Thursday, 29 July 2010

Nom or Vom

Todays Nom or Vom is by special request. the very lovely Get Lippie. If you don't yet follow her fabulous blog, I suggest you get over there and do so immediately

So this is one is for you Louise x x x

and todays Nom or Vom is the rather delectable Hugh Jackman.

Shall we go straight in with the gratuitious topless shot? (lets)

Ok, I've never really looked at Mr Jackman in this way before, but i'm warming to him quickly.

Shall we see how he scrubs up?

hmmmmmm, quite nicely indeed.

and for the ladies that like them a little more rough and ready?
This ones going out to you.

So what do you think ladies, I can see this one being a bit more split than usual.

Nom or Vom?

Big Fashionista


  1. We was a definite nom during the x men films, think it was the hair and muscles but the other pictures aren't really doing it for me. Certainly not a vom though

  2. Seriously, how can anyone not love him? He sings! He dances! He takes his top off! And he smiled at me once at a film premiere.

    I'll invite you to the wedding though, don't worry.

  3. love love love mr jackman. he is especially hot in animal attraction.
    thanks for that , made my morning

  4. Definately a nom! He's not one of these girly Hollywood nancy boys...he's got chest hair and he can ride a motorcycle! :) Plus he's Wolverine - the sexiest X-Man EVER!

  5. *deep breath*

    Can we have BLOM?

    As in blah?

    Neither Nom nor Vom.

    Sorry Lippie.

    Can we have a tattoo next week please?

  6. I'd say Nom, have you seen him dance in the Lipton Tea advert? Definitely worth a YouTube search!

  7. I'm not an X-men fan but he's pretty nommy in Australia I have to admit! xxx

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  9. Unsure.. I think more nom than vom though.. Yeaah, I go nom!

  10. has to be a nom! defo more nom without the added facial hair :P xx

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  12. I seriously *heart* Hugh Jackman. He gets multiple NOMS from me.


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