Thursday, 12 August 2010

Max Factor Accessories

I am not the greatest applier of make up, I usually apply it with a trowel, or my fingers, depending on my mood. (Small tip, angry mood-angry fingers-NEVER a good look) I'm not a make-up artist (more of a p*** artist if the truth be told)and the brushes that I do own were given to me by a wonderful twitter friend who took pity on me.

So I was VERY interested in trying out (playing with) the new Max Factor range of accessories and brushes that have just been released.

I was sent the eyeshadow brush, lip brush and the eyelash curlers to try out and trust me I have been trying them out extensively.

Firstly the eyelash curlers. (after chasing my children around the room opening and closing them screaming i'm gonna bite ya................)

I am a lazy applier of make-up (you may have got this from the finger application) eyeshadow curling is not usually something I have time to do, i'm a busy mother of three (I'm lucky if I get a chance to put on a clean bra) but from now on I will be taking the time to use these little bad boys, They are an excellent addition to my make-up arsenal, they are lightweight and lifted my eyelashes to make me look more awake (that's no mean feat, stressed out mother remember)

My favourite accessory has to be the lip brush. I do love to apply my lipstick with a brush but I HATE having a yucky brush in my bag (wow, HOW technical am I?) This brush came with a fantastic lid top which covered the whole brush. It was soft and glided across my lips like Torville & Dean and DIDN'T leave any hairs behind.

The eyeshadow brush from the collection was if I am completely honest, a eyeshadow brush, it did the job and did it well but it didn't rock my world. it was the equivalent of that friend that is nice, helpful and you like having them around but they don't bring anything extra to the party. It had a good shape though and certainly did a better job of blending my eyeshadow than my fingers usually do.

Other tools in this collection are;

Foundation brush £10.00
Blusher brush £11.00
Powder Brush £14.00
Eye Definer Brush £6.00
Eyebrow Groomer with Lash Comb £5.00
Slant end Tweezer- £8.50
Nail Clipper- £6.00
Crystal Nail File- £8.50

The prices of the accessories I have just mentioned are
Eye shadow Brush £6.00
Lip Brush £6.00
Eyelash Curler £8.50

Overall I think this collection is a superb addition to the Max Factor range, sleek and great to look at as well as being practical (sounds a little bit like me) Max Factor have a great collection here that taps into the market perfectly. Not overpriced and out of the reach of the very people they want to wear their make-up but not skimping on quality either.

I look forward to trying out more of the range which is now available in boots. I may even retire my fingers altogether!!!!!!!

Big Fashionista x x

(my apologies for no pictures, it seems that blogger is playing up in regards to uploading photos-I will add them when I can)


  1. Interesting! i thought the eyelash curlers were shockingly bad!

  2. Perhaps because I don't usually use eyelash curlers I didn't have a set way of using them. If you have a set that you love and adore and you know how THEY work for you perhaps you are using the Max Factor ones the same way and it isn't how they work best?

    I found they worked well for MY eyelashes. obviously everyone finds things work differently for them. x x

  3. I am with you on the lazy application and have had many an angry fingers face - angry fingers hair is pretty bad as well! I have heard that these were not bad in terms of price/look/efficacy so will check them out. Thanks for posting


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