Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Wild Curls By 17

I'm an unhappy blogger. (Stamps foot)
I like to moan, I admit. I like to take a product and be brutally honest about it. If I don't like it, I will say so, If it makes me sneeze, I will tell you (and throw in a couple of jokes at the same time)
But Wild Curls by 17?

Pah. it's perfect. From its sexy animal print packaging to its clump free brush, if it was a person i'd hate it on sight due to pure jealousy.

I have tried many, many a mascara, (I'm female, it's what we do) and nothing has given my eyelashes more volume and thickness than this. I don't think this gave my eyelashes extreme curl but it definately gave the illusion of curl due to the clump free formula that thickened and defined my lashes perfectly.

I would like to tell you that it slid down my face so I looked like Alice Cooper after a sobfest, but it didn't-so I can't. It stayed on my eyelashes making me look like a super vixen with my long eyelashes that I could bat like a good un.

Maybe I could tell you that it wouldn't come off my eyelashes, that it held on like a drunk at a party refusing to leave. But noooooooooooo, It came off easily and well.

I should tell you that it is hideously expensive and well out of the normal persons reach. But it had to go and be cheap, In fact those people at 17 have been so good to you that they decided to throw in a free gift. Wild Curls Eye Kit, containing, Tweezers, eyeliner and an eyelash curler!!!!!!!! BRIBES? I hear you say, well no-It's more like a congratulatory gift. You've used your beauty brain and bought a fabulous mascara, well done. Here is a pressie.

So what is a writer to do?

Nothing. Apart from go out and purchase the mascara in the other colour available brown.

I suggest you go and do the same. We can compare notes after.

Big Fashionista x x

You can also follow 17 on twitter at @official17

This Mascara was provided to me by PR to trial


  1. I love this mascara too! Love the brush it's all smooth and clump-free and lovely! xxx

  2. Great Post! I can't wait to try this :)

  3. Totally agree - this is a fab mascara. 17 have come up trumps with this one!

  4. It is fab May isn't it.

    Sophie, get in there quick as the free gift is only available until 10th of August while stock lasts x

    Beautyjunkielondon Best mascara 17 have done. I would also like to see the packaging used on other products as it is funky and cute.

  5. Brilliant review - you have me sold!! Definitely picking up this baby at the weekend :)

  6. Don't forget the free gift hun x x x

    It really is great, plus even the packaging looks good, not boring but funky x

  7. Oh my god I'm excited!! Get me to Boots!


  8. I like the sound of this, but is the brush a brush-brush or one of those plasticy/silicone things? I really don't like the new fangled ones, much prefer a proper brush!

  9. Thanks! GOod to know! No 17 has really upped it's game lately I think!


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