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Prison or Holiday Camp?

Following on from my post re Raoul Moat the other day. A lot of comments that I received got me thinking. For most part people were glad he was dead, purely because it saves us the tax payer from having to feed, clothe and watch him get fat in prison.

Is prison a deterrent these days anyway?

3 meals a day, a TV, books, cash for treats (I'm a mum of three, I could do with a break, It sounds like heaven to me)
Prison isn't what it once was. People used to come out and vow never to go back, now it is seen as a training ground for young adults, (an in-house YTS scheme if you like)go in a juvenile delinquent and you come out with a whole new set of life skills (and a new high score on Call of Duty)

Every now and then there is an article in a paper about prisoners threatening to sue because their dietary requirements are not being met!! (Neither are mine-bring me more cake NOW) Oh please, It used to be called porridge for a reason, (I would weep with pleasure if someone cooked me one meal every now and then, you should be bloody grateful you are getting three) Oh your a vegetarian are you? you want people to cater to your needs? Well you didn't stop to consider other peoples needs when you assaulted/stole/raped (insert crime here) did you? stop bleating and man up.

It is amazing that the prisoners moaning most about human rights are usually the ones who have commited the worst crimes. They have no intention of caring about anyone elses human rights, only their own.

So what needs to change? I don't want to go down the route of other countries and ask for the death penalty to be brought back (although it would certainly help with the overcrowding situation) I don't believe that ANYONE has the right to take away another persons life.

But what we need to do is make prison SO bad that people don't want to do time. No TV, no music, why not follow the US lead in some respects by bringing back the chain gangs. Use prisoners to rebuild communities, build roads, dig out foundations for schools and hospitals? Use them to put back into society what them being born has taken out. A hard days work never killed anyone. And if it does............well, once again, it does help with the overcrowding situation.

What do you think needs to be done?

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  1. Thing is people who commit crimes aren't scared of going to prison anymore. They've been told of the "good life" by others who have apparently done their time.
    You get less for murder than you do if you don't pay your council tax these days.

    I don't think luxuries should be given, tv's and xbox? I haven't even got an xbox because I'm too skint. And when they talk about human rights - what about the victims behind their crimes? Their rights weren't considered were they.

    It's classed as a nothing these days. Do a crime, do a bit of time, no wories. They get out, get given a job, house, and help which some genuinely need. Whilst others as with benefits etc, play the system.

  2. Agreed, it's when you see a prisoner like Ian huntley and others in prison and they are fat!!!! you shouldn't be able to get fat in prison-There are starving children everywhere in the world and prisoners are getting fat? Just not on.

    Thank you for commenting, x x x x

  3. I am not pleased that Raoul Moat is dead. In fact it pretty much makes me cringe that people are glad. I find it almost as offensive that people think that as those that think him a legend.

    I also think that if you really really look, you'll find prison isn't fun. I think you'll find it's shit. The food is shit, you're not safe. Comforts are few, and those that you do have are under threat of being taken by other inmates.

    I believe every human should be given three meals a day, and yes, I believe vegetarians should be catered for. This isn't the dark ages. Food is a basic human right, prisoner or not.

    I'm not for making it an easy time and I object to things like playstations being available etc. however, I'd like to know how prevalent this really is. I supsect not very. And perhaps, they have less trouble with prisoners if they are occupied.

    Seriously, people shouldn't be dying in our prison systems. I'm more than a little disgusted that anyone would look at a situation where death could happen and just think "oh well"


    "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"

    What does need addressing is the length of sentences which is a joke, and that sentences should fit the crimes.

    I think the majority of people who had spent time inside would tell you it was sheer hell. Unless they are a cockly little gobshite putting on a front.

    Daily Mail has a lot to answer for, as its pretty much only them and sometimes the Sun that report with horror about a prisoner given a playstation, or allowed to be vegetarian.

    I'm a little bit shocked to be honest.

  4. I'm not glad he is dead, I think he should have been punished for his crimes. I think his suicide was a cowards option. The policeman he shot will suffer for a lot longer than he ever did.

    I agree food is a basic right but what irks me is people bleating about their human rights when they have not cared about another humans right when they committed a crime against them.

    I don't read the Daily (hate) mail or The Sun for exactly those reasons hun. I like my news to be as objective as it can be-which unfortunately is rare.

    My comments on people dying in prison are said to invoke a reaction as which they have, we don't have to agree on each subject we just have to respect each others views and I completely respect yours.

    thank you hun for your articulate, well thought out response (ooh that isn't meant to sound patronising, don't take it that way-please)

    I'm glad you commented x x x

  5. i have to disagree with charlie.
    If someone had done anything to my family the thought of them having the time of there life in prison with there playstations and facebook and free money makes me sick! What has happened to justice in this contry now days? i would want them to suffer as their victims did.
    If there was more punishment in this contry i bet there would be less crimes and more respect.

    Katy x

  6. I, like Kellie, also believe that prisons are too easy. They are not a deterrent and they, in many cases, breed future criminals as opposed to straighten them out. I firmly believe that the chain-gangs of the 30s are long overdue for a comeback and that prison really should be hard time - not enjoyable time.

    Human rights (like political correctness) are usually taken out of all sensible context in today's society and that includes prison. Once you have shot/injured/raped someone your human rights should be automatically removed. No ifs or buts.

    I am able to comment on the state of the prison service as I have a friend who is currently serving time for a miscarriage of justice. I am pleased to say that it isn't particularly easy (as we are led to believe by tabloids) BUT it certainly is not a deterrent either. It's a sort of no-man's-land.

    Like most things, it depends solely on the individual. If you keep your head down you can get out relatively unscathed by the experience but if you are so inclined, you can certainly hone your criminal skills within a very short period of time.

    Like most things, it's the company you keep that determins the outcome.

    There is, for the weak willed/quiet people, a very overpowering sence of fear and but, and lets be honest here, these are usually the "decent people" of society. I mean, how many gansta's do you know who are shy and retiring? They all have balls of steel and mouths to match. The "honest man" runs the risk of clothing and personal belongings being stolen all the time because he is a fish (new prisoner - unaware of the routine/lifestyle). How do you get over this? Make a stand and fight for your belongings. Thus starts the spiral of violence and prison culture.

    The biggest "problem" for prisoners is boredom. This encourages people to form social groups/gangs where the trades can be learnt/defined. This is why Playstations and TVs were introduced to cells in the first place.

    Anyway, to return to the point in hand; prisons are by no means easy (for some) but they certainly are no deterrent to a real criminal.

  7. I'm more shocked by the comments that have appeared since. In countries such as Saudi, crimes are still committed, despite threat of beheadings, stonings, lashes...I believe that criminals, will continue.

    Anonymous. My personal feelings are that if someone hurt my child for example, and god forbid that should ever happen, I have no doubt in my mind I would even wish them dead, the desire to want revenge on people who hurt you and the people you care about is no doubt strong but my hope is that in a civilised society, my wishes would not come true.

  8. I refrained from commenting in the last post because I got too carried away and ended up writing a somewhat sizeable novel, and I won't really comment on this post either. Just because you've summed it all up so well, and I agree with a lot of the comments as well so no point in saying it again.

    Just wanted to say that I love your blog. I am fairly new to it but I love the way you write and how you can have some really thought-provoking posts. It's nice when most of the blogs I follow (and mine) are all about ladidah makeup :)

    Lorraine x

  9. Martiandelights feel free to write sizeable novels.

    As with Charlie, if something moves you enough to comment then I welcome your comments. Whether you agree or disagree I respect everyones opinions and love to hear everyones thoughts.

    I never try to say that mine is the RIGHT opinion, only MY opinion.

    Thank you for reading my blog and I hope to read your next comment (novel) soon :-)

  10. Hi Charlie, I agree that the death penalty is wrong. I think no-one has the right to take away another persons life. And also in other countries it has been proved not to be a deterrent as crimes are still always committed.

    Plazurus. Concise and educated comment as always x x x

  11. Why, thank you. I am an avid reader and I often feel compelled to comment on the issues you raise.


  12. I heard something about there being a program where we could actually make suggestions for the community service offenders had to undertake and that they had to wear bright orange tabards saying that they were offenders on community service. I think things like that are beyond great ways to get offenders offering something back to society. You never know, they might find it rewarding and actually see them rehabilitated and wanting to go back to society changed people! x


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