Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Crouch-ing tiger, Hidden man slag

Ever heard the saying, "Why go out for a hamburger when you have steak at home"

Why yes Peter Crouch, I am talking to you, what you gonna do about it? (buy me dinner?)

Peter Crouch joins the long long list of footballers that truly cannot keep it in their pants.

If he had scored at the World Cup as often as it has now been suggested he has done away from home, then we would have come home from South Africa with a prize that is worth having (not one that has to be treated with antibiotics and a lotion)

People say that footballers can't help it, Even the WAGS say that their men have women constantly throwing themselves at them and eventually they find it hard to say no.

Lets practice this one boys, NO..........There you go, its one syllable as well, so no brain strain there. (and no groin strain either)

Its simple, it really is. If these men are in committed relationships (and i'm not just talking about footballers here, any man with a penis and a couple of quid in his pocket on a night out, i'm talking to YOU) why go to a place where you are going to be covered in practically naked wannabes? ESPECIALLY if you haven't yet mastered the art of saying NO (Keep up the practice, try a mirror... you know, one of those things you use to check your looks in 20 times a day) Admit it, it isn't JUST for the music is it? Its to experience the thrill of being lusted after by women everywhere. Mahiki, China Whites, No man turns to his missus and says, I'm just going to pop to Mahiki's for a quiet pint and a chat with my mates do they?

Peter Crouch was once asked what he would have been if he hadn't been a footballer,

His answer? A VIRGIN!!!!

Says it all really doesn't it.

What do you think about the epidemic of footballers who are cheating?

Do you think the money that they are earning each week makes them drunk on the power? That they think they can buy what they want including the silence of the women they boink?

Let me know.

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  1. Great post, love the headline! And in answer to your question, I think many footballers feel they can buy anything, including women. it's a culture of entitlement and sleaze that has rotted the 'beautiful' game from the top down, sadly, and while women still feel that the best they can aspire to is hanging off one of these idiot's arms - and while men are content to see women as little more than that - it isn't going to change ...

  2. Haha never a truer word spoken! Don't know how many men in the public eye this has to happen to before lessons are learned. As much as I would love the pocket money that WAGs get from their men, as least I can rest safe in the knowledge that my man isn't scoring away from home!
    Great post!

  3. Much as I hate the cult of football cheats, I also hate the cult of the WAG. They make their living from living off their rich other halves, and young girls aspire to be them. And I'm not having a go at stay at home mums, just women who chose to live off a rich man as a career! Have they not heard of feminism?! Rant over - great post! xx

  4. Awesome post.... Laughed out loud at his answer.
    All a bunch of idiots... I don't know HOW they think it'll never be leaked.

  5. I think WAGS know what they are getting, right??!! How else do you pay for all those Louboutins?!

    Women are throwing themselves are footballers because they are rich rich rich, and they can't help themselves, but you know, most men want the comfort of a long term partner at home too.

    I was surprised at Peter Crouch though - just because I thought him and Abby seemed closer than most footballing couples but there you go. LEAVE HIM ABBY! (you know she won't though, right?!)


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