Monday, 9 August 2010

Do you "like" Models Own

Back when I attended school (First one to ask me what the dinosaurs were like gets a smack around the head) there was this one girl who would do ANYTHING to be popular (not that, you filthy minded creatures)
she bought things for people, told them they were fabulous and made herself indispensible so that they needed her around (okay, okay it was me, you broke me)

Now the FABULOUS Models Own are trying to get YOU to like them. On Facebook that is.

Once they reach 10,000 fans then they will be running a special HALF PRICE sale for all their fans. GIVE ME A WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

To help them reach this figure click the link HERE and then "like" them before suggesting that all your friends do the same.

Now I hate to think of Models Own having a crisis of confidence and feeling unloved, frightened and alone. (Am i tugging at your heartstrings or your vomit strings here) so I have already suggested them to ALL of my friends (thats another 6 likes) so why don't you follow the "in" crowd and make Models Own feel popular.

Then when they reach 10,000 likes you can shop for Models Own products with 50% off.

Everyones a winner. They are "liked" and you will be looking seriously hot with your new products. Especially if you pick any of the new shades just released.
Here's a sneak peek at the new shades.

So what are you waiting for?

Get "Liking"

Big Fashionista x x
(PS, Dinosaurs were SCARY)

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  1. I've used one of their nail polishes before and it wasn't that great for the £5 price label. It was very sheer and thin in its layers (that wasn't my complaint) it just wouldn't layer well at all and definitely couldn't be used with a base coat as this made 2coats pretty much impossible!

    It totally put me off buying any more .. I never used it again (still in my nail polish box as I can't bear to throw it away) and bought the same shiny purple irridescent shade cheaply by another brand and it fared much better! However I might be tempted to try a matte colour and see if its any better once they hit 10k. Apologies for the rant I have just been completely put off by that one experience!


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