Saturday, 10 July 2010

Where is the Justice?

Yesterday, someone that I know was up in court. (Considering that I live in East London I am surprised that this doesn't happen more often)

But this was different.

Let me set the scene for you as if it were you.

Your young children are playing in the garden-its a summers day. When all of a sudden rocks are thrown into your garden by a teenage boy aimed at your children.

What do you do?

If you chose to go out and confront the teenager and then grab him by the shirt when he started mouthing off at you and your family and told him to f@ck off before walking away-nothing more. You too would have been up in court!!!

For that is all this gentleman did. A loyal family man he defended his family without raising his fists to the boy in question, (I personally think i would've beaten the granny out of him) showing his family that violence is not always the answer to violence.

And how did the CPS thank him?

A charge of common assault and threatening behaviour. I kids you not!!!!!

The boy got away scot-free with throwing the rocks.

Now what has this lesson taught everyone involved?

The boy now thinks he is invincible. He can do what he wants

The man charged received a £295 fine (Luckily he did not have to pay the boy and compensation. Would anyone else rather have done time than paid the little scrote a penny?)and is bitter at the way he has been treated.

and the police probably have 248 forms that they now have to fill out in triplicate before they can arrest the next person for something trivial.

I fail to see how justice has been served here.

This is why our youngsters nowadays feel they don't need to take responsibility for their actions and the first words they usually bleat is "I know my rights"
Schools can no longer discipline, Police can no longer clip them round the ear for being cheeky, If a young offender is sent to prison, they get Xboxes and a tv in their cell so that their human rights aren't infringed.

If teenagers are our next generation-People, I feel that we are screwed.

What do you think about what happened yesterday?

I would love to hear your views

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  1. That's ridiculous! I can see why the law stepped in though - if the guy actually grabbed the teen by the shirt, that can be seen as threatening behaviour, and given he was an adult and the teen was a teen... well, the law have to take it seriously. I completely agree that it's unfair, but I think given how the law takes these things, it would have been smarter to deal with it sans bodily contact. I hate it that thoughtless thugs can get away with this behaviour though, and that teen should also have been punished. It's a crazy world we live in.

  2. That's ridiculous. How can they not punish the boy? I don't agree with them charging the dad, but I could understand it if they had charged the boy as well. But to let him get off scott free sends out completely the wrong message. I don't understand this country sometimes.

  3. Its outrageous. I'd have ended up inside because I'd have beat the living s**t out of him had it been my children. Its also true what you say about schools, I work in school and some of the stuff we have to put up with from children AND parents is appalling and theres not a thing we can do.

  4. It is totally disgusting that our criminal justice system works in this way. I totally empathise with the father protecting his children and would have done the same myself, if not more. I am not an advocate of violence but do believe that my family have a right to feel safe in their own home and that anyone who violates those rights does so at their own risk.

  5. It's absolutely ridiculous! Hope your friend is ok!

    3 of my family are in the police and they say exactly what you said...these type of kids think they're invincible. They'll cause as much damage as they want and then turn round and say 'you can't f**kin touch me..i'm a kid'!

    A kid used to hang round my friends neighbourhood and caused no end of grief for the residents - people moved as a result of his behaviour. Nobody could do anything because of his age. The second he turned 18 though he got the crap kicked out of him and his car wrecked by some guys who lived on the estate. Violence shoudn't beget more violence but after 7 years of hurting others he had it comin. What goes around comes around!

  6. My partner got assaulted in our home last year not going into too much detail but he ended up with a head injury and the guy got away with just a caution. There is no justice in our country any more. we have put up a page on facebook Judicial System Protest Group (JSP) to try and get people to fight for better justice. As for your friend i'm sorry to hear what happened it just goes to show that they arrest the wrong people.


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