Monday, 12 July 2010

School Dayz

Oh come on, You know it and I know it, Our school days were the best days of our lives. Now when our mums told us this what did we do? Rolled our eyes and walked away muttering, "yeah like you know anything"!! (Trust me, my 9 year old did this to me recently.Damn it hurts)

At the time the smallest thing was a huge drama, especially in secondary school. Someone calling us a name resulted in a three day sob-fest and gathering up our friends for a pity-party. If that happened to me now I would let it just roll over me without even caring. If a boy didn't ring? OMG-The drama, the tears, the playing sad songs over and over until we thought our heart would break? Remember that?

I would love to go back to school as a 14 yr old knowing the things that I know now. (I tell you now, I would RULE that school) I was a boffin, a know it all, never one of the popular group but not someone who was bullied either. just someone who enjoyed school, I had friends and now I can look back and thing WOW, that really was the best time of my life.

I wonder what, if anything I would do differently.

How was school for you?

Would you do anything different if you could?

And can you guess which one is me in the school pic above?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I think you are bottom row, first girl on the right, next to the boy getting a hug from the teacher.

    I loved school, both primary and secondary, really didn't want to leave.

    X x

  2. ooh could be dangerous - I'll start with- front row red tights?

  3. You've got to be the cute one with red tights....

    Luckily for me, I have many 'best times of my life'. School for me was a blast but I didn't appreicate it at the time!xxx

  4. I think you're the 2nd from the left in the back row with the red dress!

    Great post too :-D

  5. I'll try again - back row with bunches - white dress.

  6. I'm guessing red tights too - or possibly the one with the green/turquoise dress on the front row?

    I probably wouldn't say school was the best days, but I do have many happy memories of it. I was very much an inbetweener - not the popular group, but not getting bullied either. Best way to be I reckon!

  7. Hey - you're not the one covering her face are you? can't tell if she's covering her face coz of the photo or if it's more of a 'oh no' despair moment...

  8. I'm gonna go for third from the right on the back row :)

    I loved Primary and Middle School, by secondary school I was a bit of a rebel though! Xx

  9. Annisphere is correct. Back row, second girl

    Posing like a pro :-)


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