Thursday, 26 August 2010


Oooooh yes. A holiday. Ok it's probably going to be more of a hell-iday again (especially as we are going back to
where we went before) and the weather isn't great (it is October right?) but as is a great tradition in the Fashionista household it has come to the august bank holiday beano time once again.

Think Del Boy and Rodney on their Jolly boys outing, throw in some children and a sister in law with PMT (love ya really Natasha) and it has all the makings of a CLASSIC august bank holiday beano. If anyone is friendswirh me on Facebook you may have seen the video evidence of the last one!!!!!!

See you next Thursday,

And if you have any ideas for next weeks Nom or Vom please feel free to leave them
in the comments below x x

Big Fashionista x x

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Charity Tuesday request-The Sussex Snowdrop Trust

Social media is a great way to make friends, it is an amazing way to publicize your business but more importantly it is a great way to spread the word about an awesome charity that needs your help.

The Sussex Snowdrop Trust is a charity I had never heard of before, but the concept behind it truly moved me to tears.

Taken from the website.

The Sussex Snowdrop Trust

We are a unique charity offering 'Care at Home' for local children who have a life threatening illness or who may be terminally ill.

Based in the Chichester area of West Sussex,

The Sussex Snowdrop Trust provides:

Care at Home by Children's Community Nurses & Nurse Support Workers
Emotional support which is met by Snowdrop Counsellors
Financial help for families coping with the day-to-day
problems of caring for a very sick child.

Surprisingly, very few children in this country have this choice.

The Charity works hand-in-hand with the West Sussex Primary Care Trust. Historically, when the Charity was founded, Nurses from the local NHS hospital were paid by Snowdrop to provide Care At Home for local children.

When funds became available, the Charity was able to pay for the first Snowdrop Children's Nurse and, as you will read on subsequent pages, the Team has now grown considerably. The whole of the Snowdrop Care At Home Team continue to be led by Dr. Ann Wallace and come under the umbrella of the NHS Children's Services.

I have three children of my own and the pain that these parents must be suffering as they watch their child slowly fade away is something that I cannot bear to think about. But The Sussex Snowdrop Trust are there to make an unbearable situation slightly easier by giving the family emotional support as well as "care at home"

Here is how YOU can help.

Victoria Lambert has created a special charity auction for 2 unique hand-dyed T-shirts which is running on her blog.

This holds a personal interest for Victoria as friends of hers recently lost their 18 year old daughter Charlotte to cancer. At this tragic time Charlotte and her family were supported by The Sussex Snowdrop Trust and Charlotte wanted her family to raise awareness of this charity after she had gone.

And so Charlotte's Wish was created.

If you could PLEASE go to Victoria Lamberts Blog page and either bid on the T-shirts shown here.

or on Victorias page there is a link to a page where you can buy a very special FIREMAN calender for 2011

(outta my way ladies)

Go and make a bid on the T-shirts, kiss your children and be grateful that out there there are charities such as The Sussex Snowdrop Trust who are making a difference.

Big Fashionista x x

Monday, 23 August 2010

Lost Souls (and car keys)

Have you ever lost anything? (other than your mind?)

I have just spent the whole weekend searching for something that I hadn't even lost in the first place (Ah the joys of being a mother)

Questions that followed included, "Where did you last see it?" (Seriously??? I didn't even lose it, in fact WHAT are we looking for?)

"Why don't you retrace your steps?" (Why don't you piss off) and my personal favourite "You know it will be in the last place you look don't you?"
(Well DUH, why would I continue to look AFTER I found it, of course it will be in the last place I look?)

What is it with things getting lost anyway? Certain things have a tendancy to get lost don't they? Car keys, Remote controls, small children, I'm still looking for one I misplaced recently, I think she's in the bathroom somewhere under a pile of clothes, (I'm not looking very hard for her I have to admit) it's just annoying, I don't have time for this.

Do you remember the keyrings that were released that bleeped if you whistled at them?if you overlooked the fact that they beeped everytime you so much as raised your voice above a whisper they were a good idea weren't they? (maybe I should attach them to my children)

I could pray to St Anthony, (He covers lost things AND lost souls, nothing wrong with covering ALL the bases) or I could do what I usually end up doing.


When it comes to looking for lost things I prefer to channel the old saying,

If You Love Something Set It Free
If It Comes Back, It Was And Always Will Be Yours.

If It Never Returns,
It Was Never Yours To Begin With.

It usually works, (and even if it doesn't, it usually does my other half's head in SO badly, he ends up looking for me)

Friday, 20 August 2010

Rant of the day

I don't mind climbing on my high horse every now and then and having a little rant, and people, today is that day. (The riding boots are just for effect, honest)

Splashed across my timeline on Facebook and Twitter yesterday was an article about the latest childrens web craze Moshi Monsters.

Moshi Monsters Article

Apparently it is a "Paedophile Playground"

Newsflash parents, the WHOLE of the internet is a paedophiles playground, and the sooner YOU play your part in keeping your children safe the better.

If your child has passwords on their computer or a computer in their room, and is completely unaware of what is going on in the world and what could happen, then YOU need to step up and show your child who is in charge (Thats you that is)

Until all paedophiles are removed from society then it is YOUR duty to keep your children safe on the internet. You can't just bury your head in the sand.

All this outrage about Moshi Monsters? Pointless. I saw people saying that they are stopping their child from playing the game altogether as they didn't know that could happen and they thought their child was safe!!

WHY? (and WTF?)

Why the hell did you think your child was safe on an internet site where children can chat to other children? (Hopefully) You signed up your child to the site, you saw how easy it was. Did you not think, Hmmmmmmm, this would be an easy way for someone with bad intentions to speak to my children?

My 10 year old is computer savvy. She has MSN, Moshi Monsters and Facebook (Yes she is too young for these things but trust me she is getting away with NOTHING) She doesn't get to add or accept friends without me knowing who they are, In fact I stand with her as she does it. There are NO passwords on her pages to keep me out, privacy settings are HIGH and she ONLY goes on the computer in the living room where either her father or I can see her at all times, but MOST importantly she knows WHY we do these things, She knows that there are people on the internet who lie about who they are, and that their intentions are not good. (It is sad that we have to explain to them about strangers but its a damn sight better than the alternative)

I think all of this anger towards Moshi Monsters is misplaced. Are you angry at the website? or yourself for not realising that you maybe the one putting your child in danger by not making sure your child is safe.

Do you do ALL that you can to keep your child safe on the internet?

Don't hate the game. Hate the players (or at least make your child aware that they might not be who they say they are)

What do you think?

Big Fashionista x x

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Nom or Vom

It's Friday. Which can mean only one thing.

It's Nom or Vom day.

This weeks Nom or Vom was suggested by the lovely @PinkSith If you want to check out her make up and product musings then I suggest you get your fine self over to all pronto like.

Thank you for your nomination lovely lady x

So who do we have for you to sink your teeth into today?
(see what I did there)

Alexander Skarsgard no less.

If you have been hidden under a rock then let me explain to you about Alexander Skarsgard in one word.


Currently starring in True Blood as Eric Northman he has kicked RPattz in his sparkly little behind in the race for Top Vampire Totty for a lot of women.
(ducks to avoid rocks thrown by RPattz fans)

Gratuitous topless shot?

Thought I would throw in a little sumting sumting extra there as well. I am a equal opportunities blogger after all.

(It will be hard to top that pic next week I tell you now)


The long haired look for you rocker lovin ladies out there.

You prefer mean and brooding?


One more?

So what do we think?

Would you take a bite out of Alexander?

Would you want to be HIS nom nom?

Let me know, NOM or VOM

Fangs for reading

(walks away in shame)

Big Fashionista x x

Day Off

Ever have one of those days where you just feel like you need a day off?

Well people, today is that day.

Here's what I suggest, the sun is shining-go play. If you are at work, do the minimal amount (unless you usually do the minimal amount in which case-hey take the day off)

Sunshine!!! It's that yellow ball in the sky, I know some of you may be unfamiliar with it's work but it's here. Enjoy every last ray. (Packed lunch in the park anyone?)

I'm taking the day off too. So no new posts today.

You could browse through some old ones, (there are some great ones back there)

see you later guys, I'm off to the park

Big Fashionista x x

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Men Are Useless

Its actually the name of a brand new website but for some reason I find myself nodding and agreeing with the statement. (I wonder why?)

The website has been set up to help men everywhere who suffer from LACK OF BATHROOM ESSENTIALS.

In a survey Men Are Useless found that over three quarters of men run out of essential bathroom products each month and over 77% admit to stealing their partners products to help see them through. (Back away from my tampons mister)

So the people behind Men Are Useless have decided to help each other out and have set up an ingenious plan.

Each month you can be sent a box of products that FIT THROUGH your letter box and contain everything that you need to save you time, leaving you free to fight spiders or crime or whatever it is you silly men do.

There are currently 2 boxes available.

The "Essentials"

£9,99 a month and you receive in each monthly box

Shampoo/Shower gel

King of Shaves Azor Razor

Spare Cartridge

Shave Gel


"The Works"

£15,99 per month and you receive

Shampoo/Shower gel

King of Shaves Azor Razor

Spare Cartridge

Shave Gel

Plus you can choose 2 more from

Post-shave balm


Face scrub

Face Wash

Face Pack

Hmmmmmmm, it's bloody ingenious. not only from a hygiene point of view but from a lets keep our men looking nice point of view. Which women out there hasn't been out for a meal with their man and found him sporting facial hair that David Bellamy would be proud of and when asked about it, he replies "I've run out of razors"

Could this now become a thing of the past? Can we bamboozle them into looking smart & neat without them even realising?

Take a look at Men Are Useless. and lets begin operation "Look Smart" without them even realising what we are doing. They think CLEAN, we think SMART.

Sssshhhhhhhh it can be our little secret.

Big Fashionista x x x

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Crouch-ing tiger, Hidden man slag

Ever heard the saying, "Why go out for a hamburger when you have steak at home"

Why yes Peter Crouch, I am talking to you, what you gonna do about it? (buy me dinner?)

Peter Crouch joins the long long list of footballers that truly cannot keep it in their pants.

If he had scored at the World Cup as often as it has now been suggested he has done away from home, then we would have come home from South Africa with a prize that is worth having (not one that has to be treated with antibiotics and a lotion)

People say that footballers can't help it, Even the WAGS say that their men have women constantly throwing themselves at them and eventually they find it hard to say no.

Lets practice this one boys, NO..........There you go, its one syllable as well, so no brain strain there. (and no groin strain either)

Its simple, it really is. If these men are in committed relationships (and i'm not just talking about footballers here, any man with a penis and a couple of quid in his pocket on a night out, i'm talking to YOU) why go to a place where you are going to be covered in practically naked wannabes? ESPECIALLY if you haven't yet mastered the art of saying NO (Keep up the practice, try a mirror... you know, one of those things you use to check your looks in 20 times a day) Admit it, it isn't JUST for the music is it? Its to experience the thrill of being lusted after by women everywhere. Mahiki, China Whites, No man turns to his missus and says, I'm just going to pop to Mahiki's for a quiet pint and a chat with my mates do they?

Peter Crouch was once asked what he would have been if he hadn't been a footballer,

His answer? A VIRGIN!!!!

Says it all really doesn't it.

What do you think about the epidemic of footballers who are cheating?

Do you think the money that they are earning each week makes them drunk on the power? That they think they can buy what they want including the silence of the women they boink?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x

Monday, 16 August 2010

Mac/Rodarte Round 3

It has just been announced by MAC that they are not shipping the MAC/Rodarte Collection AT ALL.

Here is the statement.

M.A.C Decides NOT to ship M.A.C Rodarte makeup collection out of respect for women & Girls of Juarez and their families.

This decision will not impact M·A·C 's commitment to donate all of its projected profits from the collection to benefit the women and girls of Juarez.

Out of respect for the people of Mexico, the women and girls of Juarez and their families, as well as our M·A·C Mexican staff and colleagues, M·A·C has made the decision not to ship the M·A·C Rodarte limited edition makeup collection. This decision will have no impact on M·A·C's commitment to donate all of its projected global profits from this collection to local and international groups that work to improve the lives of the women and girls of Juarez. We are currently conducting due diligence to ensure we donate to organizations with a proven record of directly supporting the women and girls of Juarez.

M·A·C and Rodarte are deeply and sincerely sorry and we apologize to everyone we offended. We have listened very closely to the feedback of concerned global citizens. We are doing our very best to right this wrong. The essence of M·A·C is to give back and care for the community and Rodarte is committed to using creativity for positive social change. We are grateful for the opportunity to use what we have learned to raise awareness on this important issue. 

Already this has caused some anger in the social networks that I frequent.

And the sceptic in me wonders if there ever was a collection in the first place or was this ALL just a huge publicity stunt?

I like to think not. MAC have done such good work in the past that they wouldn't do anything so stupid.

But why pull the collection all together?

Here is the link to their facebook site -> MAC

What do we think?

Big Fashionista x x


It now seems that MAC are still releasing the collection in the US but not globally.

Which opens up a whole new set of questions.

Such as how does it show respect for Woman & children of Juarez and their families not to ship globally but in the US which is practically their back yard.

This is a HUGE PR fail in my opinion and MAC will be counting the cost of this for years to come.

Human Centipede

Browsing through the Sunday papers I was playing my usual game of "If I wasn't a parent and had at least 5 minutes in the day to myself so that I could stop feeling so damn miserable all the time I would.........." (It's a fun game, you should play sometime)
I was looking at the latest cinema reviews (Anything more than a PG is just a pipedream at the moment) and came across The Human Centipede.

Deep breath. (Possibly to vomit)

What in the world is this filth???????

And whose sick little mind did it spring from because seriously sir.... Have you tried counselling? (Or prescription drugs? or preferably both)

The plot of this delightful little mind f**k is simple.

Mad german doctor (They're always German aren't they? Why is that?) kidnaps 3 people and decides to make a human centipide out of them for FUN!!!

But here's the kicker-The way he does this is by sewing their digestive system into one so that all three of them are sewn bum to mouth (If this was me, I'd be JUMPING to be the one at the front) Ok, let me show you a picture in case my descriptive words are not enough for you.

Anyone else thinking this is not a film for them? (I'm also doubting that the sales of popcorn will be high either)

It seems to me that in this world at the moment, it is ALL about pushing the boundaries.

We start off with "The Birds". We end up with "They Rip Off Your Face And Shove Birdseed In The Soggy Bits" (Certificate 15!!!)

"The Curse of Frankenstein" becomes "Woman On Her Monthly Curse Goes On A Rampage and Slaughters Kittens And Makes You Wear The Ears"

"The House Of Wax" Becomes "The House Of Wax" starring Paris Hilton!!!!! (Is there to be no END to our suffering?)

It seems to be the same with everything at the moment, we ARE obsessed with Bigger, Shinier, Scarier or New & Improved. We are racing in a world that can't stop and enjoy what we DO have, our eyes are on what we COULD have, how we can push it to the EXTREME just a little bit more, and another bit.....and a little bit more. SIGH.

This film to me symbolises ALL that is wrong in our society, When I asked people yesterday what they thought of the film and whether it would be a film for them, One person said they had seen the trailer, it looked "Cool" They are going to watch it and they can't wait for the sequel!

I rest my case.

Big Fashionista x x

Who forgot to order a Summer?

Us Brits love nothing more than a good moan about the weather, "It's too hot" (Haven't said that once this year) It's too cold (sounds about right) It's too wet (yep, that one as well)
I think at the moment we are completely justified in our moaning.

It's August people!!!!!!!!

and already my waist has decided to begin it's hibernation process. (I'm laying down fat for the winter)
It has got SO bad that I have decided to stop waxing my legs so that I can have an extra layer of heat!!! (Thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it)

I have wrapped my poor toes in a shield of sheepskin (Uggs) and I expect not to see them until Spring.

I have been browsing wraps and cardigans online and in the back of my head I hear a little voice saying "but it's August" (I just shut that voice up with cake)

So i'm trying to look for the positive in this...

(Nope, can't find any)

Ok, the positive side to not having a summer? More time with the things I love, such as. Boots, Jumpers, Cups of hot chocolate and gloves (I love gloves) Berry lips and darker eye make up, The annual dyeing of my hair red to match the leaves on the trees. Lovely.

Perhaps our seasons are changing and this is just an unpredictable spring?

We will have our Summer in December!

In which case-Christmas Dinner will be turkey salad in the park

And I better go wax my legs NOW.

Big Fashionista x x

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Nom or Vom

I have to admit that this weeks Nom or Vom is DEFINATELY my favourite so far.

Suggested by the lovely @sparklzandshine on Twitter yesterday although his name has kept popping up over the last couple of weeks, I have resisted so far putting him forward as the first one to say Vom will probably get a visit from my trusty little friend "The Bat" (I have soooooooo much pent up rage I need to express it just ain't funny)

Firstly a thank you to Sparklzandshine for her nomination of this sexy beast. If you don't read her fabulous blog and you LOVE make up then get yourself over there pronto

So meet todays Nom or Vom

Mr Tim Roth.

Now this is a man that is definately getting better with age. Although I liked him in Reservoir Dogs. I LOVE him in Lie To Me (He could Lie ON me ANY day of the week)

Another pic?

I like to think that that lift door he is leaning against leads straight to his bedroom and that come hither look is just for me (back off ladies)

The thing I adore about Mr Roth, is he has that look about him which suggests that all he really wants to do is push you against a wall and rip your knickers off.

(I like that in a man)

The only thing I am disappointed in (Fricking devastated) is that I cannot find a gratuitous topless shot which is hot.

If you can find one, share please.

So I'm off to drown in the eyes of the gorgeous Tim Roth, this weeks Nom or Vom.

A couple more pics to keep you going?

oh Okaaaaaaaaaay.

Sigh if it wasn't for that pesky restraining order i'd......................

So what do we think?

Nom or Vom

Big Fashionista x x

Bangs and a Bun

I'm an extremely avid reader of blogs and one for me stands head and shoulders above the rest (apart from mine OBVIOUSLY)

Do you read Bangs and a Bun?

If so, congratulations, you have impeccable taste, If not, I suggest you go and learn about the world of Bangs IMMEDIATELY.

Here you go ->

Well the fabulous Muireann has been shortlisted for Cosmo blog award in the Sex and Relationships category and I think she deserves your vote.

Straight-talking-bitch-slapping-telling-it-how-it-is Bangs and a Bun gives you the gift of her opinion and then leaves you to choose how you so use it.

Here is the link for you to vote. COSMO BLOG AWARDS

I suggest you all go and vote for her.

I've cast my vote.

Big Fashionista x x

Max Factor Accessories

I am not the greatest applier of make up, I usually apply it with a trowel, or my fingers, depending on my mood. (Small tip, angry mood-angry fingers-NEVER a good look) I'm not a make-up artist (more of a p*** artist if the truth be told)and the brushes that I do own were given to me by a wonderful twitter friend who took pity on me.

So I was VERY interested in trying out (playing with) the new Max Factor range of accessories and brushes that have just been released.

I was sent the eyeshadow brush, lip brush and the eyelash curlers to try out and trust me I have been trying them out extensively.

Firstly the eyelash curlers. (after chasing my children around the room opening and closing them screaming i'm gonna bite ya................)

I am a lazy applier of make-up (you may have got this from the finger application) eyeshadow curling is not usually something I have time to do, i'm a busy mother of three (I'm lucky if I get a chance to put on a clean bra) but from now on I will be taking the time to use these little bad boys, They are an excellent addition to my make-up arsenal, they are lightweight and lifted my eyelashes to make me look more awake (that's no mean feat, stressed out mother remember)

My favourite accessory has to be the lip brush. I do love to apply my lipstick with a brush but I HATE having a yucky brush in my bag (wow, HOW technical am I?) This brush came with a fantastic lid top which covered the whole brush. It was soft and glided across my lips like Torville & Dean and DIDN'T leave any hairs behind.

The eyeshadow brush from the collection was if I am completely honest, a eyeshadow brush, it did the job and did it well but it didn't rock my world. it was the equivalent of that friend that is nice, helpful and you like having them around but they don't bring anything extra to the party. It had a good shape though and certainly did a better job of blending my eyeshadow than my fingers usually do.

Other tools in this collection are;

Foundation brush £10.00
Blusher brush £11.00
Powder Brush £14.00
Eye Definer Brush £6.00
Eyebrow Groomer with Lash Comb £5.00
Slant end Tweezer- £8.50
Nail Clipper- £6.00
Crystal Nail File- £8.50

The prices of the accessories I have just mentioned are
Eye shadow Brush £6.00
Lip Brush £6.00
Eyelash Curler £8.50

Overall I think this collection is a superb addition to the Max Factor range, sleek and great to look at as well as being practical (sounds a little bit like me) Max Factor have a great collection here that taps into the market perfectly. Not overpriced and out of the reach of the very people they want to wear their make-up but not skimping on quality either.

I look forward to trying out more of the range which is now available in boots. I may even retire my fingers altogether!!!!!!!

Big Fashionista x x

(my apologies for no pictures, it seems that blogger is playing up in regards to uploading photos-I will add them when I can)

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Uggs- A lovers tale

You can mock my hair (trust me, you would if you saw me) you can mock my wardrobe choices (see above) but what I won't take lying down is my love for all things Ugg.

I've heard all the arguments, "They tread down on the outside making you walk like John Wayne" "They make your feet smell like a cheese factory on a summers day"

(Don't I just have the BEST insults thrown at me)

And my reply is always the same. Those girls you see walking like John Wayne in a cheese factory are wearing FAKES!!!

Oh don't act all surprised, you KNOW this really, You just don't want to lose face after being so vocal in your hatred. (Ugg haters are LOUD)

REAL Uggs are possible the most comfortable boots you can possibly ever wear.

I once compared my Uggs to putting my foot into a sheep (My mother was suitably grossed out but I think she understood my point)

People say they are ugly. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Take a look at these and tell me you dont want at least one pair.

These are Abbie, Embracing the current trend for clogs these have sheepskin in the footbed giving that classic warm toastie feeling and lambskin in the heelbed making them soft and easy to wear.

If you saw them would you say Ugh, Uggs?

I think not.

How about these?

A classic leather boot, I DARE you to find a problem with this boot. you can't. It is a classic equestrian inspired boot.

Uggs aren't JUST about the suede comfy boots that you see, take a look at

if you don't believe me. They have such a wide range of Uggs that you are destined to find a pair that you will fall in love with.

PLUS they have an extremely helpful section on how to avoid fakes.

So, if you see a girl wearing trodden down Uggs and smelling of cheese. Please, feel free to point at her and laugh, as she is doing the rest of us who love our Uggs NO favours.

Big Fashionista x x

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Calling all football widows.

Not every man loves football, but If your other half is one of the ones that does then hold on tight girlfriend, because the football season is upon you once again.

If you don't know your Arsenal from your elbow then listen up, I am going to give you a few tips to make you look like the perfect partner.

(If you are a female that LOVES football, please don't leave me a whiny comment saying that I'm being sexist and some women love football, I know that, I'm one of them)

Questions NOT to ask your Football mad partner.

1) Who's the hottie in the red top? He's gorgeous isn't he?

Lets face it, he is never going to admit that another man is good looking-EVER. You are NOT "connecting" here, you can't mash together football and a girlie chat and think that you will come out of this closer than you have ever been before. If you HAVE to ask someone if the hottie in the red is as good looking as you think he is, ask a girlfriend. On a similar note, If your man asks you to pick some players for his "Dream Team" The form he asks you to study is not their legs and arse.

2) Is that guy not so-and-so's boyfriend?

He doesn't care what "his" boys do during the week. whether they have appeared in Heat magazine as "Torso of the week" for the last 3 weeks running or if they are dating your favourite model. (If it helped them score goals be under no illusion, you would be parcelled up and sent to the training ground quicker than you can say Sunday roast)

3) Does that football shirt come in any other colours?

I will tell you this once. (listen up at the back) there are men (and women) who will gladly lay down their lives for their team. The badge on that shirt is basically their first love, you come a close second (hopefully) but you can never hope to beat that first love. Ask a man where you were when you had your first kiss and I bet he has to think hard before answering. Ask him about the first match he attended and I bet he can tell you who they were playing, who scored and probably who got man of the match. The shirt comes in 2 colours-HOME & AWAY.

4) Can you explain the off-side rule to me once more?
Ok football-hating-shopping-loving ladies and men out there. I have a foolproof way of explaining this to you in a way that you will never forget.

Picture the scene, you are shopping with a group of your bestest girls when you spot a chance to score (some cheap Jimmy Choos) But just as you spot this, another woman from another group breaks away from the pack and tries to head you off from your bargain so someone else can get them (She is the "defender") you race and are neck and neck to reach the bargains when you suddenly realise you don't have your purse. You shout to the member of your team with the purse to "pass it" and she gently lobs you the purse.

Are you clear up to here?

Because this is where it gets tricky.

So your girl is trying an excellent pass and the purse should be heading in your direction ready for you to score. But you can ONLY complete this move if were not ahead of the "defender of shoes" when the purse was thrown. If you were-it's game over, Those shoes are now someone elses to love-as you were OFF-SIDE But if you were behind or neck and neck with the last "defender" then it is SCOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Got that?

Excellent work.

5) Will you come shopping with me Saturday afternoon?

No, no he won't. If he can't watch it on Sky, he can listen to it on the radio, If he can't listen on the radio he will teletext it. Just go out, go shopping and enjoy your Saturday afternoon of peace. It's Ok, he can fill you in later on what you missed when you watch Match of the Day TOGETHER.

All men who are into football are programmed with this saying by Bill Shankly (Look him up) from birth. You ladies can't fight it-better to just roll with it.

"Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don't like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that."

Big Fashionista x x

ps, i'm a Chelsea fan and have been so since a baby, I've stood at Stamford Bridge, I've sat at Stamford Bridge. I am Blue through and through x x

Children; a scientific study.

For those of you who don't have children, I'm giving you a free pass (go and have a spa day or a pedicure or something relaxing) you really don't want to read this, especially if you are thinking of spawning sometime in the future.

If you are still here, you are either a parent, pregnant or basically just want to see where I am going with this. (I'll let you know as soon as I know myself)

Tis the 6 weeks helli-days and I have been observing my children as if they are a small pack of Howler monkeys (I thought it was apt) and I am now ready to bring you my preliminary results.

Look how cute they are, don't they make you want to go Ahhhhhhhhhh?
First mistake, don't be fooled by the cuteness, The Howlers are designed to look cute while bleeding you dry financially-You have been warned.

The "pack" begin their day individually, only coming together for the sharing of what is commonly known as "breakfast" During this meal they usually communicate in grunts to show their emotions. (Apparently teen howler monkeys lose all other means of communication and can ONLY communicate this way)

After this communal meal the Howler monkeys usually begin the long standing ritual which is to annoy & confuse the pack leader (That's me that is) in a daring attempt to challenge their authority.

While there is no educational distraction for the Howlers for the next couple of weeks they have turned to the pack leader to amuse them, But it seems no matter what she does, NOTHING, I mean NOTHING distracts and amuses the Howler monkeys for long.

Arguments are rife in the Howler monkey world, they seem to thrive on them. In fact a day without arguments in the Howlers world rarely exist. It is as if they need to argue to find their position in the pack and are CONSTANTLY jostling for prime position.

I have noted that Howler monkeys like to play, A trip to the park with small Howler monkeys usually involve the pack leader performing the "eyes in the back in the head trick" as one Howler monkey runs one way, one the other and the other Howler monkey announces that they need a poo! (Can someone PLEASE put some toilets into parks, I don't feel I am asking for too much here)

Another skill that the Howler monkeys possess is the endless capacity to eat. A small Howler monkey can consume their own weight in chocolate or crisps if given the chance, It doesn't matter how high you place the food out of their reach, Howler monkeys can sniff out treats in seconds (This also applies to birthday and christmas presents that you have hidden, but NOT to their shoes)

The sleeping patterns of a Howler monkey cannot be recorded correctly. It seems that my records are incomplete. My research shows that the later the Howler monkey goes to bed, the earlier they rise the next morning. This is unexplainable and requires more detailed research. (Research involving them going to bed about 7pm I think)

The grooming of a Howler monkey leaves a lot to be desired, with their natural aversion to water (and soap) the male Howler monkey goes through a phase of avoiding the bathroom completely in their teens (Which is very lucky as the female Teen Howler monkey goes through a stage of never leaving the bathroom)

This research is ongoing and I will continue to observe the habits of the Howler monkeys for as long as I can, Or until I crack and have them put in the Zoo-Anyone want to tell me how much longer of the school holidays are left?

Big Fashionista (Pack leader)

Monday, 9 August 2010

Do you "like" Models Own

Back when I attended school (First one to ask me what the dinosaurs were like gets a smack around the head) there was this one girl who would do ANYTHING to be popular (not that, you filthy minded creatures)
she bought things for people, told them they were fabulous and made herself indispensible so that they needed her around (okay, okay it was me, you broke me)

Now the FABULOUS Models Own are trying to get YOU to like them. On Facebook that is.

Once they reach 10,000 fans then they will be running a special HALF PRICE sale for all their fans. GIVE ME A WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

To help them reach this figure click the link HERE and then "like" them before suggesting that all your friends do the same.

Now I hate to think of Models Own having a crisis of confidence and feeling unloved, frightened and alone. (Am i tugging at your heartstrings or your vomit strings here) so I have already suggested them to ALL of my friends (thats another 6 likes) so why don't you follow the "in" crowd and make Models Own feel popular.

Then when they reach 10,000 likes you can shop for Models Own products with 50% off.

Everyones a winner. They are "liked" and you will be looking seriously hot with your new products. Especially if you pick any of the new shades just released.
Here's a sneak peek at the new shades.

So what are you waiting for?

Get "Liking"

Big Fashionista x x
(PS, Dinosaurs were SCARY)

Slimfast 3 day Diet.

Ok, I see my mistake in the title, it's the word DIET, everyone I know that has successfully lost weight has told me to stop saying the D word and see it more as a healthy way of life. So from now on the only D word I will be saying is Doughnuts. I think thats acceptable don't you? (And I wonder why my bum spans two postcodes!! seriously, wherever you sit in the room, I'm sitting next to you!!!)

So I decided to give myself a kickstart to my healthy lifestyle. One of my friends has been raving about Slimfast and how she has so far lost 10lb in a month and has never been hungry once. (Guess which bit appealed to me? Yes ok, all of it)

Arming myself with all that I needed I decided to do slimfast for 3 days to see if it is the diet for me.

On the Slimfast 3-2-1 Diet you have 3 snacks a day, 2 slimfast shakes and 1 600 calorie BALANCED meal (How tempted was I to blow that on 600 calories of biscuits? VERY-1 biscuit in each hand apparently is NOT a balanced meal!!! Who knew)

I have memories of doing this diet when I was a teen and feeling faint and hungry but now the diet has been revamped and with the added snacks I have to admit at one point I felt like not eating my afternoon snacks as I was not hungry (diet gods everywhere have just hit the ground with a thud)

The shakes that I used were the ready prepared shakes as there is a variety of flavours that are not available in powdered form as well as them being practical for someone constantly on the go. A tip that I will definately share with you is to make these bottles as cold as possible and if possible, add ice as they make them taste nicer. (They aren't vile by any stretch of the imagination, and are perfectly drinkable but lets face it, they are no McDonalds Milkshake, keeping them cold and adding ice just makes them better)

HOWEVER i will be tasting this one in my nightmares for years to come.

Meet Lemon Meringue. I tried various flavours over the 3 days but let me tell you this was not a happy meeting. The only thing shaking was my stomach. I didn't finish it and have no desire to ever try this flavour again. (But saying that I LOVE the Cafe Latte flavour whereas my friend would rather drink blood than that again)

The other flavours in the bottled range are Blissful Banana, Fruits of the forest, Raspberry Crush, Rich Chocolate, Simply Vanilla and Summer Strawberry.

There is definately something there to suit everyones taste.

In the powdered form the flavours are Blissful Banana, Rich Chocolate, Simply Vanilla,Summer Strawberry and Cafe Latte. To these you add skimmed milk and stir.

The snacks in the range were perfect for me.

I am a picker (Ok a muncher) of snacks, I love crisps, chocolate anything that i can just snack on. 3 snacks a day? taking my pick of pretzels, cheddar snacks, Chocolate Nutty nougat bar, Chocolate caramel or a chocolate delight bar? well roll me and mud and call me a piggy coz this is just perfect for me. I felt like I was CHEATING. 3 snacks a day? and I will still lose weight? getouttahere.

As I mentioned before, on saturday afternoon I was still so full up from my shake I nearly couldn't eat my snack (I forced it down in the name of research, how responsible am I?)

On this 3 day trial I NEVER felt hungry. In fact I did feel as if I would end up putting ON weight.

How did I do?

I weighed myself this morning and in 3 days I actually lost 3lb!!!!!!

I am impressed.

Will I keep it up? Yes, I think I will. Not only did I find that it worked for me but it did help me to appreciate the food I was putting in my mouth in the evening. I wouldn't do this as a long term diet but I could have done a lot longer than 3 days.

I am going to try healthy eating for a couple of weeks now and then going to do the slimfast again over a longer period of time.

I do recommend this, from what used to be seen as practically a starvation diet it has come into its own. No hunger pains for me. And what I see as a great loss to help me get motivated.

You can buy slimfast at Boots, Superdrug and all good chemists.

There is also a helpful website here that can help you to plan your diet strategy.

Let me know if you've tried it before or whether I have inspired you to give it a go.

Big Fashionista x x

Get Steven home-Part Two

In the middle of July I wrote about Hillingdon council and the way they were treating a young autistic man Steven Neary and his family.
You can read my original post HERE.

Tuesday 10th of August is the day when decisions will finally be made. There is going to be a vigil held for Steven outside Uxbridge Civic Centre from 8.30am until 3.30pm if you can attend, then you will be made most welcome.

HOWEVER, as some of you may know with your recent involvement in the MAC/Rodarte campaign-WORDS can make a difference too.

If you too have been outraged by this case then please feel free to do the following.

The director of adult social care is a Mr Doughty.

and this is his email address

There is also a Councillor Mr Peter Kemp, who is leading the "Disabled Peoples Plan"

This is his email address

If you could, PLEASE send the following to Mr Doughty & Mr Kemp to show your support for Steven and his family

Dear Sir,

I'd like to formally advise you that I am fully supporting the vigil taking place outside the Civic Centre in support of the immediate release of Steven Neary from incarceration by HIllingdon Council. Please reconsider your misguided decision, before it inevitably ends up in a court of law, and adopt a more humanitarian and less discriminatory approach to a young man with autism who is becoming increasingly traumatised by the deprivation of his liberty.

Yours sincerely......

Your words CAN make a difference here. Tweet about this, Facebook this. Let us show the Doughtys and Kemps of this world that they cannot do this to a family without people standing up in support. This cannot be swept under the carpet. This man is being held against his will. He WANTS to go HOME, his FAMILY want him home.

Let us all help to make that happen.

and in case you think it isn't your problem,

Can I remind you of my favourite poem, that I try to live by each day of my life.

First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out - because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the communists
and I did not speak out - because I was not a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out - because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me -
and by then there was no one left to speak out for me.

Pastor MArtin Niemoller

Big Fashionista x x

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Weekend updates

So it's the weekend, for some that means drinking, for others it's theatre visits or the movies or just time to relax (I hate you all)

well for me I get to do none of those things as I am a mum which means that my life gets put on hold at the weekend to serve others (I'm ranting a bit now aren't I? Ok, ok I apologise)

And breathe.

Back to my point,

What I want from you guys is an idea of what you want from me.

(am I being lazy here?)

More opinion pieces or beauty and fashion? What do YOU think I should be focussing on?

Is there anything happening at the moment you want my opinion on?

(I'm being lazy aren't I?)

So help a stressed mother out here and give me your input. I'm off to the park to push some children on a swing

Big Fashionista x x

Friday, 6 August 2010


Lately I have been CRANKING up my radio (mainly to drown out the sound of whining children-If I hear the word bored once more I may crack) and I have been loving the sounds of Absolute 80's on DAB Radio (Am I showing my age here?)

But it is sparking something deep inside my cold numb heart that I am now aware are called "feelings".

It's feelings of nostalgia. I was born in 197(cough) for me the 80's were fantastic, The 80's remind me of my childhood. Rollerskates, Deely boppers, Spacehoppers and the ULTIMATE 80's accessory. The Sodastream.

Can you remember the song? So get busy with the fizzy, Sodastream, Get busy. My apologies if you now hum that for the rest of the day.

Sodastreams are now BACK.

It's a good thing, in fact its GREAT. But it brings back sad memories of my childhood.

I never owned a Sodastream as a child (All say ahhhhhhhhhhh)For some reason my parents decided that it wasn't something that we needed. So the only time I was able to indulge my desire for Dandelion and Burdock and other wierd and wonderful drinks was at a friends house (seriously it tasted even nicer knowing that it was something I couldn't have at home)

But now i'm a grown up and I am thinking of going Sodastream CRAZEEEEEEEEE (Ok, scratch grown-up and think adult)

I want this,

available from as well as Asda, Robert Dyas and John Lewis.

I want all the flavours available and I am going to drink myself into a fizzy frenzy.

PLUS to show my love while I am doing it I am going to wear this.

Available from

How cool is that? A Sodastream T-shirt to show my appreciation.
So don't bother me for a while people, I'm off to get "busy with the fizzy"

What is your nostalgic item that brings back memories of your childhood?

Big Fashionista x x

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Nom or Vom

Todays Nom or Vom is brought to you by request (begging) of the lovely @TheKarleighShow You can follow her fantastic blog here

The object of her desire is Tom Hardy.

Star of Martina Cole's The Take, currently appearing in Inception and has previously been in Bronson, Layer Cake and RocknRolla.

This sultry lipped hottie has flown under the radar for many of the female species due to him taking on some extremely gritty roles.

So lets start with the first pic.

Do you like what you see so far?

Want to see more?

Unfortunately this is the nearest I've been able to find to the usual obligitory gratuitous topless pic. (But i think it works)

And in case you have any doubts to the calibre of this actors work, one last pic.

So what do we think people?

Nom or Vom?

(Smallprint, Karleigh would like me to point out that in fact Mr Tom Hardy is HERS, and hers alone)

EDIT. More pics added at the insistence of a certain someone who is not sure you fully appreciate HER man. :-)


The Emperor's New Clothes

If you are fan of all things Vintage then I suggest you may want to avert your eyes now. (Look away, look away)

Everywhere I look there are people commenting about how much they are looking forward to Vintage at Goodwood (13th-15th August in case you are interested,and if you are, why are you still reading this? I did warn you)

I'm sorry, I really just don't "get" vintage. Is it not just second-hand goods given a fancy name?

Don't get me wrong, I don't see anything wrong with it, I just can't see why it had to have a change of name from second hand to vintage. (It's like the whole Marathon/Snickers debacle all over again)

I suppose if you are at the Ambassadors ball and the wife of a visiting dignitary come up to you and admires your dress and you reply, "Thanks, it's second-hand" it doesn't quite have the effect that you were searching for-I get that.

But it is the whole brand revamp that surprises me. We have Vintage at Goodwood, (It used to be Second-hand at Solihull) Celebrities rock up to red carpets in their "vintage" outfits, (Sue Ryder specials as we used to call them) and they are met with gasps of approval and wonder at their amazing style. (not pity that they can't afford a new dress)

It's like the Emporer's new clothes, we know they are second-hand but you call them vintage and we HAVE to say, "wow, what an amazing find, thats a timeless piece of fashion that you can pass down to your children" (Third-hand?)

But what makes something "Vintage" anyway? Who decides that something is to be loved once more? (Because I have a cupboard of ra-ra skirts that i'm going to flog on ebay the minute they are announced as "vintage") when does something go from gruesome to glorious in just one word? Is it just when someone else admires an old piece of clothing that you have on that it finally becomes "vintage"? Like Tinkerbell, does it need appreciation to survive?

Maybe it's all a big marketing ploy. Somewhere out there is a PR company rubbing their hands with glee, they got the second-hand contract and have turned it into a marketing STAR.

Big Fashionista x x

Everything I buy is vintage and smells funny. Maybe that's why I don't have a boyfriend--Lucy Liu

It is easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new--Tony Visconte

I just think you would never kill and cut up a human to wear so why do it to animals? I just think it's horrible, I would never wear fur, although I guess if it was a really vintage piece you might just get away with it--Kelly Osbourne

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Help, i'm turning into my mother!!!!

I'm going to let you into a little secret, but you have to promise me it's just between us.

I am meant to wear glasses. Now ok, its not the most shocking secret in the world I grant you, but its quite a big deal to me. When I bought my glasses I was the happiest little bean in the box,(trust me that is one happy little bean) Dark brown Prada glasses that frame my face and make me feel like a sexy secretary, I literally punched the air in glee when my optician said I needed to wear glasses. But I don't wear them, I can't.

Let me tell you why.

Its because when I put them on and look in the mirror all I can see staring back at me is my mother. (Disclaimer in case she actually reads this, there is nothing wrong with my mother, she isn't disgustingly ugly or anything-hmmm i'm not helping here am I? I'll move on quickly)

(yet another disclaimer, this pic was actually taken about 18 months and three stone ago x)

It's true though, and lately I find I am even starting to sound like my mother.

I tell my children to eat their carrots as it will help them to see in the dark. (Does anyone know if that is actually true?)

Or I will tell my children to take off their coats indoors otherwise when they get outside they won't "feel the benefit" (Holy crap, maybe I am turning into my nan!!!)

Oh and after I have explained something for approximately the seventh time and have had the reply, "why" I usually end up answering (shouting) just BECAUSE, BECAUSE, BECAUSE. (Its like banging my head into a brick wall, both figuratively and literally lately)

So my glasses are staying in their case for now, and I am desperately trying to come up with new sayings that my children can use on their children.

I will see it as dispensing little pearls of wisdom (Oh hell, I AM turning into my nan)

What do you say to your children that as you say it you think, Oh hell no. Help I'm turning into my mother!!!!!!!

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x

Hate is a wasted emotion.

I don't belive in hatred, I think it is a wasted emotion. I refuse to taint my own positivity and belief in the good in all of us with hatred.


I do believe in pitying people who let hatred rule their lives.

Meet Teresa Bystram, she is on the front page of the red tops today after taking three of her EIGHT children to go and watch the funeral of Raoul Moat.

Not only did she go to pay her "respects" to a coward who killed a man, injured his ex girlfriend whose only crime in all of this was to not want to be in a relationship with him anymore and blinded a HERO policeman who has showed such courage throughout this whole ordeal that I would want MY children to see HIM as a role model, she took her CHILDREN to see this farce!!!!!!!

Let me give you some quotes from this disgraceful woman.
(Quotes courtesy of The Sun newspaper)

"I know I never met him but I really admired him"
(She is not talking about PC Rathband here, she means Raoul Moat)

"If he had got away with it I would have liked to have shaken his hand and brought him a drink"
(A can of Stella i'm going to assume)

"It was a nice day out for my kids, you know what it's like in the school holidays, trying to keep them entertained and stop them getting bored"
(I have 3 children, if they are bored, I play with them, go to the library, go to the park. I dont look up a list of funerals to attend)

It is very telling that she also makes a big point of saying how she paid for the journey with her benefits (Can't say I fell over with shock there)

Have I mentioned the tattoos? What sort of message is she sending her children by having "White power" tattood on her arm? plus a swastika?

It is women like this that give Raoul Moat notoriety. The man should be forgotten, not be turned into a martyr for others to admire. There is nothing to be admired in Raoul Moat.

Teresa Bystram would do well to turn to PC David Rathband as a role model for both herself and her children, but she won't. So I will not waste my emotions on her, I refuse to hate her for being ill-educated and full of hatred herself.

I pity her for her blinkered attitude in this life. She only sees what she wants to see, there is nothing glamourous in hero-worshipping a sick twisted killer.

I pity her but more importantly, I pity her children for their lack of good role models in their life.

What do you think?

Big Fashionista x x

Who boobed?

I love supermodels, (I could definately eat a whole one, low fat content and all that, they are practically diet food) But sometimes these stick thin women should stick to what they are good at and not have an opinion on ANYTHING.

Gisele Bundchen has said that there should be a worldwide law that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months.

She has one baby and all of a sudden she turns into Dr Spock, (Not that one)

Imagine how loud those supermodels would scream if I demanded that because I had once been on a diet we should outlaw diet drinks and cigarettes as a models major food groups?

I agree that breastfeeding is good for the baby, and I think that every mother should TRY to breastfeed BUT why should some smug modelite make anyone else feel inferior to her? Some women can't breastfeed, I was one of those women, I tried so hard with my first child, In fact longer than I should have because I was scared of what other people would think of me bottle feeding my child. After being diagnosed with mastitis and put on antibiotics I switched to bottle and a happy mummy meant a happy baby, and that my friends is what is important, what makes BOTH of you happy.

Anyway, What sort of sentence would Gisele like the courts to hand down if you were found guilty of bottle feeding your child?

Life imprisonment? (Or perhaps even a huge red letter F sewn to your outfit? F for failure) Gisele, choosing to bottle feed your child is NOT neglect, witholding ALL food to your child is neglect, locking your child in the house alone while you go out drinking with a new boyfriend is neglect, Pick your battles Gisele, pick them wisely.

Gisele should perhaps think before she speaks. (If that is at all possible) she is in a fantastic position to be a role model for new mums, even if she would have said, "It's hard but I persevered, Every women should try it" I would have had more respect for her than I have now.

I'm off to demand a worldwide law on the banning of photoshopping in ad campaigns.
(I have had my photo taken before, surely i'm an a credible expert?)

What do you think of Giseles' comments?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x
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