Friday, 16 July 2010

Robbie & Take That

Oh Robbie, Robbie, Robbie, If you were one of my friends right about now I would be sitting you down with a glass of wine (yes I know it's 10am, but the friends emergency rule states that you can open wine at ANY time if needs be)giving you a hug (and a sly grope) and saying that you should not be going back.

Lets think of Take that as an ex-boyfriend (An extremely hot ex boyfriend I grant you) of Robbies. Sure they had some great times, he was taken to all the best places and had fun. But somewhere along the way things changed. The boyfriend grew more demanding, didn't give Robbie any time to breathe or grow as a person, So Robbie took the plunge and split from the boyfriend (Take That) and began to find out more about himself. He grew in confidence, had success and seemed to be happy. The ex disappeared from the scene only to come back a couple of years later with a great new look and seemed to be doing well without him.

If this was one of your friends, would you advise her to go back?

Hell no.

So why are we all so ridiculously happy that Robbie Williams is going to be re-joining Take That? Is it because it is whats best for us? (A bit like when you are friends with both halves of a couple that split, choosing your loyalties is sooo hard and it's a lot more convenient when they are together)

Are we just harking back to a time when we ourselves were happy? (Can anyone think back that far) Are we putting Take That back together for our own selfish needs?

And does anyone else think it will end in tears?

+ pic for you lot saying that Nikki Sixx is a vom :-)

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  1. Oh god, I LOVE Robbie, I am a huge fan, but I Loved Take That too, with him, and then without him. I think seeing them all back together again though will be absolutely awesome and I am very excited!

    You hear people saying 'Oh he must be skint' and stuff like that, but I don't think that is the case at all, I think that he rekindled his friendship with his bandmates when he decided to grow up.

    So, I think they are reuniting for people like me, the huge fans who would LOVE to see them all together again and singing their old songs with Robbie again, but I also think it's for them too, now they're all back to being mates they want to try at it again.

    I'll buy the album, and I hope hope hope I can see them on their one off tour too, I love them and always wanted to see them as a five :)

    Whew! Sorry for waffling! ;)

  2. I am not a huge fan of Robbie so thats one of the reasons I don't think he should go back!

    But I am very surprised they are even wanting him back. The 4 guys have done soooo amazingly well as a 4 piece. They have some cracking songs and the circus tour was one of the best concerts I have ever seen!! And they have done all this without 'god' Robbie Williams!!

  3. I don't think they are letting him come back because he is some sort of 'god' to them, I think it's the fact that they are all old friends and they want to relive the past a little and have a good time together - They know they can do it without him, just like Robbie is super successful without them :) but together, they are the original TT!

  4. It's not waffling Sophie, I enjoyed reading your comments.

    What would you say to a friend if she was thinking of getting back together with an ex who at the time caused her pain and suffering?

    I am actually excited they are back together but like my favourite movie star should never get old as it ruins it for me, I am worried that things won't be how they once were.

    "Could it be magic" once more?

  5. I agree with you, never go back, it is not a good idea, not back to a workplace, an ex......forward is the only way to go!

  6. Well, where do we start? Firstly by saying that I actually thing Robbie is an excellent performer. I want to clear that up from the start.

    However, since leaving Take That Robbie has had an album that pretty much sums him up; The Ego Has Landed. This was the album with which he tried to crack America and failed - prompting the reply of "I love it here as I can remain anonymous". Yeah, right. Sure. I mean no one actually WANTS the vast American public to buy their songs. That'd be just stupid, right?

    Anyway, I digress. Robbie IS a talented performer. However, after leaving Take That and following very public spats with Gary Barlow and a split with Guy Chambers, Robbie has has a very dramatic and public fall from grace - and reality at times too (remember the UFOs and spoon bending comeback?).

    He is a first class singer but, and this is the cruz of the matter, his songwriting abilities leave much to be desired. If you need proof, look at the albums after Guy's departure. Rudebox and Reality Killed The Video Star were complete disasters with only a few above average songs between them and certainly nothing like the glory days with Mr Chambers' collaboration.

    The real reason Robbie returned to Take that was because, on his own (ie. without Guy writing world class songs for him) he is a poor songwriter and he needs the talents or Gary Barlow (who penned the vast majotity of Take That's songs so that he can be a world class performer once again.

    Being back in the band will take the spotlight off him but it's a small price to pay for the longevity that will ensure his income thereafter

    If he were still with Guy Chambers he'd be peeing on the parade (and the memories) of Take That from his ivory tower.

    Another fall from grace will follow within 18 months.

  7. They shouldn't take him back, he is a traitor and only doing it for self gain. He is a selfish spoilt upstart ! I disliked him then and have never changed my opinion ! Stamps foot ! I agree with you on one point, You can NEVER go back. Saying that, I married my childhood sweetheart 25 years after leaving him to join the army : )

  8. I think you've nailed it completely - if he was a friend (I wish - with benefits!!) I would be on the 2nd bottle of wine by now begging him not to get back in the abusive relationship cycle!! I love Robbie solo and want to see him get back to his solo glory days. Used to like Take That back in the day, find them a bit dull now though.


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