Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Hate is a wasted emotion.

I don't belive in hatred, I think it is a wasted emotion. I refuse to taint my own positivity and belief in the good in all of us with hatred.


I do believe in pitying people who let hatred rule their lives.

Meet Teresa Bystram, she is on the front page of the red tops today after taking three of her EIGHT children to go and watch the funeral of Raoul Moat.

Not only did she go to pay her "respects" to a coward who killed a man, injured his ex girlfriend whose only crime in all of this was to not want to be in a relationship with him anymore and blinded a HERO policeman who has showed such courage throughout this whole ordeal that I would want MY children to see HIM as a role model, she took her CHILDREN to see this farce!!!!!!!

Let me give you some quotes from this disgraceful woman.
(Quotes courtesy of The Sun newspaper)

"I know I never met him but I really admired him"
(She is not talking about PC Rathband here, she means Raoul Moat)

"If he had got away with it I would have liked to have shaken his hand and brought him a drink"
(A can of Stella i'm going to assume)

"It was a nice day out for my kids, you know what it's like in the school holidays, trying to keep them entertained and stop them getting bored"
(I have 3 children, if they are bored, I play with them, go to the library, go to the park. I dont look up a list of funerals to attend)

It is very telling that she also makes a big point of saying how she paid for the journey with her benefits (Can't say I fell over with shock there)

Have I mentioned the tattoos? What sort of message is she sending her children by having "White power" tattood on her arm? plus a swastika?

It is women like this that give Raoul Moat notoriety. The man should be forgotten, not be turned into a martyr for others to admire. There is nothing to be admired in Raoul Moat.

Teresa Bystram would do well to turn to PC David Rathband as a role model for both herself and her children, but she won't. So I will not waste my emotions on her, I refuse to hate her for being ill-educated and full of hatred herself.

I pity her for her blinkered attitude in this life. She only sees what she wants to see, there is nothing glamourous in hero-worshipping a sick twisted killer.

I pity her but more importantly, I pity her children for their lack of good role models in their life.

What do you think?

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  1. I hadn't read this story, so I just went and looked it up. She's a disgrace who is passing on this vile attitude to her kids, who probably don't have a chance. A disgrace that everyone in the UK's taxes are supporting.

  2. Seriously, is the woman crazy? I really don't understand how some people still think this guy was a hero?!?! It's bad enough that she think so highly of Moat let alone subjecting her children to this monstrosity. It children with parents like this who really don't stand much of a chance in life. I too feel sorry for them, sorry that their parents are complete nutcases.

  3. Thanks for alerting me to this story.
    That woman is vile, yet I agree with you that I feel sorry for her kids with no role model to aspire to be like.
    I hope the Sun didn't pay her for her story...

  4. I am stunned that there really are people like this woman in world. I shouldn't be but I am. I too feel sorry that her children don't have the opportunity to be brought up by a parent who can introduce them to positive role models in society and show them what a real hero is.

  5. I was so gobsmacked by this woman, completely vile, she said something along the lines that 'yeah someone got killed but they must have deserved it! And was going to take her kids of a tour of where he shot his ex-girlfriend, where he killed himself . . . Not sure if you also noticed that she lives in a £350,000 house paid by the taxpayers.

  6. Thanks for your comments ladies, Glad to see im not the only one totally gobsmacked by a women who looks up to a coward and cold-blooded murderer.

    Like most of you said, it is the children that are going to suffer.

    Cameronpoe, I noticed that too, I assume it is a council property. My house isn't worth that much, but at least its mine and not paid for by popping out children as if they were smarties- ;-)

  7. The whole scummy story is a dreadful sign of the times...I'd like to think her children could escape their fate, but with a mother like that, it seems it's sealed already...


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