Tuesday, 20 July 2010

M.A.C & Rodarte.

When I first read the statement (see previous post) from M.A.C and Rodarte my immediate reaction was jubilation that the names are being changed. Then I read that they are donating $100,000 to a non-profit organisation in Juarez and my internal warning system started to flash (This usually is only activated when I run low on chocolate)

$100,000? It isn't a lot really is it? I think for M.A.C and Rodarte it would be like reaching down the back of the sofa and donating the change found. (I just checked mine, 35p will be winging its way to a charity of my choice) The profits that they will make from this range will be tenfold, especially with the extra publicity it has received.

Would you honestly want to be seen as companies that profit in any way shape or form from femicide? Even taking a pound from the profits of this range makes me feel ill.

I will not help a company profit from exploiting the murdered women of Juarez.

My instincts screamed that this was all a huge publicity stunt, now i'm not so sure (My instincts also told me that I could fit in a size 14 dress-wrong)

I have heard people describe M.A.C & Rodarte as misguided and naive. I hope that they are.

For if they deliberately chose to release this range knowing that there would be huge publicity surrounding it then surely that would undo all the hard work that M.A.C have achieved with Viva Glam and the M.A.C Aids Fund. Remember 100% of all Viva Glam profits go direct to the charity.

Here is my open letter to both M.A.C & Rodarte

Dear M.A.C & Rodarte,

I applaud you for your apology and your attempt to put things right. However, I do not think that $100,000 comes even close to covering your exploitation of the femicide in Juarez.

You are still profiting from rape murder and mutilation of women. M.A.C, How can you be so charitable with one hand with your excellent work on Viva Glam and yet want to keep one penny from a range which seems to be symbolically entwined forever with the atrocities in Juarez? As with the excellent Viva Glam, why not donate ALL proceeds to the charity in Juarez so that you can help make the factory workers, teens and mothers safe in Juarez?

Maybe then in ten years time you WILL be able to present a collection based on the "ethereal landscape" as your money will have helped to make Juarez a safer place for the women who live there.

Surely that is a collection worth striving for?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Great post and the letter was perfectly work! Especially the last part.

    Fee xx

  2. Very well said - fabulous post. x

  3. Excellent last paragraph to your letter. I don't have so much of an issue with them taking some of the profits although it is FAR from ideal. However I don't think its as crystal clear as Mac profiting from femicide, thats not what they're doing really. Its an ill advised collection they are trying to redress the balance on, not to my satisfaction, but don't think its right to say they are profiting from murder. They're not a terrorist organisation.

    $100,000 dollars is pitiful, but I won't be boycotting mac for putting out one ill advised collection when in doing so, that would mean I'd not be contributing to Viva Glam for example. It's such a complicated issue, I'm just brain dumping all over the place, sorry!

  4. the running low on chocolate and the size 14 stuff cracked me up and i burst out laughing in the office. 'oh just some office funnies' I said to explain my cackle
    Brilliant letter. you're good at this.
    You should be blogger or something.
    Erm hold on, you already are.
    Lovely to have you in the blogging commnunity and thank you for all that you do on the #rodartemac affair.
    and leave that chocolate alone #tweetdiet



  5. You really are fantastic, the way you have worded your post and letter is brilliant. Wish I had the guts to be able to say all this - even though I whole heartedly agree with you.

    Louise xx xx

  6. Thank you Make-up Savvy and Lovely for your kind comments x x x

    Charlie, thats the problem isn't it. none of it is crystal clear. My opinions waved by the minute. I gave myself a headache trying to write down how I felt.

    I agree re not boycotting MAC, as I put in my post they do fantastic work with the viva glam.

    But we will have to agree to disagree on the not profiting from murder issue as I think that they are.

    Liloo, sorry hun, chocolate is all gone now. :-(

    Thank you Louise x x x your comments mean a lot to me.

  7. Great post and you're right $100,000 isn't much considering they are a global company. But to be perfectly honest if there hadn't been such an uproar on the internet about this they probably would have donated an awful lot less so bravo to everyone who got MAC and Rodarte to listen and made them do at least something! It's great that they are changing the names of the products and who knows with more of a push from all you beauty bloggers maybe they'll reach further into their pockets. The important thing is that they are doing something, no matter how small something is better than nothing!

  8. Your letter couldn't be more perfect! x


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