Friday, 9 July 2010

Tat-too much?

I enjoy a healthy debate. (Ok, i like to argue my arse off) and the wonderful @Bangsandabun has agreed to do an opposing argument piece where we can disagree on a certain subject (A verbal bitchslapping session is how I'm sure she will be describing it)

First subject we thought we would debate is something that is very close to my heart, (Ok, ankle and back) Tattoos.

Let me set out my stand right now-I LOVE them. I have three and each one of them was designed by me and have personal meaning to me.

A sun on my back with Carpe Diem written below it. A meandering vine that runs across my foot with two pink flowers and one blue flower symbolising the birth of my children and on the inside of my ankle a red flower that I had done when I left home and met my partner. For me it symbolises love and independence in equal measure.

Im sure Muireann will tell you that tattoos are tacky and in some cases they are. But in my opinion any self expression is a beautiful thing even bad ones hold meaning for the wearer. Some people showcase their style with a hairstyle that defines them. Some people buy a baseball cap, a staffy and fake burberry and let that define who they are, but that is their choice, Their way of expressing themselves. Surely no-one can stifle that?

Tattoos can be as public or as private as a person chooses them to be. If you look at me you wouldn't even see my tattoos unless I choose to show them off. I'm not going to have the problem in the future of starting off with a small rose on my breast and in thirty years time it become a long-stemmed blob (sagging is a bitch)

I don't really see how anyone can be against tattoos. How can we tell people that what they are doing to their own body is disgusting (Katie Price my love-you are the exception to the rule-Stop it now)

Tattoos are pure art. Different tattoists have their own unique style and a true tattoo afficionado can pick out a particular artists work in the same way an art critic can pick out a Picasso.

Have you heard of Kat Von D?

She is a L.A tattoo artist. I think she looks amazing. I wouldn't aspire to look like her but it works for her and I think it suits her. But even if I said I thought she looked vile. It's her choice not mine. AND that is the point I am trying to make.
(finally, I hear you say)

Tattoos are a personal choice. If you ask a person covered in tattoos about them I'm sure each tatt holds a story behind it. A sort of photo album and story book rolled into one and put on your body. How amazing it will be to have those memories so close to me.

You can read Bangs and a Bun argue AGAINST tattoos at

We'd both love to read your comments and your opinions x x x



  1. I like tatoos on women, but I don't like too many. I especially don't like them on womens arms. I have one tatoo of my own, which is Antons name on my lower back with 2 hearts. I obviously need another one now though as I have another child, but bacially Im a shit house and I didn't like the pain one bit :( Im not good with pain. I eventually will get Harveys name though and it will most probably be on my inner wirst.

  2. I've seen some gorgeous tat's, but I've also worked in old peoples homes. I've seen the age ravaged ones, put's you off good and proper.

    I really can't agree that there aren't bad ones though...there are a lot on display at the school gate right now....names in abundance....on the neck and shoulders, set off by a nice Maxi Dress and orange's really not a good look.

    Do it with taste and style or not at all!

  3. I love tattoos. I would go so far as to say I even have a bit of a fetish for them on men. I've been waiting about two years for my first one. I had an appointment booked but found out I was pregnant and had to cancel. I can't have it now until I finish breast feeding, which I hope will be soon.

    I love them.

    Regarding women, I like the Kat von D look or I like one or two. What I hate is what my neighbour has, which is her kids names badly tattooed at the tops of each arm with a tweetie pie on the top of one arm too...

    I can't wait to get my first. Cannot wait!

  4. I have two tattoos (which is unusual and very taboo when you are a beauty therapist). But I like them, have always wanted them, and so I have them. I have a biggish butterfly on my back, the same one that's on my blog. I have my initials on the inside of my left wrist with swirls that creep up onto my visible arm (I might add my initials aren't obvious). My bf designed them both for me (he's a designer - so why have a dog and bark yourself).

    I realise when I'm 80 they may not be the most attractive parts about me, but hey I'll be so happy Ive made it to 80 I probably will be more concerned about what time meals on wheels are coming round to care.

    Tattoos are not something which should be entered into lightly as you are stuck with them for life, but it is a personal choice.

    I'm neither for nor against in this debate. Nor am I sat on the fence. I just think its the person in questions body and its up to them what they do to it.

    Live and Tatt live.

  5. @Beauty Begins - lol at the meals on wheel's! So true....won't be that worried about traumatising the 18 yr old care assistant:D

  6. I think Kat Von D is gorgeous and an extremely talented artist - however, she's gonna look a total douche when she's old. Fact!

  7. I agree with every word of your blog. I have 3 tattoos, no-one would know unless I choose to show them ( on my back and shoulder)which I do when I feel like it. It's my choice and my body. I don't judge others for their style of clothes/hair, so I don't like it when they judge me. Good blog.

  8. I really really really want a tattoo! I've just read Bangs' entry too and I kind of agree with both of you, as contrary as that is.

  9. Only one thing I would say about Tattoos and that is make sure that the 'ink' isn't based on metal. This will cause a LOT of problems if you need to have an MRI scan then they probably won't do it.


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