Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Strike? No way.

So British Airways staff and the union are now throwing their toys out of their pram over having their travel perks axed and are threatening to strike again?

Deep breathe.

Seriously? I wrote this as my facebook status a couple of months ago and I stand by it now.

Dear British Airways staff,

Go and tell a member of the armed forces that you want to strike over Travel allowances, Bad uniform, and low pay!!!! and then please, let me know how you get on with that.

British Airways staff want their travel perks reinstated.

Under their employment contracts, cabin crew can fly to exotic locations for a discount of up to 90 per cent. Their spouse and children are eligible too.
If they are not married, they can nominate two friends or family to join them on the flights for the same discount. (That is one hell of a perk)

The armed forces are finding that they can't even get their leave as the planes that they fly home on are so old that they frequently break down, stranding them away from their families on their hard earned break. In the armed forces men and women are battling every day putting their lives on the line for others.

Whether you agree with the war or not, you should support the troops that are out there, who sacrifice their home life, their pride and even their life.

What literally makes me want to puke, is that Unite have said that cutting their travel perks breaches "Human Rights Legislation" EXCUSE ME??????????????????

Having your human rights breached is, Being held against your will by people who disagree with your political beliefs, Having your family ripped from you in the middle of the night as a warning to be quiettaking away your right to basic living conditions, food and water.

THAT is having your human rights breached. In a day and age where people are losing their jobs or having their pay frozen and are worrying about rising costs, is it just me or is this the pettiest thing ever to want to strike over?

BA Staff should be grateful they have jobs or don't have to worry on a day to day basis about whether they will be returning home to their families in one piece.

They should look to the Armed Forces as an inspiration, no complaining, just getting the job done. We should ALL be inspired by them.

I salute the Armed Forces. BA should give them the subsidised travel, I'm sure they would be grateful.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. It depends, is my response......

    It would be wrong if the staff were being punished because they are union members, and just because others are treated worse, does not mean that all employers shouldn't aspire to treat their staff fairly and with dignity.

    Our armed forces should get the best, undoubtedly (I am the daughter of a former Horseguard Corporal), but removing rights from others will not improve the penny-pinching of the MOD!

    Principles are at stake here, and if we come out of this recession with fewer rights for workers, it will be a poor lookout for everyone in the future.

  2. I'm with you on this one, they should be glad to have a job...I'm all for worker's rights, but meaningful ones- good terms and working conditions. A perk is just that- a perk. It's not a necessity!! Dragging the old "human rights" argument out just dilutes what the human rights act actually stands for...

  3. I think it's fair that when a company makes profits it involves the employees by giving out perks/bonuses. However, if they don't make any profit, it's only fair and understandable that the employees don't get them.
    They've still got a job when so many others don't !


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