Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Tuca Tuca

I'm a huge fan of Lush, I even like the smell when you walk past the shop (I see some people acting like they are cyclists in China, putting their arms over their faces while they cough and splutter like a politician being questioned about his expenses, I however take a deep breath and enjoy the smell) So I was extremely pleased to be sent a sample of Lushs' newest perfume from their new brand Gorilla Perfumes-Tuca Tuca. I had heard some really great things about it and was looking forward to trying it. Gorilla Perfumes will be releasing a collection of perfumes throughout the summer and the first, Tuca Tuca is a violet fragrance which I adore.

But, (and like mine, it is a really large butt, I mean but) I havent yet been able to achieve the full potential of this perfume because everytime I spray this perfume on myself, near myself or on anyone around me. I sneeze!!! Now i don't mean a little sneeze, I sneeze so many times that I am grateful I took the time to do my pelvic exercises after the birth of my children. I sneeze more often than a pepper tester in a pepper factory who is wearing clothes made out of pepper. In the end I have so far had to give up and wash my wrists until it is gone. I have made friends put it on (and then made them go away until it has died down a bit) and I adore the smell. It didn't make ANY of my friends sneeze but it did affect my mother-in-law and my daughter. The instant smell that hits you is violets, or more specifically, Parma violets, the sweetie kind. but with a vanilla undertone making it perhaps a little too sweet for me to wear (if i didn't constantly sneeze while wearing it) but I can see that it would be a popular choice for maybe teenage girls or young women.

Another thing I did like about the perfume is that it is suitable for vegans. (At least they won't smell of lentils and cabbage anymore) and at £11 for a 9g atomiser or £23 for a 27g bottle it won't break the bank, Plus there is also a massage bar available for £5.

I look forward to the release of more perfumes from Gorilla Perfumes and hopefully the next one will be something I can wear for longer than a minute.

Have you tried Tuca Tuca? What do you think?

Big Fashionista x x

*This perfume was sent to me for review by a PR company.


  1. I love the Lush smell too, if I'm in a strange town and catch a whiff of it I start sniffing the air like a fox hound till I find the shop!! Haven't tried Tuca Tuca yet but I love the smell of violets (especially Bathos bubble bar!) so fingers crossed I don't have the same reaction!

  2. I think my reaction was uncommon. I have now sprayed it on every one of my friends (2 people-wow, :) Kidding, I've sprayed it on 11 different people and not one of them sneezed)

    It is a lovely smell, I'm going to buy the massage bar, hopefully that won't set me off x x x


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