Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Help, i'm turning into my mother!!!!

I'm going to let you into a little secret, but you have to promise me it's just between us.

I am meant to wear glasses. Now ok, its not the most shocking secret in the world I grant you, but its quite a big deal to me. When I bought my glasses I was the happiest little bean in the box,(trust me that is one happy little bean) Dark brown Prada glasses that frame my face and make me feel like a sexy secretary, I literally punched the air in glee when my optician said I needed to wear glasses. But I don't wear them, I can't.

Let me tell you why.

Its because when I put them on and look in the mirror all I can see staring back at me is my mother. (Disclaimer in case she actually reads this, there is nothing wrong with my mother, she isn't disgustingly ugly or anything-hmmm i'm not helping here am I? I'll move on quickly)

(yet another disclaimer, this pic was actually taken about 18 months and three stone ago x)

It's true though, and lately I find I am even starting to sound like my mother.

I tell my children to eat their carrots as it will help them to see in the dark. (Does anyone know if that is actually true?)

Or I will tell my children to take off their coats indoors otherwise when they get outside they won't "feel the benefit" (Holy crap, maybe I am turning into my nan!!!)

Oh and after I have explained something for approximately the seventh time and have had the reply, "why" I usually end up answering (shouting) just BECAUSE, BECAUSE, BECAUSE. (Its like banging my head into a brick wall, both figuratively and literally lately)

So my glasses are staying in their case for now, and I am desperately trying to come up with new sayings that my children can use on their children.

I will see it as dispensing little pearls of wisdom (Oh hell, I AM turning into my nan)

What do you say to your children that as you say it you think, Oh hell no. Help I'm turning into my mother!!!!!!!

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I know that lately I’ve made a conscious effort not to act like my mum. I especially hate it when I find myself picking up on all her bad habits. She can be quite a bitter, horrible, scary & spiteful person; I so don’t want that to happen to me.

  2. Hilarious!!! I've just accepted that I am indeed like my mother, look like my mother, talk like her ...and moreso, the older I get. Once you accept it, perhaps it will be easier to deal with cause you can't stop what is inevitable and that's the way I look at it. But this post is so right on ...I am cracking up. I wish you the best in dealing w/ it. LOL!

  3. It is too late for me, I have already turned into mine. I love her to bits, and she is pretty cool, so I am happy with that. What is worse is that I am also turning into my father - who could give Victor Meldrew a run for his money on occasions!

    Embrace it - wear the glasses (I have to wear mine more than I used to, but you know what, they feel GOOD)

  4. My favourite answer to the "why?... Why?... Why?" questions is "Why do you think?" It either gets them to be quiet while they think of an answer, or they blurt out something hilarious.

  5. Loving the photo :-)

    I have resisted turning into my mother for sooo long but it's inevitable. I open my mouth and her words come out; words I swore I would never say to anyone I remotely cared about.

    I HAVE resisted flicking a tea towel across the back of my kids' legs when they get on my nerves though. Ouch - I can still feel the damp stinging sensation :-(

  6. I am turning in to my mum too! even worse though, sometimes I am worringly like my dad!
    Sometimes me and my mum say the same thing at the same time and that can be really freaky!
    re the carrot thing - it was a myth made up by the government re WW2 to hide the facts they had developed radar for their pilots (sorry I have inherited geeky factoidness from my dad)

  7. I laughed so much at this that I really am turning into my mother if you know what I mean! The worst thing that I say to my daughter is "you seem a bit ummm grumpy, do you think you might be due on??" I hated my mum with a vengence for saying this and being right...always!!


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