Friday, 9 July 2010

Nom or Vom

Ok, so not all of you enjoy the dirty rocker look. (How strange) In fact some of you expressed an urge to go wash out your eyes with bleach after seeing the lovely Anthony Kiedis last week. (Don't worry, your addresses have been passed to Ms Hirons who is at this moment hunting you down with a huge poster and a copy of Under the Bridge which she will be playing to you until you change your mind)

So this week I went for someone more versatile, He can do hairy, he can do clean cut.

Ladies (and gentleman) I bring you Ryan Reynolds.

A clean cut man who you could probably take home to mum, (If you don't mind your mum hanging all over him panting "Take me Ryan") ok, just mine then?

BUT, can also be taken out topless (keeping a close eye on him so that the bitches don't try to steal him)to meet your friends

In fact, dont take him out, keep him inside.

Let them stand on the otherside of the window and admire him while he does this.

So what do we think ladies?



  1. Ryan Reynolds does nothing for me, I actually find his face offensive! I also cannot believe that there are people that fail to see the beauty in Kiedis! He's so hot it's upsetting!

  2. HUGE NOM. He's gorgeous and seems like he would be funny too - so he gets major plus points for that. Reading (looking at the pictures of him) has brightened my Friday morning - thank you.

  3. Neither nom nor vom. Just kind of mediocre. I don't have strong feelings on this one at all. Bring back the grubby rockers, please!

  4. I agree with Helen. He evokes no reaction whatsoever - boring, average, yawn... More grubby rockers for me too :-D

  5. YAY love Nom or Vom posts! Can we put forward nom or vom requests?

    I'm a bit meh over Ryan. I can appreciate his goodlookingness but he is a bit clean cut for moi. If he got some ink/facial hair and looked generally more dirty then we'd be talking! ;)

    Are the Ryan Reynolds fans gonna have to fight it out with Ms Hirons? I think she won the AK one last week! :)


    All you non-nommers - have you SEEN his bod????


    And I have the Kiedis list. Get ready.

  7. Powder Rooms, Ms Wedgie, Annisphere, Helen.

    How can you fail to appreciate the beauty that is the body of this man!!!!

    I would Nom nom him till he managed to untie himself and ran away!!!

    Mrs Hirons, BeautyjunkieLondon

    Thank god for you, thats all i can say, The voice of reason, albeit in a "come hither Mr Reynolds" sort of accent.

    Ms Wedgie Nom or Vom nominations can of course be made and I will consider them closely (verreeeeeeeeeeee closely) for entrance into the hall of Nom or Vom

  8. Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom!!! I have an unwavering hatred for Scarlett Johannsson for having him (and also her body, face, hair, career....)

  9. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Ryan Reynolds!!!! I'm jealous of Scarlett!

  10. I'm glad most people are 'meh' about him - more for me.

    Ryan Reynolds could get it every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Plus, he's a fellow Canadian, which instantly means he's awesome.

    I just drooled on my keyboard a bit thinking about groping his booty. Gotta go wipe this up.

  11. He is a bit of a nom but doesn't quite have the shiver me timbers quality! I wouldn't say no!!!

  12. He's very bland. I had to IMDB him to even work out who he is! Next please!!

  13. I remember him from that programme his did where he lived with his friend (who worked on the radio).

    I never used to see what the big fuss about him was, then I saw him in the remake of the Amityville horrors movie. Well, more accurately, I saw him with his top off.

    The body is to be admired (and was admired by me, much to the annoyance of the Mr who wanted to watch something on the other side) but I'm still not liking the face.

    However, like Jimmy Carr said "people say Britney Spears has let herself go, but if she offered it to you on a'd be high 5'ing strangers on the night bus"..I think I'd apply that here.

  14. Sorry, I just can't stomach him. He's just popped up on the Hugo Boss ad as I type this and he still does nothing for me - his mouth doesn't help.

    Perhaps I'm being picky but I like my men a little edgier and dirtier looking x

  15. Well, I don't know if I'd go as far as to say NOM but I would certainly do him. Don't you think his face is a bit weird though? Not that I'd have to look at his face to shag him but still... he looks constantly confused. Bless.


  16. OK, now *this* is what I'm talking about! Nom, nom, nom every single day of the week.

    Scarlett is one lucky lady!

  17. oh all this Vom comment are making me very sad so I have decided to put it down to eye sight problems.

    You just need to look at that body and then the face...just so so lovely.
    Word fail me when it comes to his beauty!


    Fee x


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