Sunday, 25 July 2010

Summer Hell-idays are upon us

So B&Q have announced that most parents think that the six week holidays are too long-well no shit Sherlock!!! I wonder how much it cost them to find that out? If they would have given me a fiver I could have told them that. (throw in a packet of cigarettes and I'd tell them how much I love queueing in one of their shops on a sunday too)

Of course the 6 weeks holiday is too long, it's six weeks. If I dripped water on you continously for 6 weeks you would be a mental basket case by the end of it wouldn't you? Now replace water with a child telling you that they are bored/hungry/bored/tired/bored/hot/bored/cold and bored and you may start to get the idea.

The holidays fill me with Valium, I mean dread from about June, (ok, September on the day they go back, that's when I start worrying about the next one) Why oh why do they have to have such a long break in the summer (let's face it, it isn't because it's unbearably hot) 6 or in some cases 7 weeks (that was a BAD year for me) plus every month and a half there is usually a half term or something. How do parents that work cope with the juggling of children in the holidays? It must be nearly impossible, there are only so many times a granny or other sucker, I mean family member can look after the children and still manage to keep your house tidy and a hot meal ready for you in the evening. (am I asking too much?)

I have 3 drains on my resources, I mean children. I seriously cannot cater for all of their needs during the summer holidays so I end up pleasing no-one (this usually ends with me screaming at my other half to come home and deal with HIS kids as I have had ENOUGH. (that was a bad first day that year, I admit)

When I was younger I used to go to a summer club, but nowadays they have cut the budgets for after school clubs, holiday clubs youth clubs (and then the goverment talk about youth crime being on the rise) I have found one summer club they can go to but it's a drive away and I don't drive. (I wonder if I've told my sister-in-law how much I love her lately)

So B & Q thanks for pointing out the blindingly
obvious, Any chance of setting up a school holiday club?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. No but I have been thinking of setting up a parent run boot camp where we all take it turns to look after the little b...... um children. Any takers?

  2. Will you supply Valium or should I bring my own? Same goes for rope ;-)

  3. Well I do have 5 that will need um.. caring for, So its only fair I supply the valium, rope, superglue and possibly a gag or 2 for the really gobby ones

  4. Does this mean I should start mentally preparing for once my 20 month old starts school and these holidays start then?! Sounds painful...

  5. 5!!!!! Sweet Mary mother of Joseph, couldn't you just buy a telly for your evening entertainment? ;-D I'm surprised you have any of those items left :-D

    Topcat76, yes. Prepare now, it's hell on earth ;-) anyone who tells you otherwise. WORKS. :-D

  6. Hehe, The mad part is that I actually DECIDED to have all these children. I mean I can understand the madness if it was a accident. I reckon I should be put in the nut house now. Will save on the superglue and rope

  7. Oh and topcat76 yes your lacking so far behind with the mental preparation. I'm not sure how you will cope, Summer holidays are more painful than you could ever imagine. Once kids hit 5 and find their own feet (and mouths) there's no going back!

  8. Its the best part of 8 weeks here...

  9. 8? !!!!! Passes you the whole supply of Valium, rope and secret vodka stash-you need this more than me x x


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