Thursday, 22 July 2010

Nom or Vom

Ah ladies, with todays Nom or Vom I am spoiling you.

I present to you Josh Holloway. Introducing the bad boy of the island, The hottie of Lost, Sawyer.

If there was anyone I would quite like to be stranded on an island with, It would be him, (I would burn all his clothes on the first day I can tell you)

Mean and moody? Slightly brooding? oh yes please.

Oh you want him more smiley? Is there any pleasing you lot?
Here you go.

See how his pretty teeth just shine?

Pardon?......... The gratuitious topless pose?........ Is that all you came for? Sigh...Im so proud of you all.

So? Nom or Vom?

It's a definate Nom from me.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Biggest NOM of my life... babelicious :)

  2. great taste ladies, such great taste x x

  3. Well fit!!! The only reason i stuck with Lost! x

  4. Nomalicious. Love him. Even named one of my kittens after him :-)

  5. NOM to the nth degree. I adore him (and his alleged hair extensions). Just gorgeous. And for what it's worth, an awesome character as well. Sawyer had all the best lines.

  6. Definitely nom ^_^ He and Sayid (also nom for me :)) made me watch Lost :D

  7. Nom, he is so gorgeous. I was so grumpy in lost when he got with that awful Juliet.

  8. StyleFrost, you said it perfectly.

    Annknitsphere, love it. whats the other one called?

    Helen (nice things) Hair extensions? gasp!!!! I don't mind he's still lovely.

    Yennefer nom nom indeed

    Sarah@blusherobsession oooh who else is top 5?

  9. Ermmm, No BRAINER!

    NOM NOM ferkin NOM! Yum!

  10. The other kitten is called Jack and our big cat is called Hurley! Sad I know but we loved Lost!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. nope not my type, so a vom from me (@sharonkitten)

  13. NOM. Huge NOM - so much nom that if nom-ing men made me put on weight I would be morbidly obese. Nom nom nom.

  14. vom. his shoulders are a bit weird and the only thing i like about him are his eyes. i mean, i'd give him a chance if i was the last woman on earth and if he was desperate to date me, but other than that, i am not fussed ^_^ x


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