not psycho. Obviously never met the man or know anything other than what has been portrayed in the media, but as i work with some mentally ill ex-offenders, i must stress that just because someone does something and has a mental illness, it doesnt mean they are psycho. neither does it mean that the mental illness is what caused the crime.

    I, and noone else, will ever really know exactly what happened for Moat to commit the crimes he did, so to judge and state that he's psycho isnt right.

    In no way do i condone what he did, and i definitely think people who write him up as a hero are beyond belief, but as none of us know what really happened for Moat to commit these offenses, i dont believe that anyone should judge his state of mind/evilness. I see it as a very sad and distressing event, and feel for the families of both the victims and Moat himself - put yourself in their would you feel if Moat was a member of your family? It's very very sad.

  11. The man was clearly a nutcase. But, Internet humour is that twisted - you only need to look at Sickipedia,, etc

    I think this Twitter user sums it up nicely:

    As much as Raoul's actions were unforgiveable, this is what the Internet does best: take any terrible topical event and turn it in to a joke. Just look at Madeleine McCann, the Holocaust, Josef Ftizl, and 9/11 jokes on Sickipedia...they far outnumber more generic 'dirty' jokes.

  12. Am glad to see someone else who has the same views as me about the facebook page and about him being a legend, He is not a legend people that die for their country are legends not some man who thinks it's cool it go around shooting people. The group should be banned and when last checked there were about 37,000 fans of that group and I've tried no end of times to report it.


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