Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Charity Tuesday request-The Sussex Snowdrop Trust

Social media is a great way to make friends, it is an amazing way to publicize your business but more importantly it is a great way to spread the word about an awesome charity that needs your help.

The Sussex Snowdrop Trust is a charity I had never heard of before, but the concept behind it truly moved me to tears.

Taken from the website.

The Sussex Snowdrop Trust

We are a unique charity offering 'Care at Home' for local children who have a life threatening illness or who may be terminally ill.

Based in the Chichester area of West Sussex,

The Sussex Snowdrop Trust provides:

Care at Home by Children's Community Nurses & Nurse Support Workers
Emotional support which is met by Snowdrop Counsellors
Financial help for families coping with the day-to-day
problems of caring for a very sick child.

Surprisingly, very few children in this country have this choice.

The Charity works hand-in-hand with the West Sussex Primary Care Trust. Historically, when the Charity was founded, Nurses from the local NHS hospital were paid by Snowdrop to provide Care At Home for local children.

When funds became available, the Charity was able to pay for the first Snowdrop Children's Nurse and, as you will read on subsequent pages, the Team has now grown considerably. The whole of the Snowdrop Care At Home Team continue to be led by Dr. Ann Wallace and come under the umbrella of the NHS Children's Services.

I have three children of my own and the pain that these parents must be suffering as they watch their child slowly fade away is something that I cannot bear to think about. But The Sussex Snowdrop Trust are there to make an unbearable situation slightly easier by giving the family emotional support as well as "care at home"

Here is how YOU can help.

Victoria Lambert has created a special charity auction for 2 unique hand-dyed T-shirts which is running on her blog. www.victorialambert.wordpress.com

This holds a personal interest for Victoria as friends of hers recently lost their 18 year old daughter Charlotte to cancer. At this tragic time Charlotte and her family were supported by The Sussex Snowdrop Trust and Charlotte wanted her family to raise awareness of this charity after she had gone.

And so Charlotte's Wish was created.

If you could PLEASE go to Victoria Lamberts Blog page and either bid on the T-shirts shown here.

or on Victorias page there is a link to a page where you can buy a very special FIREMAN calender for 2011

(outta my way ladies)

Go and make a bid on the T-shirts, kiss your children and be grateful that out there there are charities such as The Sussex Snowdrop Trust who are making a difference.

Big Fashionista x x

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