Thursday, 8 July 2010

U2 must be having a laugh

So Adam Clayton from U2 is suing his bank after over £3,000,000 was stolen from his account by his personal secretary. "Thats terrible" I hear you cry "She should be punished" yet more of you say. (Where are these voices I hear coming from?)

And yes, yes she should, she did a very bad thing and she should be held accountable.

BUT, although she is being prosecuted the main point I am trying to make here (Stick with me, I'm getting there) Adam Clayton is suing his bank!!!! He thinks they should have noticed that money was being taken from his bank account as it was over a FIVE YEAR period!!!! Excuse me Adam, you didn't NOTICE a huge amount of money was being taken? Well no he didn't, because and I quote "he couldn't be bothered to check his statements" Oh well, thats ok then,

Hang on....... No it isn't bloody ok with me. This is U2's Adam Clayton. You know, that band that seem to be all about the charidee lately, telling us to stick OUR hands in our pockets and donate to a good cause!!!

Mr Clayton, You know that 3 million that went missing? Why did you not donate that? If you are so rich you don't even NOTICE that a hugeeeeeeeeee amount of money is missing you are rich enough to not ask me for my last fiver. If ten pound goes out of my bank account that I can't account for, I'm at the bank so fast the staff demand a drug test. (ooo-errr)

Yes she shouldn't have stolen the money, and I am sure the courts will make an expample of her because it is U2, but surely Mr Clayton should do some time for being rich with undue care and attention.

What do you think?

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  1. Wow! If you don<t notice 3 millions went missing in your account... That's because you have too much money!

  2. I will take inspiration from this post and from Adam Clayton himself.

    I plan on suing my bank because money regularly keeps being taken from my account at MAC, Selfridges, Hervia and ASOS! I will demand my bank promptly returns the money because this definately wasn't spent by me ;)

    The man is an arse! If he can't be bothered to check himself...or hire a fancy schmancy accountant to thoroughly keep an eye on his finances then how is it the banks fault! They should tell him to bog off!

  3. OMG Girl you are SO right ! I think you should print that and send it to him, and all the celebrities at the same time.
    They think it makes them look good to get involved with charities... but they're being real hypocrits IMO.
    Like Beckham making an appearance in Afghanistan to "cheer up the troups" when he earns in a day what they earn in a year, and they're the ones that protect us (and him) and risk their lives... all he does is pose on photos and run after a ball... truly pathetic !
    Thanks for this post, really made my day :) x

  4. Ms Bubu it's awful isn't it. I can account for every pound I have at the moment. That must mean I'm poor. Oh hang on-I am.

    Ms Wedgie-Good luck with that, LOL let me know how you get on, it's a landmark case. If you win I may bring a case against Hotel Chocolat, ALLEGEDLY that's where my money goes :-(

    Susannah, thanks Hun. Glad you enjoyed it x

    MartianDelights. It's true isn't it. Hypocrisy is everywhere. From people in gas guzzling tanks/cars telling us to reduce our carbon footprint to......well just about everyone. Tut.

    Thanks for your comments everyone. I appreciate it x x

  5. I hate sanctimonious celebrities that try to brow beat you about charity/the environment/politics all the time - U2 are the worst culprits! Is it bad that I feel a little bit pleased she managed to pull a fast one on him? £3 million and he didn't notice? His accountant needs sacking too!

  6. I often think five years down the line that I will claw back the 3mill that's left my account!! Then my friend, I wake up.
    What an idiot. I hope he stumbles upon this whilst googling himself (you know he will!)

    Great bog, so glad I found it.

    X x

  7. Maybe it's because of all of the plugging they do and the incredible amount of pressure they put on people to donate etc. (Although,it's to great causes & charities) "They" are the ones who benefit the most. It's severely wrong what his secretary did, Yet, how can one be "too busy," to check your own bloody statements? That's just ridiculous!

    love the blog BTW!


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