Monday, 16 August 2010

Human Centipede

Browsing through the Sunday papers I was playing my usual game of "If I wasn't a parent and had at least 5 minutes in the day to myself so that I could stop feeling so damn miserable all the time I would.........." (It's a fun game, you should play sometime)
I was looking at the latest cinema reviews (Anything more than a PG is just a pipedream at the moment) and came across The Human Centipede.

Deep breath. (Possibly to vomit)

What in the world is this filth???????

And whose sick little mind did it spring from because seriously sir.... Have you tried counselling? (Or prescription drugs? or preferably both)

The plot of this delightful little mind f**k is simple.

Mad german doctor (They're always German aren't they? Why is that?) kidnaps 3 people and decides to make a human centipide out of them for FUN!!!

But here's the kicker-The way he does this is by sewing their digestive system into one so that all three of them are sewn bum to mouth (If this was me, I'd be JUMPING to be the one at the front) Ok, let me show you a picture in case my descriptive words are not enough for you.

Anyone else thinking this is not a film for them? (I'm also doubting that the sales of popcorn will be high either)

It seems to me that in this world at the moment, it is ALL about pushing the boundaries.

We start off with "The Birds". We end up with "They Rip Off Your Face And Shove Birdseed In The Soggy Bits" (Certificate 15!!!)

"The Curse of Frankenstein" becomes "Woman On Her Monthly Curse Goes On A Rampage and Slaughters Kittens And Makes You Wear The Ears"

"The House Of Wax" Becomes "The House Of Wax" starring Paris Hilton!!!!! (Is there to be no END to our suffering?)

It seems to be the same with everything at the moment, we ARE obsessed with Bigger, Shinier, Scarier or New & Improved. We are racing in a world that can't stop and enjoy what we DO have, our eyes are on what we COULD have, how we can push it to the EXTREME just a little bit more, and another bit.....and a little bit more. SIGH.

This film to me symbolises ALL that is wrong in our society, When I asked people yesterday what they thought of the film and whether it would be a film for them, One person said they had seen the trailer, it looked "Cool" They are going to watch it and they can't wait for the sequel!

I rest my case.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I most whole heartedly agree, I definitely won't be seeing this film. Ass to mouth is not for me!

  2. After out twitter convo yesterday I still get the sudden desire to vom when the thought of this film creeps into my head. It is all kinds of wrong and I can't believe someone actually wants to see it. I'm a fan of psychological thrillers, you know films that get you guessing about what is going to happen with the odd bit of suspense thrown in. I don't get the fascination with all this gory stuff. I watched Saw when it first came out but now I find is repulsive because I get really squeamish but at least it has those thriller elements and is all about the 'game'!! Sickness for the sake of sickness (and nothing else) is just wrong and I really hope a lot of cinema (if any) aren't going to bother showing this film, it really is a step in the horror porn genre too far!! Now excuse me whilst I go to be sick......

  3. Like I told you lady, I'll be there avec popcorn. I expect you to join me. xx

  4. I was shown the trailer for this and was horrified!! It made me feel ill!!

    Who comes up with this stuff??

  5. My friend has seen this film and she said it was ROUGH. I don't know though, I wouldn't mind watching it :P

  6. I saw this trailer a couple of months back after Lily Allen posted a link - it honestly made me feel really sick. I couldn't eat for ages afterwards! In fact your drawing makes it all come flooding back...

    A truely twisted mind came up with this!!!

    On the plus side the debate led me to your blog - so at least there is a bright side :)

  7. It came out here a while ago and apparently at my Sister's high school, it was the 'in' thing to watch the Human Centipede. They were all obsessed. SO WRONG!

  8. To be honest the film sadly is an example of how we have become de-sensitised to horror whether its real-life or make-believe on film. Film-makers are pushing boundaries to create shocks as special-effects that would have scared cinema-goers 10 years ago just doesn't cut the mustard these days. Even online news coverage of real-life events is graphic these days which I find really shocking such as showing dead bodies or scenes of violence. Its a really sad indication of how things aren't changing for the better :(

  9. You bitch, now you made me go and watch the trailer didn't you :P That is just WRONG on so many levels, even I'm put off by it!

  10. I watched this film. The Mr said it "might be gross" - in terms of violence, I've seen worse, but it's just that the idea of it is horrible, the film itself is dire and pointless, badly acted etc.

    Hate to say it, but apparently it is medically possible.

    It makes me feel quite queasy thinking about it now.


  11. gross gross gross. this has been haunting me the minute i've heard about it on twitter and it wont leave me alone. disgusting filth that film is.

  12. I have seen the trailer for this 'film' it made me want to vomit. I can't believe anyone would want to see the film - WTF!

  13. I wouldnt watch this if you paid me... YUCK. And the writers need help.


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