Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Ulrika-ka-ka can you eat something please ?

I try not to be bitchy, (Oh lord how I try) sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail. (This may be one of those days)

But Ulrika Jonsson? Eat something lady, There is more fat on the bottom of my shoe than on this woman at the moment.

Take a look.

Now I am overweight, I know this. (Said with a cake in each hand-What?? It's a balanced diet if there is one in each hand)

And I know that it is easy to pick on the skinny bird, (Did anyone else think-yeah toothPICK there? nope just me then) but in my opinion she is just too skinny. Just as I would expect one of my true friends to tell me that i'm gaining weight faster than Natalie Cassidy can lose it, she needs someone close to her to say, Enough.

Men out there will tell you, there is nothing attractive about women that are too skinny. While women sweat their arses off to lose weight and say they are doing it to look good for their partners, men around the world are mourning the loss of boobies and bums.

I would love to hear some male opinions on this subject. What do you think of the new super-skinny Ulrika? Hot or Not?

Ladies, do you think Ulrika has gone too far in her quest to lose weight? and does anyone else think that she looks old?

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  1. I lóve this its so true x caroline

  2. Ooh yes, just had a little google and I understand what you mean. Thing is, I think it goes back to that old thing they say about women as they got older. They have to make the choice between the body and the face. Because if you look at her body in her clothes, I think she looks really good. Her skinny jeans fit well and her legs look shapely, But as you go up the body she looks more and more drawn. People associate being slender with youthfulness but once the line (age-wise and body-wise) is passed then it can really make you look very old. We woman have it hard! Ulrika's just trying her best to be sexy and sometime it's hard to see what's really there when it's you.
    Wish I was a bloke! Nah not really!


  3. Personally I think the photograph of her below and to the left looks healthier.
    I just hope the weight loss is not caused by illness and can be regained.
    But in answer to your question, yes, I prefer a woman to have some curves to her.
    And seeing as you asked a Man's point of view a bum should be grabable.
    If you consider the 'mating' perspective then a very thin woman will have few chances of giving birth as the body will say NO I need to keep going and not carry the baby to term.
    You would need to talk to an Anthropologist but I suspect there is some part of the brain that a Man has that examines the shape of a Woman and then makes an estimate of the chances of her physically carrying his child.

  4. Yes she's trying to achieve what so many are...but the skeletor look is un-becoming and she would look so much better if she put on some weight. However, if she's happy that way the it's up to her. It's like people telling Jordan she looks amazing with a lot less make-up...she just ain't gonna listen. x

  5. She does look unhealthy here. I know some people are naturally skinny (not me, I'm firmly in the fat camp) and it must sometimes be difficult to hear criticism of people for being too skinny. But generally speaking, ribs on show like this is a clear sign of being too thin. And yes, she does look haggard and old!

  6. Thank you for all your comments,

    I got a lot of twitter messages saying the same.

    I do think she is too thin but I suppose it is all down to the individual, I would definately like to see her curvier-We'll have to start an Ulrika Watch, If you see any pics over the next couple of months, let me know.


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